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Sithspawn mutants, originally a Twi'lek, Mon Calamari, Gamorrean and Wookiee.
"Although the Force can be used to create terrifying illusions, it is sometimes more satisfying to create actual creatures that are willing and eager to shred and devour one's enemies on command."

Sithspawn were creatures altered by Sith Alchemy for use by the Sith Order. Using genetic engineering together with the dark side of the Force, mainly the art known as Sith Alchemy, Sithspawn were remade to be more brutal, more cunning, and, in some cases, more intelligent.

Notable Sithspawn included the Massassi caste of the Sith species, Exar Kun's Terentatek monsters and Battle hydras, the reborn Emperor Palpatine's Chrysalide rancors, the clone of Darth Maul, Leviathans, Swamp wampa, mutated Noghri, Smoke Demons, Dart flowers, the two Dark Jedi Gorc and Pic, and, believed to be the worst Sith abominations, Technobeasts.

"Sithspawn" was also a curse originating from Corellia.


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English: Sithspawn
Attribute: Spell Cards Image:Spell.png
Property: Continuous Image:Continuous.png
Card Lore: This card's name is treated as "Sith Alchemy". Any monster who is summoned through this cards' effect increases it's ATK and DEF by 700 points. Also, as long as those monsters remain face-up on your side of the field, any Sith-type monsters you have cannot be selected as an attack target.
Sets with this Card: Way of the Sith - WOS - EN087 (UR)
Card Limit: Unlimited
Other Card Information: Gallery - Rulings
Tips - Errata - Trivia
Lores - Artworks - Names


Battle Hydra - Derriphan - Hssiss - Massassi - Sea Leviathan - Sith Leviathan - Sith Pincerbug - Sith Sentinal - Sith Warbird - Terentatek - Sith Wyrm - Sith Hounds, Tuk'ata - Technobeast


Sith Alchemy - Sithspawn - Invoking the Leviathan

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