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The Muppets' family photos displayed in Muppets from Space.
A Doozer family.
The Tutter Family Reunion

A list of relatives of Muppet characters, both on screen and in books. In the case of long-running characters, the source listed is the character's first appearance.

Abby Cadabby

The Amazing Mumford

Artie Springer

Artie and Marty Pipkin

Baby Bear

Bean Bunny


Betty Lou


The Big Bad Wolf

Big Bird

International cousins:

Big Mean Carl

Bill the Bubble Guy

Bob Cratchit

Cookie Monster

Cotterpin Doozer

Count von Count


Emmet Otter


Fozzie Bear

Forgetful Jones

Fughetta Faffner

Gobo Fraggle



Guy Smiley

Harry the Duck

Herry Monster

Hoots the Owl

  • Athena, granddaughter -- Sesame Street

Johnny Fiama

Junior Gorg

  • Pa Gorg, father -- Fraggle Rock
  • Ma Gorg, mother -- Fraggle Rock
  • Queen Esmerelda, grandmother -- Fraggle Rock

Kermit the Frog

King Goshposh

King Ploobis

Ma Gorg

  • Queen Esmerelda, mother -- Fraggle Rock
  • Pa Gorg, husband -- Fraggle Rock
  • Junior Gorg, son -- Fraggle Rock

Marjory the Trash Heap

Miss Piggy

Moishe Oofnik

Moosey Mouse

Mother Goose

Mr. Johnson

Mr. Snuffleupagus




  • Uncle Koala -- Bear in the Big Blue House, "What's in the Mail, Today?"

Oscar the Grouch

Phil van Neuter

  • Composta Heap, wife -- Muppets Tonight episode 104
  • Mulch, brother-in-law -- Muppets Tonight episode 104
  • Zelda Rose, mother --Muppets Tonight episode 208

Pip and Pop

Prairie Dawn

Roosevelt Franklin


Rowlf the Dog


Slimey the Worm

Squire Trelawney



Telly Monster

Thomas Twiddlebug



  • Astoria, wife -- The Muppet Show episode 413

Wrench Doozer

Zippity Zap


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race: Human, Asian
affiliation: Slavers
role: Slaver
location: Rivet City
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: The Replicated Man
Slave Hunt
SPECIAL: 6ST, 4PE, 4EN, 6CH, 4IN, 6AG, 5LK
base id: 0001E745
ref id: 0001E756

Sister is a 29-year old[1] Slaver found in Rivet City in the year 2277.



He is an unapologetic Slaver, and, at Eulogy Jones' request, is in the city to capture an escaped android. In his room is a recording pertaining to the quest The Replicated Man, concerning the Slavers' desire to enslave some androids. However, Sister has grown to like living in Rivet City, for which he has abandoned this mission indefinitely.

Interactions with the player character

Conversation with him is less than verbose: he has a simple goal and wants to discuss nothing but that. If asked about his name, Sister will refuse to go into further detail.

Main article: Slave Hunt

When you first meet Mei Wong she seems very scared because she is afraid of Sister. You can help either Mei Wong or the slaver and receive good or bad Karma based on your actions.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Brahmin Skin Outfit Chinese Pistol Sister's Key -


  • It is possible to anger Sister so intensely that he refuses to talk to you ever again, making it impossible to complete the "Slave Hunt" quest in his favor.
  • Killing Sister does not lose you any karma.
  • He will drop a finger if you have the Lawbringer perk.


  • He sometimes sleeps in Dr. Li's bed (Along with other characters such as Father Clifford of Saint Monica's Church, Bannon of Potomac Attire, and both Flak and Shrapnel of Flak 'n Shrapnel. It is a random glitch yet to be fixed).
  • If you agree to help Mei Wong but just randomly go and tear Sister's head off, there is a chance you will get no karma (or lose it) and talk to Mei, and the only things she will say will either be "Thank God he's dead" or "I'd rather be alone right now".


Sister only appears in Fallout 3.


  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide
Rivet City

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The main characters of Red vs. Blue.
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This is a list of characters in the machinima series Red vs. Blue.


Red Team


Main article: Sarge on the Red vs Blue Wiki

Sarge is the Red Team's leader. He is portrayed as a Spartan with solid-red armor, and voiced by Matt Hullum. His real name is unknown. The character information for Season 5 states that his name is Sergeant S. Sarge. Initially a stereotypical gruff Southern staff sergeant, his personality evolved over the course of the series to include the character traits of a mad scientist and a "grumpy old dad". It is also stated that Sarge was an old ODST.

Sarge is the only character serious about winning the "war" between the Reds and the Blues. He has almost no understanding of military tactics, and his delusional ideas of war only make things worse. His combat plans tend to be overly simplistic and heavily flawed; his non-combat plans, by contrast, are often ridiculously complex and likewise doomed to fail. Sarge is also rather paranoid. He frequently expresses fears of sabotage or subversion at the hands of the Blues, though this does not prevent him from employing weak passwords and access codes in his security measures.

Despite his ineptitude as a leader, Sarge is a very capable fighter; he has managed to capture Tex and fend off the attacking hordes of "Flag-Zealots" in Battle Creek. He prefers to use the M90 Shotgun in battle, mainly because he considers long-range weapons to be cowardly and craven, and because he believes that "you should always be prepared in case of zombie attack". He is also a skilled technician and medic, able to assemble robots quickly and apparently from scratch and perform successful surgical operations on Grif and Simmons. Paradoxically, however, he is technologically and anatomically inept; he does not know what a ratchet is, and he believes that "the chest is strictly for digestion."

Sarge despises Grif just as much as he despises the Blue Team; he has been known to criticize him but praise Simmons for the same actions. When Grif saved Sarge's life by performing CPR on him after he was shot in the head by Caboose in Season 1, Sarge initially thanked Simmons. Upon learning who actually resuscitated him, Sarge proceeded to berate Grif at length for the illogicality of using CPR to treat a bullet wound to the head.

In the alternate ending, Where Are They Now?, after his tour in Blood Gulch, Sarge was awarded the "Medal of Redness", though it was revoked when he would not reveal his real name for the certificate. He commanded various Red forces over the following years and was eventually killed on the battlefield at Gemini 8. He died exactly the way he wanted: after Grif.

Private First Class Richard "Dick" Simmons (Simmons 2.0)

Main article: Simmons on the Red vs Blue Wiki
Dick Simmons.

Reasonably smart, practical, and often considered a "brown noser", Simmons is the level-headed straight man of the Red Team.

Simmons is very self-conscious, insecure, and shy, for which reason he has not used the Red base's bathroom for three years. Simmons is also something of a know-it-all; he claims that he can mentally multiply any two large numbers, and though he gives an incorrect answer when tested, he maintains an air of confidence in his claim.

He is a compulsive sycophant towards Sarge, despite the latter's psychopathic and frequently delusional leadership. Simmons seems to regard Sarge as a father figure, despite Sarge's less-than-loving nature. By contrast, Simmons and Grif have a love-hate relationship, and spend much of their time bickering and chatting with each other. In particular, Grif often calls Simmons a "kiss-ass" due to his behavior toward Sarge.

Aside from supporting Sarge's flawed schemes, Simmons usually avoids foolish statements. Often exhibiting common sense, he has managed to devise battle plans that actually work. He is a brave enough warrior when necessary, but, unlike Sarge, he is not a fanatic; he has expressed an unwillingness to die for foolish reasons. Since Grif is generally the one whose death is part of Sarge's plans, Simmons has less to worry about than he thinks.

When the Reds lost Lopez, Sarge surgically changed Simmons into a cyborg so that he would become more skilled at repairs. For some time afterward, Sarge called him "Simmons 2.0". Simmons' leftover body parts -- save for his spleen, which Sarge decided to inflate and use for "general recreation and esprit de corps" -- are later used to save Grif's life. Despite the operation, Simmons still knows very little about engineering or mechanics, mistaking a hammer for a wrench.

In Season 4, Simmons ran afoul of Sarge's fickle nature; when he insisted that Sheila was still roaming the Gulch, Sarge declared him insane and demoted him. Having lost his purpose in life, Simmons suffered a breakdown, exiled himself from the Red Team, painted his armor mostly blue, and began to wage a one-man war against his former teammates. He later returned to Red team; after a quick trial, Sarge imposed a hefty fine for treason and insubordination, to be split between himself and Grif. Sarge seems to like Simmons even more since the rebellion, however.

In the alternate ending, Where Are They Now?, Simmons stole Sarge's identity after his death and attempted to assume his life. He was discovered and court-martialed by the Red Army. He is currently awaiting execution in a military prison.

In Reconstruction, Simmons and Grif were reassigned to Rat's Nest. They soon run into trouble by selling the Reds' ammunition to the Blues, and are only narrowly spared from the firing squad by the sudden appearance of Sarge. He participated in a plan to "delete" the Blue Army. Just before Simmons deleted the Blue Army, he told Sarge to rethink his decision, because he there would be no reason to be Red if there were no Blues. Naturally, Sarge deleted the Blues himself while Simmons was explaining what it would be like to be Red if there was no Blue.

In Recreation, Simmons, Grif, and Sarge were reassigned again, this time to Valhalla.

Minor Junior Private Negative First Class Dexter Grif

Main article: Grif on the Red vs Blue Wiki
Minor Junior Private Negative First Class Grif.

The wisecracking loudmouth of the Reds, Grif is self-centered, acerbic, and lazy. Despised by Sarge (and basically everyone), he has the lowest social and military rank on the Red Team. He and Simmons share a love-hate relationship, and often bicker or chat with each other about the various situations that the Reds encounter. Although Grif's laziness does create problems for the Reds, Sarge always blames him when things go wrong, regardless of Grif's (or any other team members) actual culpability.

With respect to personality, Grif is fairly brash and has a flair for melodrama. He is quick to make silly theories or insults, even toward people who could clearly kill him without hesitation. He is also a coward, panicking and fleeing at the first sign of danger. Additionally, he mispronounces words like "both" ("bolth"), "margin" ("margarine"), and "envelope" ("involope"). Grif is, however, definitely not stupid, showing far better common sense than many characters throughout the series, commonly displayed by stating the flaws in Sarge's plans.

Although Sarge and Simmons regard Grif as unintelligent, the likelihood is that Grif simply has a bad habit of speaking or acting before thinking. In fact Grif is capable of being more responsible than he shows; when Simmons defected and began to wage a one-man war against his former teammates, Grif was the only member of Red Team who tried to actually solve the problem. Despite his constant flippant disregard for Sarge's authority, Grif seems to care at least a little about Sarge, as he was quite upset when Caboose almost killed Sarge.

Physically, a lifetime of cigarette smoking and over-eating has left Grif badly out of shape for a soldier in the military, and he is barely able to run 300 feet without running out of breath. He claims he's eaten nothing but Oreos for years, and nothing to drink but ketchup and gravy for months. After being accidentally run over by Sheila, driven by Tucker, Grif had to have most of his body parts replaced with donor organs left over from Simmons' cyborg operation. Even this event, however, has not compelled him to quit his bad habits.

Private Franklin Delano Donut

Main article: Donut on the Red vs Blue Wiki
Private Franklin Delano Donut.
"It'll be like a sleepover, and we can decorate. How awesome is this gonna be?!"
—Donut regarding watching the base with Simmons

Donut is the red team's resident rookie, appearing in Episode 3 of the first season of the Blood Gulch Chronicles. His general naivete, garrulousness, and cheerfulness tends to annoy his teammates and enemies, but ironically, he seems to be one of the better fighters on the Red Team, capable of pitching a grenade halfway across the Gulch with deadly accuracy in once instance.

Injured when Tex throws a plasma grenade at his helmet, Donut is consequently airlifted out of the gulch for medical treatment. Pleased that he captured the Blues' flag, Red Command gives him his own armor color, which becomes a sensitive issue for him: he insists that his new armor is "lightish red", even though it is clearly pink to everyone else. As the series progresses, the armor color and the trauma he received from Tex seem to take their toll on Donut's mind; his speech and personality become increasingly effeminate. He also becomes more childish, pretending to be a secret agent during a reconnaissance operation, and later sticking his hand in machinery despite repeated warnings.

A reason he may act like he does is because his right side of his brain was damaged brutally by the grenade, causing him to lose most of his logical and social functions. However it is possible that Donut was always like this, considering that he received the plasma grenade injury in the same episode he debuted in. In episode 74, it was said that he often enjoyed putting on a cop uniform and short-shorts, referring to himself as "Officer Hotpants". He had done this before when the Reds had attempted to celebrate Sarge's birthday, with Donut hiding in the cake in this outfit.

Despite these flaws, Donut sometimes demonstrates alertness or knowledge beyond that of his teammates. For example, in season 2, he is the only one to suggest correctly that Church is a ghost (and hence why Sarge went mad, and Lopez ran away). Left to his own devices when the other Reds leave him behind in search of a distress signal, he is left being chased slowly by Lopez's robots. Donut manages to steal O'Malley's Ghost (or as he calls it, "motorcycle") and catch up to his team. Nevertheless, his insights are ignored by his team.

Although he is evidently a beneficiary of "Don't ask, don't tell," it's rather difficult to miss his sexual orientation. While it is commonly believed that Donut is gay, it is revealed in one of the alternate endings, "Where Are They Now", that he is in fact a heterosexual. He marries an exotic dancer named Tiffany and they have 12 kids. However, when asked by Sarge what the word was for choosing between two things you'd rather not do he eventually suggested "a threesome with cheerleaders".

Lopez La Pesado (The Heavy)

Main article: Lopez on the Red vs Blue Wiki
Lopez before the explosion.
Lopez after the explosion.
""Voy a borrar cada sola memoria de usted cuando le van. Apenas como hice con . . . y . . .""
— Subtitle: I am going to erase every single memory of you when you are gone. Just like I did with [FILE DELETED] and [FILE DELETED].

Lopez is a robotic mechanic built by Sarge sometime before Season 1 began. Lopez's first prominent role was the maintenance of the Warthog the Red Team received from Command. He helped introduce it and repaired it when it was destroyed by Sheila. Sarge favored Lopez over the Red Team most of the time, mainly because Lopez was programmed to hate Grif. Donut later brought a voice card from command that could be put into Lopez, so he could speak. However, despite Simmons's warnings, Sarge failed to properly ground himself while installing it, and damaged the voice card. As a result, Lopez could only speak in Spanish.

At first, Lopez simply served Sarge, but Lopez developed a personality of his own over time. He soon became a sarcastic, smart-aleck robot, especially after he joined O'Malley. By Reconstruction, Lopez had become incredibly frustrated by everyone's inability to understand his Spanish.

Even though he knew the Red Team could not understand him, Lopez constantly voiced his thoughts and "experiences" to them, which ended up annoying some members on the Red Team. Sarge often made completely wrong assumptions about what Lopez is saying, generally believing that Lopez agrees with him or making a suggestion that is the complete opposite of what Lopez was actually saying. However, in Relocation Part 3, Sarge fully understands Lopez. It would also appear as though Sarge was using him as some sort of security while he resided in Blood Gulch in Reconstruction, and has seemed to retake that position in Relocated.

Blue Team

Private First Class Lavernius Tucker

Main article: Tucker on the Red vs Blue Wiki
P.F.C Lavernius Tucker in Halo 3, holding the Great Weapon
"Bow Chicka Bow Wow!"

Relatively speaking, Tucker is the most "run of the mill" of all the main characters. It is implied that he is black, but this is never confirmed (though his voice does sound white). Tucker seems somewhat sensitive to the topic of his race.

With regards to personality, Tucker's most defining characteristic is his obsession with women and sex. He is apparently able to identify a girl, even while she's wearing armor and is at the other end of the canyon, as demonstrated when Grif's sister first shows up in Blood Gulch. His ultimate goal in life is to "get laid", though his repulsive mannerisms always hinder his efforts and he has admitted to being constantly rejected.

His favorite phrase is "bow chicka bow wow," which he utters after hearing or saying anything even remotely sexual. Ironically, in one of Episode 100's non-canon endings, he claims to Sister that he is a virgin, although it is implied he is not as Church once asked him if he has kids and he answers "probably". Apart from his lechery, Tucker is extremely apathetic, snide, disrespectful, and prone to juvenile humor, essentially displaying all the traits of an unruly teenager. He exhibits little to no care or respect for his teammates, who all hate him but tolerate him out of the necessity of war. However, in Recreation, he proves to be more mature, although he still says his catchphrase after a comment.

Tucker is actually the highest ranking member of the Blue team, but he really doesn't care enough to bother with leadership, content to let Church fill the role. Generally, Tucker simply does as he pleases is consistently averse to work and battle. Tucker longs for an opportunity to wield the Sniper Rifle, but his chance never comes until late in Season 5. Because of this, he seems to have the ability to see at incredible distances. It is unknown why Tucker does not simply order Church to give him the rifle as Tucker outranks him. When he finally does manage to snag the sniper rifle, he proves himself a crack shot... by firing a bullet into Tex's behind and quickly giving the rifle back, so that she beats Church up instead of him.

In season 3, Tucker becomes the wielder of the "Great Weapon" . He is later convinced into joining the Alien along with Andy and Caboose on the "Sacred Quest", which ultimately ends in failure. In Episode 73, Tucker becomes ill after having returned with Andy and Caboose to Blood Gulch. Church calls in Doc, still possessed by O'Malley, to diagnose/treat Tucker. His diagnosis of Tucker was male pregnancy, which Andy inadvertently reveals to be the work of the Alien, whose species reproduces via parasitic embryos. The alien baby is born at the end of Season 4, and named "Junior" by Tucker.

In chapter 15 of Recreation, Epsilon/Church thought that Tucker was zombie Captain Butch Flowers, whom Tucker got his current armor from. In episodes 13 and 15, Tucker claims to have slept with Grif's Sister. This isn't very likely, but given the gap between BGC and Reconstruction, it could have happened. In one of the alternate endings of BGC for episode 100, Sister and Tucker were about to "get it on", but were both shot (Sister, however was run over by Donut) before anything could happen.

Private Leonard L. Church (A.K.A. Alpha)

Main article: Church on the Red vs Blue Wiki
Church when he traveled back in time.
Church in Halo 3, still with his trademark sniper rifle.

Church is the leader of the Blue Team, which he took command of after the death of Captain Butch Flowers, and the most prominent of the main characters, since he is often used by Rooster Teeth to advance the story by dealing with the situation at hand. Church is killed by friendly fire early in season 1 and returns as a ghost, eventually taking over Lopez's body. Church is easily the smartest and most level-headed of the main characters, and demonstrates a better understanding of military tactics than Sarge. He often wields the sniper rifle, though mainly for observation, since he is a terrible shot. Strangely, in the Christmas 2004 video, Church was able to snipe several of the Reds' Christmas tree ornaments with his rifle from the ridge above.

Church is cynical, surly, and ill-tempered, and sometimes selfish. Despite his outward personality, Church is really a good man deep down and has been shown to care for his comrades, regardless of how much they irritate him. According to Doc, Church's temperament is the result of suppressed feelings of inadequacy. His disposition was modeled after Gustavo Sorola, who voices the character Simmons. To emphasize this trait, Rooster Teeth added Caboose to the series (at first he was only going to be there a short time) as "a catalyst for getting Church pissed off"[1] . Another character that frequently annoys him is Tucker's alien "son" Junior, whom Church has, on numerous occasions, threatened to kill. In episode 78, Church threatened to kill Junior by "stepping on its neck and shooting it in the head"[2]. However, he was stopped by Doc, who had apparently taken a liking to Junior.

Early in the series, Church seems to hate most social contact and pretty much just everyone, especially Tucker. As the series progresses, Church becomes less angry and irritable, and begins to develop a feeling of camaraderie for Tucker. He even shows signs of care and attachment for Caboose, apart from several occasions when he attempts to kill him. Church's most notable relationship is with Tex, his ex-girlfriend whom he apparently planned to marry before the events of the series. Though he and Tex often argue and insult each other, it is pretty obvious that Church still loves her, and many of his more heroic moments have been for her sake. In fact, the very reason that he first returned as a ghost was to warn Tucker and Caboose not to let her get involved, ostensibly to protect her. Of course, their relationship was never strong; she used to cheat on him and steal money from his wallet.

Church as a "ghost"

Church plays a prominent role in the final episode, when he chases after Tex in an effort to stop her mad scheme. Ultimately, Tex and O'Malley escape onto the ship and Andy explodes despite Church's desperate pleas to cancel the detonation.

In the first and second endings, he walks off, crushed at Tex's apparent death.In the first ending (which is considered to be canon as it fits in with the Reconstruction series), Church and Caboose talk about "why are we here", nodding back to the conversation between Simmons and Grif in Episode 1, who incidentally are watching from afar with a sniper rifle. In the second ending ("Thanks for Playing RVB"), the whole series is revealed to be a team death match on Halo 2, and "Church" is just an anonymous Xbox Live player. "Caboose" apologizes to him for team-killing and "Church" agrees to another match. In the third ending, Sarge taunts him, prompting Church to shoot him, which starts the final battle. In another alternate ending, "Where Are They Now?", Church is an anger management social worker in Quincy, IL. The theme of Red Vs. Blue is then delivered by Church: you can't just hate someone because you're told to, but rather you should hate them on a personal level because you know them. You hate them because you can't stand them.

Church makes his first appearance in Red Vs. Blue Reconstruction in Episode 4, in which he guarding an unnamed outpost on his own. When Washington and Caboose appear, he tries to shoot both of them with his iconic sniper rifle until Caboose reveals himself. Upon realising his old teammate's identity, Church resumes attacking Caboose but fails miserably and misses all twelve shots. (His aim with the Sniper rifle always sucked, even though he could shoot Caboose's foot at at least 50 Yards with a magnum, as seen in episode 21 of Red Vs Blue) After he reluctantly lets Washington and Caboose in, Washington tells him that they need to find and stop the Meta. Church still refuses, not trusting Washington due to his Freelancer status, until Washington mentions they found Tex's ship. It can be inferred that because of Church's feeling for Tex he agrees to join Caboose and Washington.

Church as he appears in Chapter 19

When the team intercepts The Meta attacking Agent South, Church remembers Wyoming's time looping ability, which the Meta obtained from the freelancer's helmet on Tex's Pelican. He rushes out into the open, grabbing a rocket launcher, before firing at the Meta. The Meta dodges the rocket by stopping time, preventing a direct hit, but before he can execute Agent Washington, he is forced to flee by an unknown armor malfunction.

In Chapter 16 it is revealed that Church is actually the Alpha A.I., explaining why he could live for 1000 years in Season 3 of the Blood Gulch Chronicles. In addition, the recent confirmation of Church being the Alpha A.I. explained why Church was not affected by Omega, as he was only gaining a part of himself, and explains why Church was able to reincarnate himself so many times as a ghost in the Blood Gulch Chronicles.

It is revealed in the Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction finale where Church originates from. In keeping with Halo-canon, all A.I. are "cloned" from a human being's brain. Therefore, Church, or the Alpha AI, was cloned from the brain of former Director of Project Freelancer, Dr. Leonard Church, who was in turn in love with another woman called Alison. This explains Washington's comment on how Tex was favored above the other Freelancers.

In the commentary for Season 1 DVD, Burns states that he decided to have Church killed in episode 8 because he thought that having a dead character return as a ghost would give the character more personality.[3] However, this plot twist made filming difficult .[3] To achieve the transparency effect, Rooster Teeth filmed the scene with Church and then again without him. The video from the two takes were then dissolved together. However, this process caused problems to arise as other characters in the scene appeared transparent too. To correct this, they had to be edited back in as fully opaque at the end.[4] A savvy fan pointed out to Burns that they could achieve relatively the same effect in Halo 3 by setting one of the player traits to "Poor Camo."

Private Michael J. Caboose

Main article: Caboose on the Red vs Blue Wiki
Private Michael J. Caboose as he appears in Reconstruction and Relocated.

Caboose is arguably the most popular character in the series. Originally, he was intended to play a minor role in the series, but fans reacted very well to Caboose's antics and moments of stupidity, so the writers made him a permanent character.[5] As the series progressed, Caboose's intelligence gradually decreased, and his voice began to sound higher in pitch. Before too long, he reached a point that he may actually have become brain damaged from O'Malley infecting him. However it is theorized that when Sheila was blown up for the first time, he started to lose his mind and O'Malley just made it even worse. Another theory is that every time Caboose goes through a teleporter, he gets dumber. Tucker once commented: "Caboose, that's why I always liked you: everything falls into two categories. Either you don't understand it or you just don't care." Caboose replied, "Ya, I don't know what you really mean by that, but I guess it doesn't really matter."

Ultimately, Caboose is by far the least intelligent of all the characters. Generally well-meaning and friendly, Caboose is an earnest character who wishes only to love and be loved in return. He has crew-cut blond hair in a series of images by Luke McKay. Caboose vehemently dislikes Tucker, whom he considers a rival for the attentions of Church, whom he desires to be his best friend. Although he initially succeeds only in annoying Church, a relationship does eventually emerge between the two and, relatively speaking, the two do actually end up being best friends. Caboose's friendly disposition has led him to forge unlikely relationships, such as his friendship with Andy. Most bizarre is Caboose's relationship with Sheila. When Sheila was first bombed out of action, Caboose expressed great sorrow, claiming that she was his friend. Since Season 2, Caboose's feelings for Sheila have grown into unrequited love, a source of humor for the series and disgust from his teammates.

Caboose made his first appearance in Episode 3 along with Sheila. He soon annoyed his new teammates, and consequently was tasked with guarding the flag inside the team's base and waiting for a nonexistent general. Meanwhile, at the Red base, Simmons and Grif sent their team's rookie, Donut, on a fool's errand for elbow grease and "headlight fluid". In a mutual misunderstanding, Donut mistook the Blue base for the store and Caboose for a shopkeeper, while Caboose mistook Donut for the "General" and allowed him to take the flag. In the ensuing conflict, Caboose accidentally killed Church while using Sheila, and narrowly escapes a bombing run that disabled the tank. In the final episode of Season 1, Caboose became possessed by O'Malley, a rogue AI who transmitted himself to Caboose via radio before his original host, Tex, died. Once, when he was radioing Church, he said, "Church! Come in Church! This is your close personal friend, Private O'Malley."

Season 2 continues Caboose's character development. Parts of episodes 31-33 take place inside Caboose's mind, which Church and Tex explore as ghosts in an attempt to kill O'Malley. There, they encounter Caboose's incorrect mental images of other characters. In his mind, Caboose believes that he is intelligent, Church his foul-mouthed best friend, Tucker is stupid, Grif is yellow-armored, Donut is female, and that Sarge sounds like a pirate. In the fighting that ensued between Tex, Church, and O'Malley, Caboose's mental picture of Church was accidentally shot, thereby erasing him from Caboose's memory completely. Once O'Malley leaves Caboose, the latter's mind declines further[6], even going as far as loading his guns with crayons and misspelling his own name. Sarge states in episode 39 that it "sounds like he took some of the furniture when he left. And the carpet. And the drapes. And I wouldn't expect to get that deposit back, if you know what I mean."

Caboose is incredibly strong, which Tucker and Church believe is "God's way of compensating" for his mental disabilities. Though Caboose is generally portrayed as relatively passive, he will have brief episodes of violence in which he speaks in an exceptionally low voice. In Episode 40, Caboose "tapped" into his violent side in order to save both himself and Sarge from the Flag-Zealots by thinking of kittens covered in spikes and other things he considered mean. As a result, he started saying violent threats like "I will eat your unhappiness!", before promptly killing all of the Flag-Zealots.

In the alternate ending, Where Are They Now?, Caboose sold his life story to a software company based in Redmond, WA. They based a popular video game on it.

In Episode 1 of the new Relocated series, he seems to be hard at work at his new base on something not yet revealed. In Episode 4 of the Relocated series, Caboose makes a very brief appearance. Caboose's behavior in Episode 4 implied that he is losing his mind due to Church's absence. Caboose was collecting any possessions he could find that held any sort of sentimental value to him, which included Church's signature Sniper Rifle, a device that's believed to be storing Sheila, Tex's corpse and armor, and the Epsilon A.I. In addition, Caboose spoke only once in the episode, using a disturbing and shaken tone and saying, "Finally, we're all here. Now we can be together... forever." In Recreation Episode 2, it is revealed that this was part of his plot to create a "super new best friend".

Kaikaina Grif (Sister)

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Grif's Sister

Kaikaina "Sister" Grif is Dexter Grif's sister. Though her age isn't revealed, she is referred to as a teenager by Lopez during Reconstruction. After her brother's departure for Blood Gulch, she felt scared about being alone, and decided to join the war. However, Sister is colorblind, and joined the Blue Army by mistake. Initially taken on by the Reds, Grif takes her over to the Blue Team in Episode 85 when her true affiliation is revealed, reasoning that she will be safer with the Blues than with the Reds, should Sarge discover her allegiance. She is by far the most enthusiastic member of the Blue team.

As the "other" girl on the Blue Team, much to Tex's indignation, Sister is Tex's opposite; she is incompetent, immature, and extremely promiscuous, reveling in the prospect of having sex with the just about anyone and being possibly the only woman ever to take a liking to Tucker. Apparently very attractive, her blatant sexuality has led to her contract at least one STD and have six abortions. She is also fond of alcohol and substance abuse. A running gag is that she will frequently make a comment relating to sex or drugs, to which a listening character will incredulously reply "Wait, what?!" She may also be bisexual, based on her calling Tex "hot" and retracting the comment, only to repeat it after finding out that Tex is in fact female. In fact, she tends to find just about everything "hot". She is also very limber, and was a cheerleader in high school, though she was kicked out three times for cheering for the wrong team (a reference to her affiliation with the Blues). In Relocation, Lopez claims that he killed Sister during the other Reds' absence, but the truth of this is not clear.

Project Freelancer

Dr. Leonard Church

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"It is an undeniable and may I say a fundamental quality of man that when faced with extinction, every alternative is preferable."
—Dr. Leonard Church

The former Director of Project Freelancer. At the end of Reconstruction, he feels that he did his job, possibly through Church. In the epilogue of Episode 19, Dr. Church claims he is the one who made the Alpha AI (Church). He mentions that he lost someone very early in his life -- it is strongly implied that this person was either Tex, or the woman who's mind was used to create Tex. At the beginning of every episode, he and the Chairman of the Oversight Sub-Commitee sent messages back and forth to each other regarding the status of the Meta as well as other matters concerning Project Freelancer. The messages became increasingly tense and less friendly as the series progressed until the Chairman sent officers to arrest Dr. Leonard Church.

The Councilor

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The Councilor, as named by Burnie Burns, is apparently a high-ranking member of the Freelancer Project. He is depicted as a bald African-American whose voice, due to being transmitted via comlink, is slightly distorted.

The Councilor first appears in a flashback during Part IV of Recovery One, where he interrogates Agent Washington about the failure of the Epsilon AI and informs him he is a candidate for Recovery. His next appearance is in Reconstruction, where he appears on a monitor and interrogates Pvt. Henderson before exchanging dialog with Agent Washington about where to begin his search for the Meta.

Freelancer Agent Texas

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An artist's interpretation of Tex

Agent Texas, real name Allison and also known as Tex, is Church's ex-girlfriend and a former member of the mysterious Project Freelancer. Now a real freelancer, she is not officially affiliated with the Blues, but simply paid for her service. Although she lacks the more eccentric personality traits of the other Blood Gulch characters, her extremely violent nature makes her anything but normal. Her Special Operations training makes her the most lethal member of the Blood Gulch cast, with the possible exception of Sheila. At the end of season 1, she is killed by Donut, and like Church, returns later as a ghost.

Tex eyeing the "Great Weapon"

Frequently absent from the Blue team, Tex is extremely temperamental and is prone to attacking those who get on her bad side. Though it is clear that Church still loves her, her own feelings for him are never truly revealed. Though deadly in combat, Tex maintains a strong sense of self-preservation, and tends to avoid situations she deems to be dangerous. She is fiercely independent and prefers to do things her way, with minimal resistance from her peers. As a freelancer, she will do almost anything for money, no matter how brutal.

Freelancer Agent Washington (A.K.A. Recovery One, Prisoner 619-B)

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Halo 3 Washington

Agent Washington, originally called David and also known as Recovery One, was in the same unit as Freelancer Agents Texas and Wyoming. He now works exclusively for Recovery Command. He was assigned to retrieve Freelancer AIs if their assigned agent was killed, as it was cheaper to retrieve the AIs than to destroy them and making new ones. His own AI, Epsilon, once went rampant; after the experience, Washington never allowed AIs to be inserted into his armor.

Washington is a dedicated soldier who takes his assignments seriously. He was repeatedly dumbfounded at the erratic behavior of the Blood Gulch soldiers. He is far less vulgar and far more experienced at combat, being a high-ranking Freelancer. He was able to fend off the Meta for some time without the aid of an AI or special ability, despite the Meta's possession of at least six AI and multiple armor upgrades. Throughout Reconstruction, his personality changed substantially; he adjusted to the Reds' and Blues' quirks, and even seemed to rebel against Project Freelancer.

Throughout the series, Washington worked to stop the Meta, who was covertly killing off Freelancer agents in an attempt to steal their AIs and armor upgrades. During the process, Washington would recover (and eventually destroy) these AIs. He also reunited the Reds and the Blues after their reassignments from Blood Gulch, enlisting their help in destroying the Meta and inflicting significant losses on the Freelancers.

Freelancer Agent Wyoming

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Wyoming (formerly Reginald) is a stereotypically-English bounty hunter who was in the same augmentation program as Tex. He was originally hired as a hitman to kill Tucker; after his failure, he was thrown forward in time. He proceeded to kill the alien, Crunchbite, fleeing from Tex afterward. He was later knocked unconscious by Tex. His old AI, Gamma, then teleported him to the Zanzibar fortress, where he tried and failed to use temporal manipulation to kill the Blues. He also suffered brain damage when Gamma forcibly ejected himself from Wyoming amour. His current status is unknown.

Freelancer Agent South Dakota

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South and Delta

Agent South Dakota, also known as Recovery Two, was Agent North Dakota's twin sister. She was always paired up with her twin brother. She loathed him, as he had an AI; she, having joined Project Freelancer after Washington and his peers, did not. She later allowed North Dakota to be killed by The Meta out of jealousy.

She is introduced after sending out a distress code. When Washington found her, she claimed to have been knocked unconscious, finding her twin brother dead and his AI, Theta, missing. Washington gave her a recovered AI, Delta. She and Washington later encountered the then-unidentified Meta. She shot Washington in the back and activated a self-destruct timer on his armor, distracting the Meta and allowing her to escape. When The Meta tracked her, Wash, Church and Caboose who were following The Meta arrived and Washington then told The Blues to stop her from escaping. Church Lied to Caboose and said that "the purple one is on our team" and that he should protect her. Caboose with his team killing reputation shot her at long range, then Washington had his revenge by executing South with a shot to the head and blowing up, burning, and shooting her corpse.

Freelancer Agent North Dakota

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Agent North Dakota was Agent South Dakota's twin brother. During a confrontation with The Meta South abandond him and he was killed by The Meta; his body was found by Washington. His AI, Theta, had been taken by The Meta.

Freelancer Agent Maine (The Meta)

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The Meta accompanied by his 7 captured AI

The Meta, formerly known as Agent Maine, is a mysterious being who attempted to hunt down and kill Freelancer agents in an attempt to collect their AIs and armor upgrades. He appears to be a conglomeration of all of the Freelancer AIs, a trait that is reflected by his irregular armor. It is possible that the Meta is rampant.

The Meta seems to have a personal vendetta against Agent Washington, having followed him for an extensive period of time. It was believed to have been destroyed in an EMP blast triggered by Washington during Reconstruction. It later returned in Recreation, assisting Washington in an attack on the Reds.

Freelancer Agent New York

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York (right) and Delta (left).

York was a Freelancer and former infiltration specialist. He was hired by Tex, and participated in a mission to find O'Malley. He later helped Tex enter Wyoming's hideout, and was shot and killed when trying to defend her from Wyoming. Washington would later recover his AI, Delta.

Recovery Six and Recovery Nine

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Two soldiers from the same program as Agent Washington, Recovery Six and Recovery Nine are killed in the Red vs Blue: Reconstruction trailer when they attempt to investigate the death of all personnel at Outpost 17-B "Valhalla". They were killed by the Meta. The two soldiers are distinguishable by their armor - Recovery Six has a blue detail color, and Nine has a red detail color. Both wear ODST helmets, as do all minor characters in Reconstruction.

AI Unit Alpha (Church)

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Alpha in Chapter 19.

Alpha is a smart AI loaned to the Freelancer program. When the acquisition of more AI units was deemed impossible, the Director had the Alpha subjected to torture through combat scenarios of stress and danger causing the AI to sever parts of its own mind to prevent rampancy, later described by Washington as "like reverse engineering a split personality disorder". All Freelancer AIs are fragments of the Alpha AI, Delta is its logical aspect, Omega its anger, Gamma its deceit, Epsilon its memory, and Sigma its creativity. It is also revealed that Church is the Alpha, and that he was based off of the actual Dr. Leonard Church. The Alpha AI was assumed destroyed when Agent Washington activated the EMP bomb, which was meant as a fail-safe to destroy all computer software within the bomb's radius, though the original was destroyed in the EMP blast Caboose used the AI epsilon to make a copy of Church

AI Unit Gamma (Gary)

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Gary, otherwise known as Gamma.

A knock-knock-joke-loving AI that was built by the Alien's race, stored on Zanzibar's computer, and once used by Wyoming, Gary was first encountered by Church when the latter resided in the past. It was later revealed that he was Gamma, the deceitful fragment of the Alpha AI.

AI Unit Delta

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Delta, along with six of the Meta's AI's. Note one that may be Omega, at far right.

Delta is York's AI. He is surprisingly stable, viewing everything from a logical perspective. He was apparently deleted when York died, having chosen to stay in York's armor and administer painkillers; however, he was later rescued by Washington in Recovery One.

Delta was then given to South, who promptly betrayed Washington and fled. He was transferred to Caboose prior to South's death. He would later advise Washington to execute South. In Chapter 8, it was confirmed that the Meta captured him; in Chapter 16, it was revealed that he was the logical fragment of the Alpha AI.

Delta was believed to have been destroyed when Washington activated the EMP bomb; however, he made an appearance in Relocated.

AI Unit Epsilon

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Epsilon was Agent Washington's AI prior to his rampancy. During Reconstruction, Washington found Epsilon at an AI Storage Facility (where he was portrayed as a Grav Lift). In Chapter 16, it is revealed Epsilon is the memory fragment of the Alpha AI.

In Recreation, Caboose transferred Epsilon to a robotic body (portrayed as a Monitor). This body turns out to be an ancient artifact worshiped by the aliens, who attack the humans when Epsilon is shot. Epsilon now has the personality of Church. During C.T.'s attempt to escape Epsilon kills him using a single shot from his eye-laser. After being called a "thing" by C.T., he exclaims, "I am not a thing!! My name is Leonard Church, and you will fear my laser face!"

AI Unit Theta

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Almost nothing is known about this AI. It was formerly paired with Agent North Dakota, and later captured by the Meta.

AI Unit Sigma

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Almost nothing is known about this AI. It is the creative fragment of the Alpha AI. Sigma is most likely the AI that is heard speaking to the Meta in Chapter 19.

A.I. Unit Omega (O'Malley)

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O'Malley, as represented in the odd mind of Caboose

The enemy of both the Red and Blue teams, O'Malley is an AI that was put into Tex's armor during training in order to make her more aggressive and dangerous. According to Wyoming, O'Malley's real name is Omega and after being placed in Tex (Alison)'s armor, his name was changed to Om-Ali or O'Malley.

O'Malley wants to annihilate both teams and ultimately either destroy or take over the universe. He expresses these desires in long monologues accompanied by extended fits of evil laughter and extreme close-up shots of his visor. He tends to be highly impatient at times and often orders others to do a variety of tasks for the sole purpose of keeping them away from him.

Towards the end of season 1, just before Tex attacks the Reds for the second time, O'Malley assesses that Tex has little chance of survival and leaps via radio into Caboose. Under O'Malley's possession, Caboose periodically makes threatening statements in an unusually deep voice. He often uttered phrases like "never be alone" or, when his toe was shot, "you shall be avenged". However, O'Malley was never able to take full control (due to Caboose's stupidity), and after being forced out of Caboose by Church and Tex, O'Malley possessed Doc, whose pacifist nature made him extremely susceptible to O'Malley's manipulation.

Doc remained possessed for the bulk of the series. He seemed to work for Vic to some degree, hiring Wyoming to take out Tucker at one point. In episode 100, he tries possessing everyone; this only resulted in the characters adopting slightly more evil voices (save for Church), though he was able to control Caboose's slowly disintegrating mind. His inability to control Church may have resulted from the fact that Church was the Alpha AI.

In Reconstruction, he was mentioned several times; it is believed that the mysterious "Meta" character is currently in possession of him. It is possible he was among the six AIs that appeared in Chapter 8. It's most likely that he is the silver Mark V avatar, as that was the form he took when he was inside Caboose's mind. In chapter 16 it is revealed that O'Malley is the rage fragment of the Alpha.

Major Non-Affiliated Characters

The Chairman

The Chairman

Appearance: Grey Haired Flat Top, Caucasian, White/Grey Naval Uniform Age: Unknown

The Chairman made his first "appearance" during the Reconstruction series through the form of letters with Dr. Leonard L. Church regarding the Freelancer Project. In the finale of the Reconstruction series, the Chairman states that Church will be placed under arrest. In the Recreation series, the Chairman returns in the form of a voice as he had in Reconstruction. In Chapter 13, the Chairman makes his first physical appearance when conversing with Agent Washington. However, his face is not shown as the camera is viewing from behind him only revealing notable features of the Chairman including hair color, skin color, etc.


Sheila the A.I. Tank Operator
  • Full Name: Sheila
  • Voice Actress: Yomary Cruz
  • RvB Series: Blood Gulch Chronicles, Reconstruction
"Hello, and thank you for activating the M808V Main Battle tank. You may call me Sheila"

Sheila, originally named Phyllis, is the AI behind the Blue Team's Scorpion tank built by an American automotive company and assembled in Mexico. She was then sold to the lowest bidder, which she is ashamed of. She first appeared in episode three with fellow Blue Team member Caboose. Ironically, he is the only Blue Team member that can drive Sheila, despite his lack of intelligence. She is friendly and cheerful, but, being a tank, she has a habit of blowing people up, including her own teammate Church (which is admittedly Church's fault for disabling her friendly fire protocol). Sheila is bombed out of action by Sarge's dropship early in the first season, but is repaired by Tex several episodes later. Donut later disables her again by pitching a plasma grenade into her cockpit at the end of season 1.

Sheila shows some indications of liking Caboose, who is in love with her, early in season 1. However, in the middle of season 2, she falls in love with the Red Team's robot, Lopez, much to Caboose's dislike. Before long, the two attempt to lead a robot revolution against the humans in response to perceived abuse that they have received: being constantly blown up or possessed by ghosts. This idea stemmed from Church's attempt to prevent them from doing so, in his endeavors to change the past. After O'Malley kidnaps Lopez, however, she puts aside her differences in order to help the soldiers retrieve him.

Because Sheila cannot fit through the teleporter (due to the fact that her AI was hardwired into the tank by her manufacturers), she remains behind on Blood Gulch while the Reds and Blues leave to pursue O'Malley. After a brief encounter with a time-traveling Church, who whispers a plan to her, Sheila powers down and presumably remains alone as the sole inhabitant of Blood Gulch for the better part of a millennium. It is thought that she may be the source of the distress signal that the Reds hear in season 3, as Church's plan included the words "a thousand years". A deleted scene on the Season Four DVD confirms that she is ordered to send out the distress signal and disguises her voice. In addition, all of the Reds except Sarge see her drive past the Red Base in Blood Gulch upon their return. When Sarge demotes Simmons for his talk of "imaginary" tanks, she helps Simmons attempt his revenge on the Reds since she is unable to recognize the Red Team as her enemies due to faltering memory units. She also expresses dissatisfaction when Church later collects all the vehicles available to the Blue Base in Blood Gulch; Church perceives her reaction as jealousy (this scene was relocated to the Deleted Scenes section of the Season 4 DVD for continuity reasons). In Relocated Caboose can be seen snooping around the dropship Shiela is in and he says "there you are" supporting that he may have taken Sheila back to Blue base in Valhalla.

Caboose tells the other Blues in episode 54 that Andy has known Sheila from previous encounters, but gives no specific explanation. Caboose brings Andy back to the gulch in season 4, but no interaction between Sheila and Andy has yet occurred to support or refute Caboose's claim. Rooster Teeth stated that Andy was originally to be Sheila's ex-boyfriend; however, the idea was pushed to Season 5, along with, according to Hullum, "a really interesting character trait related to that [Andy's relationship with Sheila]".[7].

Medical Super Private First Class Francis "Doc" DuFresne

"Doc" DuFresne
  • Voice Actor: Matt Hullum
  • Armor Color: Violet (Red & Blue)
  • RvB Series: Blood Gulch Chronicles, Reconstruction
"Well, a doctor cures people. A medic just makes them more comfortable... while they die."
—Doc, explaining his occupation

Doc is the Medic sent to treat injuries on both sides (although ironically his healing skills are rendered useless as only 3 people have died in the course of the series, 2 of whom were subsequently resurrected) and is reminiscent of Donut in that he is a bit of a neat freak/pacifist. In a series of images by Luke McKay he is depicted as having brown hair. Doc doesn't usually say vulgarities.

Prior to his arrival in Blood Gulch, he was a member of his high school cross country team and attended the Jamaican State University where he failed Medical School and enlisted in the Red Army as a "conscientious objector". His extreme pacifism later caused him to be released from the Red Army before the events of The Blood Gulch Chronicles, and bringing about the draft that had forced Grif into military service. He was soon possessed by O'Malley and often engages in split personality, Gollum-Smeagol conversations with the AI. However, Doc responds to O'Malley differently when compared to Caboose, frequently apologizing for the AI's trash talk and behavior while O'Malley tells him to shut up. The two eventually become accustomed to each other as the series progresses. Later, sometime between the last few episodes of Season 4 and the first episodes of Season 5, O'Malley left him and entered another host, Captain Butch Flowers. Shortly after O'Malley left it is revealed that his rank is "Medical Super Private First Class", a rank which he obtained by pestering Command with letters every day for four years. He carries a Plasma Pistol as a prop for a medical tool and scanner. In an alternate ending to Episode 100 he revives Sarge only to get killed by him moments later.

So far, Doc has not been seen in the series Reconstruction apart from at the end of Reconstruction Chapter 12. He is seen by the windmill after the characters leave, asking where everyone is until finally saying, "You guys suck". This implies that Simmons got Washington to call for Doc while Caboose was unconscious.

Doc runs his own radio station on frequency 97.7, where he dispenses dubious medical advice and psychological councilling in a segment called "You're not Master Chief and thats Ok."

Red/Blue radio support Vic

  • Voice Actor: Burnie Burns
"Okay dude, calm down, take a chill pill, if you don't have a chill pill, take one of those chill strips, put it on your tongue it dissolves, Chill."
—Vic Jr
Vic in his command chair

Vic is the radio support of both the Red and Blue armies, with neither of them knowing this. During the series, he acts like the stereotypical annoying tech support guy. He also was in league with O'Malley, as shown in Season 3. In Season 3, he also asked Wyoming to kill Tucker because he knew Red and Blue were the same. However, Tucker lived since Wyoming didn't recognize him in his armor, which was charred black by the teleporter. Unlike the other characters, he is a cinematic from the campaign - a crewman on the Pillar of Autumn. He frequently starts conversations with "Yello, Yello. Come in. Yello". Vic has also had a vasectomy, as shown when he talked to Doc about it in the Season 2 opening episode. He says he is sterile to O'Malley, but in season 4 his great, great, great, great, great, great grandson is contacted coincidentally by Church. In episode 100 it is revealed that either he is an A.I. or he created the A.I. Vic Jr. Vic is rumored to be the blue AI avatar in the group surrounding Delta at the end of Chapter 8.


Andrew D. Kaboom
  • Full Name: Andrew D. Kaboom[8]
  • Voice Actor: Nathan Zellner
  • RvB Series: Blood Gulch Chronicles
"Pleased to meet ya, ya dickhead!"

Andy is the vulgar, short-tempered, and rude bomb built by Tex using parts of an protocol robot (and some parts from some more "personal" devices) with the purpose to kill O´Malley. Andy frequently expresses a desire to destroy things by detonating himself, much to the worry of the Blue Team, who attempts to calm him down through a "therapy session". However, Andy later wishes to avoid detonation when Tex threatens to detonate him if he will not translate for them. This desire resurfaces later when Andy attempts to convince Church to let him "clean up", and in the process, destroy the Blue Base. Caboose reveals that Andy had told him about the Reds' secret meeting, but the rest of the Blues refuse to believe Caboose at first, as Andy remains silent when they approach. However, he has an outburst when Gary insults him and reveals that the two "are not on speaking terms".

Because Tex built Andy from the remains of an old protocol droid found on the perimeter of the base, he is able to understand the Alien ("Crunchbite"). As a result, he joins the sacred quest group to act as a translator. After the failure of the quest, Caboose brings him back to Blood Gulch. In episode 76, the Reds replace Andy with first Lopez's head, and then a skull so he can translate a recording for them. This leads Caboose to believe that Andy has turned into a boy and then died.

Andy is very self-conscious about his weight. In episode 76, after O'Malley repeatedly calls him "bowling ball", Andy asks Caboose if he is that fat, claiming that he has been working out. When Sarge steals Andy, he remarks that Andy is much lighter than the last time he tried to pick him up and Andy is relieved that someone has noticed.

Later in season 5 Andy is seen translating for Grif about a sword and a kid. He claims "Gotta make a livin".

In episode 97 Butch Flowers and the green alien abandoned him in the caves with Lopez because he learned enough blarg-speak.

In episode 100, he explodes as the ship takes off, possibly killing Tex, Junior, and the Green Alien but the explosion came a few seconds later than predicted which means they could have chucked him out of the ship.

In Reconstruction Chapter 5 Uncut Andy's voice is heard on a recording playback of Sheila and Tex talking while the ship is crashing.Andy is shown to be still alive and disappointed in his performance of his explosion. Before it crashes Tex tells everyone to "hold on." possibly meaning everyone, including the aliens, survived the explosion.

Andy seems to take pleasure out of insulting others, for instance he calls Tex a man, saying, "Come on, Tex, baby, its just a joke between the two of us guys. Laugh it off big guy laugh it off".


  • Voice Actor: Nathan Zellner
"Blarg, honk"

First appearing in the end of Season 3 and onto Season 4, he is shown as an Elite in blue armor, but never identified as a Covenant. He speaks in "blargs" and "honks", which are only understood by Andy. However it does seem possible that the tone of the "blargs" and "honks" may be related to its language. As for his actual name, he is referred to as "Crunchbite" by Caboose after he bit him, although he suggested "Fluffy" at first, but no one actually figures out what his real name is, as he only communicates in "honks" and "blargs". In one episode, the Blue Team asked him what his name was to which he responded "Honk, honk". However, it was quickly pointed out by Tex that it could be his name because when asked if his name was indeed "Honk, honk" he responded by saying "blarg", which could either mean yes or no.

The alien seemed to have wanted to claim the great weapon, to complete a great quest which would give the salvation and emancipation of his entire race. However, after learning that Tucker had claimed it first (and beating him repeatedly), he forced Tucker to complete the quest with him. Andy accompanied them, acting as a translator, and Church grouped Caboose with them. Tex followed after they left, being reminded of the possibility of a reward for the quest.

The alien guided the group across three main locations, the Burning Plains of Honka Hill, the Great Swamp, and the Freezing Plains of Blarganthia. In the Burning Plains, the alien created a lot of hype about defeating a monster, which was forgotten when the "monster", which was a cow, was already dead. They rested in the Great Swamp, in which Tex caught up to them. The alien and Andy set up a trap using Tucker as bait, attacking Tex when she appeared. Soon after, they arrived at the Freezing Plains, which was the apparent destination. A base was the target for the alien, which had to be opened with the great weapon that Tucker had. To the surprise of everyone, an unidentified ship, portrayed by a Banshee was seen. The alien took off in it, to be shortly killed by Wyoming wielding a Rocket Launcher.

He also frequently stared at Tucker while he was sleeping, a habit which greatly disturbed him and that Tucker often complained about. It was later revealed that the alien had inserted a parasitic embryo into Tucker, which was born at the end of Season 4 and became Junior.

Lavernius Tucker Junior

Junior in episode 80.
  • Armor Color: Cyan with Blue Trim
  • Voice Actor: Jason Saldaña
"Blarg Chicka Honk Honk."

Junior first appeared in episode 77, in voice only, as the result of the Alien impregnating Tucker. In episode 78 it appeared again in voice only while it was wrecking the base after Doc fed it half a gallon of Caboose's blood, saying high pitched "honks" and "blargs", just like its parent. Its first visual appearance was in episode 80 as a mini version of an Elite with cyan and blue armor. Church frequently tells himself that he will kill Junior, but never does anything aggressive to it. It was recently featured in its first PSA titled "Let's All Go to the Movies" where it attacked Simmons and pulls out his spine. It was also revealed in "Let's All Go to the Movies" that Tucker had named it "Junior".

He appeared in episode 91, in which Doc was "examining" Sister, but when Tucker found it in the base, he had grown from the last time he appeared. In episode 94, it says "Bow-chicka-honk-honk," a twist on Tucker's infamous catch phrase, which Tucker attributed to "genetics". Because of genetics, Junior could also wield Tucker's sword. In episode 99, he was revealed to be "The Great Destroyer", who the army plans to have controlled by O'Malley to control the alien race and win the war, by corrupting their religion from the inside. He was taken aboard the ship by the green alien. Junior, and the Green alien, could possibly have survived as during Reconstruction Episode 5 the ship's log indicates Tex asking "Where are you going?" shortly before the crash implying that they bailed out. In Recreation Chapter 13 it is revealed he is still alive and working with Tucker as diplomats to the Alien and Human races, because they're "in between".

Minor Characters

'Zealots' (Grunts)

An uneasy truce between the zealots.
—A camping zealot after killing a complaining red.

Also known as the Grunts, they are strange Red and Blue characters that were introduced in episode 39 when Sarge and Caboose went through the teleporter after O'Malley. They are engaged in a continuous battle, much like the conflict in Blood Gulch, only far more bloody and bizarre. The Zealots have the ability to respawn after every battle, so the conflict would go on and on. Their battles are completely disorganized and apparently all end in stalemate, with all of the Zealots killed, only for them to respawn again. Their battles satirize Halo players, mainly using quotes similar to that of Halo gamers. However, the oddities don't end with their respawning; The Zealots seem to have developed their own religion around the conflict in which they worship "The Flag" (often calling it their "savior" and revering any who capture the opposing flag) In episode 43, Simmons teleports them into Sidewinder and tells them that O'Malley has The Flag. The Zealots declare the start of their "Crusade" and unite against O'Malley, teabagging him brutally. They all survive the explosion due to their ability to infinitely respawn and go on to appear in Season 4, where they work together to guard the temple in the "Great Freezing Plains of Blarganthia". Why they were guarding the temple or even united at all is unknown, though it may be a part of their crusade. Notably, the Zealots, upon death, say "Herk, Bleegh" which used to be a recurring phrase in the machinima. They are the second to last characters to say this, the last one being Butch Flowers.

The Red Zealot

The Red Zealot
"I regret nothing! I lived as few men have dared to dream!"
—The Red Zealot after the Blue Zealots lynch him.
The Red Zealot.

Of all of the Battle Creek Zealots, the Red Zealot is by far the most devout follower of their bizarre flag-worshiping religion. He talks in semi-monologues, adding a somewhat holy aspect to whatever the subject is. He first stands out by taking the blue's flag in Battle Creek, and attracts everyone's attention with a rambling sermon. However, his triumph is short-lived when at least four Blue Zealots converge on him and beat him to death. The Red Zealot also reacts the most when Caboose takes their flag, screaming for his comrades to repent.

He is also blasted into the future, and is found by O'Malley, who dupes the Red Zealot into working for him. However, when the base is attacked by the Reds and Blues, he is killed by Tucker. In a deleted scene, he respawns shortly and declares revenge.

The Second Alien

Described by Captain Flowers as "my friend," very little is known about this new Alien. Like his compatriot, he often crouches while walking, and likes to carry Andy around with him. He has aided Flowers so far, and seems to want to know where Junior and the sword are as well. It seems the green alien was sent to replace Crunchbite because of his death. He held Doc, Sister, and Junior hostage, and then took Junior to the ship. It appears that he (and Junior) may have survived the events of Episode 100 as during Reconstruction Episode 5 the ships log indicates Tex asking "where are you going" implying they bailed out before the crash. This is supported by the fact that neither the Recovery team helmet recorder, nor the surviving member of Red Team, found any sign of the two aliens. All other info can be accessed with the Season 5 DVD and highlighting Flowers' profile before pressing right, right, down.

Captain Butch Flowers

Captain Butch Flowers
  • Armor Color: Cyan (Blue in Season 5)
  • Voice Actor: Ed Robertson
"If I wasn't your commanding officer, I'd pick you both up, give you a giant bear hug and make you call me daddy."
"Uh... thank god for the chain of command?"

Captain Butch Flowers was the Blue Team's previous commanding officer at Blood Gulch. His character was introduced when Church traveled to Blood Gulch after being blasted back in time and waiting a millennium for Gary to complete a teleporter for him. Captain Flowers and Tucker had planned to pull out of Blood Gulch but upon Church's arrival and subsequent news on the destruction of the Blue Base on Sidewinder this effort was scrapped. However, Captain Flowers was sometimes considered to be a "fruit". Before his death, Flowers had been planning to lead a Blue offensive to destroy the Red Team in Blood Gulch, and knew the key to the Blues' victory. He had just finished fine tuning the teleporter and was about to order Tucker a sniper rifle when he died from what Church and Tucker assumed was a heart attack in his sleep. Upon finding his dead body, Tucker took Captain Flowers' armor for himself. It was later revealed that he had encountered Private Church from the future, who didn't know about his allergy and injected him with Aspirin in an ironic attempt to save his life.

In Episode 96, it is revealed he was revived by and allied with the green alien and inhabited by O'Malley when he met Doc, Sister, and Junior in the cave. He was wearing the standard blue armor - most likely Tucker's old armor - and talked with two voices, his and O'Malley's. In Episode 100, O'Malley left him, and left him unconscious. Doc healed him, and went back onto Blood Gulch and talked to Tucker about the situation. He made small talk, and slowly re-mentions the information that could defeat the Reds. This all happened while someone tried to shoot him. Right before he revealed the information, he finally was shot and killed (again).

Flowers sleeps while standing up with his armor still on, and his eyes open, as is his custom.

Captain Flowers was mentioned in RVB Recreation. Epsilon/Church thought that Tucker was some sort of zombie Captain Butch Flowers because Caboose left Tucker out of all of his stories.


  • Armor Color: Brown
  • Voice Actor: Burnie Burns
"Go guard the wall, Phil, go fix the jeep, Phil, go do everything, Phil!"

Phil is a complainer and single parent who often is forced "to do everything" around his base. He is knocked out by Wyoming, who plans to interrogate him, but after Wyoming gets a call from O'Malley hiring him to kill Tucker, he decides he does not have time to interrogate Phil and simply kills him.

Max Gain

  • Armor Color: Tan
  • Voice Actor: Geoff Ramsey

Max Gain was originally supposed to be a larger character but he appears only in one episode and a deleted scene of Episode 41. He is a stereotypical tough guy lockjawed soldier who screams one liners and refers to the enemy as "dirtbags" much like Sarge. He is the Red Team soldier who speaks upon capturing Church and Grif.

Francisco Montegue Zanzibar

"Let's just say that for instance that one of the robots contains a hidden microphone that will allow us to eavesdrop on everything the Blues' say."
—Sarge refering to Francisco

A robot, also known as "Frankie Zan" by Sarge, who was commissioned to build him and Robot #2 so that Church and Tex could possess them instead of relying on Lopez, who began to resist their attempts. During the brief exchange between Red Army, Blue Army, Lopez and Sheila, and O'Malley, known afterwards as the "Parabola of Mystery", Francisco was possessed by Tex, and thereafter appeared to lose any and all self-sustainability (unlike Lopez and others who had been possessed, he merely lay dormant during the brief times when Tex returned to the spirit world.) Frankie Zan has a microphone implanted in him, through which Sarge can listen to what is going on wherever Frankie Zan happens to be. This robot also has less strength than Tex's real body. Her real body is seen flipping over Sheila in one of the very early episodes yet the robot one could not lift the bomb(Andy) later during the attack on O'malley's base.

Robot #2

"And let's just suppose, shall we, that the other robot... contains a ten megaton bomb!"
—Sarge referring to Robot #2

Robot #2 was a robot who was built by Sarge using Church's body. A robot like Frankie Zan, Robot #2 was named such because of an "overclocked sass-back chip". He is only able to speak in a series of noises, such as the tune from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, with the final tone replaced by a duck sound, and a pair of touch-tones followed by the Macintosh alert sound "Eep!". Robot #2 has a bomb implanted in him, as well as the added function to punch Grif in the head upon hearing the codeword, "Dirtbag". He was possessed by Church during the Parabola of Mystery, and like Frankie Zan, lost all self-sustainability afterwards. He was left at Red/Blue command after he fell out of Caboose's warthog.

The Great Destroyer

"The Great Destroyer has arrived, the end is near." -Gary

Known as "The stupidest life form in the universe". Told by the Great Prophecy that he will break into the facility, kill Gary, steal the Great Weapon, and bring the Great Doom to billions of people. At first he was believed to be Caboose due to his stupidity and the fact that the destroyer is blue. Later in the series it was thought that Tex was the Great Destroyer due to her obsession with the sword and that she stole it from Tucker. Also, the alien Crunchbite was speculated due to his blue armor and the fact that he repeatedly beat Tucker in an effort to claim the sword. It was later confirmed in Episode 99 that Junior was the Great Destroyer or the Great Savior because it was all part of a plot made by Wyoming, O'Malley, Vic Jr. and the New Alien. It is ultimately revealed that O'Malley is intending to infect Junior as soon as the latter takes possession of Tucker's sword, so that he can control Junior and exploit and enslave the Alien's race by corrupting their religion from the inside and use them to win the war.

Private Mickey

  • Armor Color: Blue
  • Voice Actor: Lance McKee
"Private Mickey was the first to go. He was halfway across the base when he just started screaming bloody murder"
—Church describing Private Mickeys fate.
—Private Mickey while under attack from Tex.

Mickey is a friend of Jimmy and is the first to be slaughtered by Tex on Sidewinder. When Tex attacks him, he literally begins screaming "Bloody murder!" and randomly shooting his shotgun whilst continuously turning in a circle.

Private Jimmy

  • Armor Color: Blue
  • Voice Actor: John Ferrell
"This doesn't seem physically possible!"
—Jimmy, being beaten to death with his own skull

Jimmy is a friend of Church, who trained alongside him in addition to Tex and Wyoming. While on Sidewinder, he briefly reminisces about marrying his girlfriend after he returns home from the war, but is killed moments later by an enemy. He was killed by Tex, who rips his skull out and beats him to death with it while he complains that it should not be physically possible for her to do so. His skull appears later in the series and his death is alluded to. Jimmy also had a short appearance in the second episode of the tie-in series "Out of Mind" in a flashback.

Cecil Caboose

  • Armor Color: Blue
"Cecil, why?"

Prior to his "official" appearance, Cecil was a joke within the fan-base, made when a blue-colored soldier was partially spotted standing on top of Red Base during a scene in a high-res video. While most likely a cameraman, the fans joked that this person was Caboose's little brother, Cecil, who spent most of his life in his brother's shadow, and thus, picked up the ability to stand in plain sight while not being noticed by anyone. Upon hearing Caboose was joining the army, he decided to tag along, and pulled off his most daring feat ever: spending a whole day standing on top of Red Base with nobody noticing.

Cecil makes a more "official" appearance in this video as part of a blooper reel spawned from the timewarp-repeated scene where Caboose runs to help Church and Tucker while they were held up by Wyoming and Gamma at Red Base. In it, he runs in front of Caboose and melees him, killing him.

Ralph (A.K.A. Eyeball 3000)

"I got the job because I looked like Mr. Spark."
"Thats the lamest thing I've ever heard."
"Yep, and they even let me give tours on the weekend to earn extra money."
"Lamest thing until I just heard that."

Ralph was a Monitor that appeared in Red vs. Blue: DIY to help introduce the new Heroic Map Pack. He was first mentioned by Church when he said that a representative from Bungie was going to give him and Sarge a "VIP" tour of the new maps (as he admitted to Tucker, it was a normal tour and not "VIP"). Ralph soon arrived to meet them in Foundry, making a sound similar to beat boxing. At first he was confused for 343 Guilty Spark, as said by Grif and only then did Church mention his (Ralph's) name and no one liked his name and thus suggested others such as Richard, Super-Spark-Junior and Eyeball 3000. Eyeball 3000 was the most popular, thought of by Grif. According to Ralph, he’s 343 Guilty Spark’s “Lighting & stunt double” because they look similar.

Little is known about Ralph or his personality, as he only appears briefly and says few lines that do not revolve around an explain of the map, except that he appears to have a liking to (or at least respect for) Guilty Spark. He also quoted Bungie by saying that the maps will be available “December 11 so you can pwn all the noobs on December 26.”


  • Armor Color: Green
  • Voice Actor: Matt Hullum
"Was I there Church?"

Jenkins is a soldier who was stationed in Blood Gulch during the time of Season 1 and is a part of Blue Team. His only appearance is on the Season 5 DVD alternate endings for Episode 100. After Church wakes up from a dream sequence, Jenkins asked if he was in the dream. Apparently, Jenkins wasn't in Church's dream and explains his absence from the series.

Jenkins makes a brief return during Sarge's recollection of events regarding the blues deletion from the Freelancer computers during the first episode of Recreation, saying only one word.

Private Walter Henderson

  • Armor Color: Red

He is a private on Valhalla outpost 17-B where he had stationed about 6 months when the ship crashed. He is most likely the only survivor. His first appearance was in episode 1 of Red vs Blue: Reconstruction. He currently resides in protective custody at the Recovery Command Center, although his fate is unknown after the Meta's assault.

Lieutenant Miller

  • Armor Color: Blue with steel colored trim
"- This guy looks like a tough customer, and you're bound to get into situations you may not be prepared for. "
—Lieutenant Miller
"- Like a rodeo."
"- Now if that happens; if you find yourself in danger, or in a situation that you think something bad is going to happen to you, I just want you to remember one thing: never, EVER, come back here."
—Lieutenant Miller to Caboose

Miller is the Lieutenant in charge Blue Team at Outpost 28, "Rat's Nest". He has a southern accent, and wears a ODST helmet over a CQB body, with Mk VI shoulder pads. Caboose refers to him as "Principal Miller". At first, when Washington arrives at his outpost saying that he is taking one of his soldiers, he refuses to let him do so. When he hears that Washington is in fact there to retrieve Caboose, he is overwhelmed, even so stating upon learning this: "You're taking Caboose? And I don't have to pay you or anything like that?" and, at Washington's realization of Caboose's extent of stupidity: "You see? And he's yours now. No take-backs!". It was presumed that he was killed by the Meta at his outpost.

Private Jones

  • Voice Actor:Gavin Free
"Sir it's Jones"

Pronounced Joe-ns, Jones is a private in Outpost 28, Rat's Nest. He gets killed while setting Caboose free, who shoots Jones in the back with his pistol, claiming it's nobody's fault. Everyone at the base seems to pronounce his name wrong, pronouncing it "jo-ehn-ness", greatly to his annoyance. He has a British accent (this is because voice actor Gavin Free is from Britain). His name might be a refrence to the song 'My Name is Jonas' as the song refers to a British person who is called Jonas, a lot like how Jones is called. His accent comes into account as well.


Tubs is a Red soldier stationed at Last Resort where he has guard duty over the motor pool. His only appearance as of yet is on the Sponsor edition of Chapter 7 of Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction, although he could be the body seen lying by the Warthog in Chapter 8 when Church cautiously looks out of the room under the sniper tower before confronting the Meta.


Burke is a Red soldier stationed at Last Resort that is on guard duty on a seawall with Delario. Burke is either killed or knocked unconcious by the Meta. His only appearance as of yet is on the Sponsor edition of Chapter 7 of Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction.


"I don't complain too much! You don't complain enough! I have to complain more to keep up the average!"
—Delario to Burke

Delario is a red soldier stationed at Last Resort that is on guard duty all week. According to Burke, Delario complains too much. Delario notices Burke has changed, but it is in fact the Meta with red armor color. The Meta then kills or beats Delario unconscious. His personality resembles that of Grif, due to the fact that he is lazy and complains. His only appearance as of yet is on the Sponsor edition of Chapter 7 of Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction.


  • Armor Color: Purple

Part of a team that is working in a restricted dig sight, he is an Elite clothed in purple commando armor. Wielding a needler, his service is apparently not that uncommon as one of his teammates mentions that he has been working with aliens for some time. He appears to be killed by a plasma grenade thrown by Tucker in episode 12, but mysteriously survives the explosion. 

Smith kills Private Jones in episode 18 by hitting him with his needler after the Private disables 'Church' with a plasma pistol. However, Smith is supposedly killed when C.T. runs into and destroys the prowler which Smith and another Elite are riding in; though it is also possible that he was merely rendered unconscious as he is seen in the gang of aliens at the end of the episode.


  • Armor Color: Brown with a white trim with an EOD helmet.

C.T. is Smith's partner at the dig site. He seems to be in charge of guidance through the surrounding minefield. He also seems to become irritable very easily by Grif and Sarge, even going so far as threatening to shoot Grif if Sarge didn't tell him where Caboose went. Judging by C.T.'s stress over the concealment of his groups "excavation project", he seems to be extremely irritable as well as paranoid.

In episode 18, C.T.'s team finally gets into the temple, but his alien commrades turn on him when Private Jones shoots 'the artifact', and C.T. is forced to evacuate. He manages to evade his enemies in a jeep for a short time, killing two Elites along the way, but he is eventually stopped by a sword blow to his jeep, and instead confronts Tucker. Just as he is about to kill the blue, Tucker asks "... Who are you really? And who sent you here?", to which C.T. responds "Sorry, you'll never know."  However, Epsilon shows up at just the right moment, and accidentaly (but conviniently) activates his laser after C.T. calls him a 'thing', which angers him. C.T. is killed instantly.


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