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Sir Vyvin
Sir Vyvin
Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? Yes - The Knight's Sword
Location White Knights' Castle in Falador
Sells items? Yes
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender Male
Examine An elderly White Knight.
Notable features Armourer of the White Knights
A detailed image of Sir Vyvin.

Sir Vyvin is a non-player character that is involved in The Knight's Sword quest, his being the sword that was lost. He lives in the White Knight castle in Falador on the second floor east side in the room just above Sir Renitee. Sir Vyvin will also sell white knight equipment to anyone who has completed the Wanted! quest.

His name sounds similar to the word "surviving", most likely as an intended pun.

Knight Rankings

In order to increase your ranking, you must kill a certain number of Black Knights. You start off as a Novice at 100 kills, and as you kill more knights, you'll advance in rank. After the update on 26 November 2008, players may kill Elite Black Knights to raise their ranks.

  • No rank - 0 Black Knights
  • Novice - 100 Black Knights
  • Peon - 200 Black Knights
  • Page - 300 Black Knights
  • Noble - 500 Black Knights
  • Adept - 800 Black Knights
  • Master - 1,300 Black Knights

The game window will show your promotions such as "Congratulations you are now a White Knight Adept!" but will not report demotions or re-promotions. Players can check their rank upon clicking the Wanted! Quest Journal, with wordings of "I am currently a (Rank) White Knight."

Knight rankings can be used to obtain White Knight Equipment. Each piece of equipment requires a specific knight ranking to buy but not to wear. Pieces of White Knight Equipment can be sold back to Sir Vyvin at the same price as they were bought at.

Note: Killing white knights in both member and non-member systems will deduct your black knight kills hence degrade players' rankings.
Killing black knights in both member and non-member systems will raise your black knight kills hence raise players' rankings.

In Betrayal at Falador

Sir Vyvin was an active participant in the War of 164, advising Sir Amik Varze on how best to deal with the threat of the beast attacking Asgarnian travellers. He also helped to deal with the threat of the Kinshra under Lord Sulla. Vyvin, still very active in the knights' dealings at the time, was a regular war time advisor to Sir Amik, alongside other prominent figures such as Bhuler, Sir Tiffy Cashien, and Sir Kuam Ferentse.

Vyvin fought in the Siege of Falador, during which he was amongst the 800 cavalry to charge the Kinshra encampment north of the city. Word of the charge, already fed to Sulla by the traitorous Sir Finistere, was spread throughout the Kinshra ranks, allowing them to anticipate the attack.

Vyvin was one of very few survivors of the attack, with approximately 700 of the knights perishing at the hands of the Kinshra or goblins. Vyvin was hurt during the charge, his eye severely wounded at the hand of a Kinshra pike.

After the battle, Vyvin settled down somewhat, becoming the White Knight armourer.


  • The Message of the Week from 14 June to 20, 2009 Wise Old Man states that Sir Vyvin is still the longest lived White Knight. This is probably a pun at his name, which sounds like "surviving."
  • Like some other NPCs, Sir Vyvin can be almost perfectly cloned. Players will need leather gloves and boots, a White Platebody and Platelegs, and an eyepatch.
  • Sir Vyvin's platebody appears to have a black trim, but that armour does not exist.

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