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The following is a walkthrough for the mission Sir, Yes Sir! in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Getting the Tank

The Rhino that Juan Cortez wants is in Vice City Mainland. The Rhino is guarded by several well-armed soldiers with Patriots and Barracks OLs around the Rhino. Provoking the soldiers will make all of them attack you with their M4s and vehicles. If the Rhino reaches a warehouse in Viceport, the mission will be failed. There are three distinct ways to acquire the Rhino.

Kill, Block, or Wait

A risky way is to kill all the soldiers guarding the Rhino. This will make the driver leave the Rhino in panic. You can also kill the gunner and you will hear what's up with the gunner? At that point the driver will get out and yell "we're taking enemy fire." Which is your cue to get in.

Another way is to block their path with a car. This will make the convoy stop and one of the soldier will exit his car to remove yours. At this time the Rhino becomes unlocked.

A safe way is to wait for them at a doughnut shop in Little Havana, across the street from the Little Havana police headquarters. The convoy will stop and the driver of the Rhino will exit to grab a doughnut. The Rhino is unlocked and ready to be stolen.

Delta India Echo

A security protocol activates once you enter the Rhino. The Rhino is primed to self-destruct. Drive the Rhino to Cortez's garage in Little Havana to complete the mission.

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