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There are two conflicting canon sources for this article, from Shadows and Light and the Databank.

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This article is about the fighters from the Jedi Civil War. You may be looking for the Sith fighter of the One Sith or the Sith starfighters from the Great Hyperspace War.
Sith interceptor
Production information

Sith Empire (Star Forge)[1]


Sith fighter[1]




Not available for sale[2]

Technical specifications

7 meters with wings extended[2]

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

1,250 km/h[2]

Hyperdrive system



Laser cannons (2)[1]


Pilot (1)[1]



Cargo capacity

40 kg[2]


1 day[2]

Life support


Other systems







Old Republic era[1]


The Sith interceptor was a starfighter of ambiguous origin that formed the bulk of Darth Revan and Darth Malak's space forces during the Jedi Civil War.[1]



Rear view of the fighter.

Little has been gleaned about these fighters specifications. They appeared to carry a prototype twin ion drive system, seen only in this design. Its design appears to be a hybrid of various technologies, matching no specific world. Its specifications gave the fighter maneuverability to the point of instability, meaning much of the central chassis was given to managing the reactor core for optimal performance.[5]

When docked, not in use, or traveling through hyperspace, the Sith interceptor had the ability to fold its wings and power down its weapon systems. In combat, these were unfolded, and the laser cannons brought to bear, a concept later seen in the S-foils. This allowed it a broad attack arc, while its small profile made it difficult to target.[5]


A fighter used by the Jedi Guun Han Saresh.

An early Republic model of this fighter was used by the Jedi Knight Guun Han Saresh on his mission to Kashyyyk in 3,993 BBY.[3] The same or a similar model of fighter was used during the climactic Battle of Malachor V by the Republic forces fighting under Darth Revan.[4]

The Sith interceptor first appeared as Malak and Revan returned to the Republic as conquerors after the Mandalorian Wars.[1] While many of their capital ships were turncoat Republic vessels, the majority of their forces were made of these curious fighters. Produced by the Star Forge, they could be easily stored in cargo bays, such that even a single mothership could deliver swarms of them into battle. Further, they were quick to scramble, making them a deadly first strike.[5]

Behind the scenes

A swarm of attacking Sith fighters.

The Sith interceptor's design was intended to recall that of the TIE starfighters of the Galactic Civil War. Perhaps coincidentally, they also greatly resemble dark side starfighters seen in a flashback in Tales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old Republic.

The official Databank suggests the Sith fighter was a new and unfamiliar design created by the Star Forge for Revan's Sith Empire. However, the comic Shadows and Light shows them to be in the service of the Republic nearly 40 years before. Plus a Sith fighter wing appears amongst the wreckage around Malachor V in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, with the Battle of Malachor V taking place ten years prior to the game.

The illustration in the 2007 edition of Starships of the Galaxy shows the craft with a seemingly larger engine. This may be a depiction of a modified craft, however no explanation is given.



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