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Sith alchemy/magic
"But ask me the secrets of Sith alchemy, and I would ask you for three measures of blood: one from a person you love, one from a person you hate, and one from yourself."
―Naga Sadow

Sith alchemy was a science that referred to a number of areas under the Sith.



While the Sith species practiced Sith alchemy long before the Exiles arrived on Korriban, it was the Exiles who perfected it, using the knowledge to create the Leviathans that they acquired during the Hundred-Year Darkness.[1]

Monsters created by Sith alchemy: a Sith war behemoth, a Sith war worm, and a chrysalide rancor

Sith alchemy was primarily used to enhance the strength of weapons and armor (such as the famous Sith swords), or to genetically engineer and enhance alien species, making them more dangerous and easier to control by the Sith Lords. More sinisterly, Sith alchemy was capable of waking the dead in servitude to the Sith. Korriban zombies, and possibly Sith undead, were creations of this branch of the art.[2]

Naga Sadow wrote many texts concerning the art of Sith alchemy.[1] These were studied by Seviss Vaa, whose experiments were responsible for the Behemoth from the World Below.[3]

While he was on Yavin 4, the Sith Lord Exar Kun used alchemy to create terrifying creatures twisted by the dark side's influence. Around this time, the Sorcerer of Tund Karnak Tetsu practiced Sith alchemy.[4]

Darth Plagueis was a master of this dark art.[5] Plagueis' apprentice, Darth Sidious, later wrote a book about Sith alchemy entitled The Creation of Monsters, and was responsible for the creation of such monstrosities as shadow droids and chrysalis beasts.[1] Darth Sidious may have also utilized the mask ability to hide his true, corrupted features.[6]

The Prophet of the Dark Side Cronal was referred to as Sidious's "monster-maker", and was responsible for the creation of such sithspawn as Gorc and Pic through the dark art of Sith Alchemy.[7] He may have also had a hand in the dark arts that spawned a reborn Darth Maul.

Much of Sith alchemy was based on Spells, or Sith magic. It is unclear which Sith followers practiced this art, and to what extent it was followed.


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Technobeast created by Sith alchemy


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