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Cruentusian War

Sinyan Civil War

24,301 BBY


24,300 BBY




Nationalist Victory

Major battles

Sinyan Socialist Republic

Sinyan Nationalist Movement

"Sinyans! It's time to stand! It's time to throw our oppressors to the wayside! It's time to reclaim our freedom!"
Ken Trallar

The Sinyan Civil War was a conflict that took place on Sinya between the Sinyan Socialist Republic and the Sinyan Nationalist Movement. It occured just prior to the outbreak of the Cruentusian War. It began after a movement of socialists gained large majorities in the elections of the Sinyan Republic through fraudulent means. They then passed a bill reforming the old government into the Sinyan Socialist Republic. This sparked the creation of a large number of militant factions. It eventually escalated into a full-scale war as the rebels consolidated into the Sinyan Nationalist Movement under the command of individuals such Ken Trallar and Yen Balestone. Despite the SSR having the advantage early on, the war eventually turned in favor of the Nationalists who launched a massive offensive which ended with the fall of the capital Reshlund. Following this victory the Nationalists reformed into the Sinyan Imperium.



"And so my friends, today we welcome a new era! An era of peace, security and social justice!"
Braak Clintun declaring the reformation of the Sinyan Republic

The leading cause of the war was the results of the 24,302 BBY elections, during which a well organized group of socialists hijacked the electoral system in place at the time. This allowed for an overwhelming victory for left-wing candidates in the proceeding election. The socialists were quick to capitalize on their victory, reorganizing the Sinyan Republic into the totalitarian Sinyan Socialist Republic and putting in place measures that could be called upon to suppress anyone who opposed them. It wasn't long before people began marching in the streets to protest the actions the government was taking. The SSR did not take kindly to these protests however, and the peaceful demonstrators were met by their government with violence.

As the SSR continued to assume more and more power, many people began rallying to anti-SSR groups. Yen Balestone, a respected former politician, and Ken Trallar, a pro-democracy advocate, became major leaders among these movements. Skirmishes soon began to break out between these groups and SSR police forces as tensions escalated. Nearly a year after the elections, with violence now frequent, the leaders of these various movements and militias consolidated into the Sinyan Nationalist Movement with the intention of overthrowing the SSR.

Year one

"I want these petty rebels crushed. Gentlemen, you may use any means at your disposal."
—Braak Clintun authorizes his generals to attack the Nationalists

The war officially began with the SSR victory in the Battle of Lake Woist, during which the SSR destroyed the Nationalist's main base. Following this, the Nationalists launched an attack on the industrial city of Stahlon. The assault seemed successful at first, but turned in favor of the SSR with the arrival of their elite Shocktroops. The end result was a full Nationalist withdrawal. The Nationalists then retreated into the less-populated areas of Sinya and began a series of small hit-and-run attacks against SSR troops. Nationalist activity eventually began to diminish, and SSR leaders began to think the rebellion had fizzled out. Winter set in and for most of the remaining year the Nationalists remained hidden in the unexplored areas of Sinya.

Year two

"Our "friend" has provided us with the needed information to take the city. Gentlemen, the time has come."
—Ken Trallar during the final briefing before the Battle of Reshlund

Not long into the second year of the war, a surprise offensive was launched by Nationalist forces. This offensive quickly gained territory, capturing Etsako and Eisenval within four days. However, the assault eventually stalled and the warring factions against entered a stalemate. After months of small attacks and skirmishes, the Nationalists again launched a major strike, which captured the fortress city of Stahlon and came within miles of the capital, Reshlund. In order to save his skin from the wrath of the Nationalists, SSR General Verrater Traditore sold out important information on the capital's defenses. Traditore was allowed to "escape" in exchange and Nationalist propaganda stated that he had been killed. With the information in their possession, the Nationalists launched a full-scale assault on Reshlund which, after much bloody fighting, resulted in the death of SSR president Braak Clintun and the defeat of the SSR.


"I'm gonna miss blastin' reds with my tank. Man peace sucks."
—Joe Tylars

With Reshlund under Nationalist control, the remaining SSR forces surrendered which effectively ended the war. The Nationalists reorganized into the Sinyan Imperium despite protests from Trallar and others who supported reinstating democracy, however, most Sinyans did not want to go down the same path as they had done so before. The end result was a compromise, with a sole emperor acting as executive, but also an elected council to provide a balance of power. Yen Balestone became to first emperor of the new government and began to implement new laws that included limitations on free speech and suppression of left-wingers. Despite this, the Imperium was vastly popular during its early months although political disagreements began to bog down its effectiveness later on. Due to this, the Imperium was ill-prepared to resist when the Srav Federation demanded that Sinya be incorporated into its territory. Balestone refused the offer and the result was Sinya's entry into the bloody Cruentusian War.

Behind the scenes

The events leading up to and during the Sinyan Civil War are ment to resemble events leading up to the Spanish Civil War and other socialist election victories.


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