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Sintas Vel
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34 BBY (1)

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"I did love her."
Boba Fett, 40 ABY

Sintas Vel was a Kiffar bounty hunter, the former wife of Boba Fett, and the mother of Ailyn Vel.




Loving Boba Fett

"Her worst days were when your daughter learned how to talk, and asked where Dada was."
Gotab to Boba Fett, 40 ABY

Sintas was born on the planet of Kiffu in 34 BBY. Being born of the Kiffar species, Vel bore distinct facial markings, presumably passed down from her parents. At some point in her life, Sintas became a bounty hunter.

Sintas with Boba and their daughter, Ailyn, in a rare happy moment.

At the age of eighteen, Vel met the young bounty hunter Boba Fett on Concord Dawn. Fett and Vel were married in 16 BBY. A year later the couple had one child, Ailyn Vel. The two were together for only three years, living on Concord Dawn where Fett served as Journeyman Protector. On their wedding day, Fett gave Sintas a Kiffar Heart of Fire gemstone. When Ailyn was two years old, Fett walked out on the family after being exiled on a charge of murdering the man who raped Sintas (though he kept that fact secret), leaving Sintas to care for the child alone.

They met once more when a box containing flatpix of Fett, Sintas, and Ailyn, was stolen by Pizztov to lure Boba into a deadly trap. Boba defeated his would-be captor as well as his former flame, but allowed her to keep the box instead of destroying it as he had originally planned.


In 1 ABY, on her daughter's sixteenth birthday, Sintas decided to pursue a bounty for a large sum of credits. She was going to buy a present for her daughter, but disappeared during the job. Her daughter, Ailyn, presumed Sintas to have perished, and angrily blamed her father for the loss.

Around 40 ABY, Boba Fett's granddaughter told Fett that she knew how Sintas had died. Mirta later admitted that she lied to him, as part of Ailyn's trap to lure Boba to her so that both Ailyn and Mirta could kill him in revenge for what had happened to Sintas.

After Ailyn had died, she was buried with half of her mother's Heart of Fire pendant, with Mirta keeping the other half. Mirta and Boba then set out to find out what happened to Sintas. Boba asked Mirta if she could read the stone due to her partial Kiffu heritage, but was disappointed that she could not. The pair eventually sought out a full-blooded Kiffar to read the stone to see if they could find any clues to Sintas's last moments. Through the information Gotab gave them, they found out that Sintas had been captured and encased in carbonite by a gangster named Rezodar on the planet Phaeda. The carbonite slab containing Sintas had been sitting in storage on Pheada for almost forty years, and Boba and Mirta made arrangements to have her released from lockup.

Boba and Mirta then retrieved the carbonited Sintas and took her to Mandalore, where Fett's doctor, Dr. Beluine, helped release her from the carbonite. When she was out, she was temporarily delusional and suffered from sight and memory loss. After some time, Jaina Solo, who had come to Mandalore to receive training from Fett, got the former Jedi Gotab (aka Bardan Jusik), who had become a Mandalorian, to heal Sintas. He was able to repair the damage and give Sintas her sight and memory back.

After Mirta's wedding and the day after her healing, Sintas told Boba she had no hard feelings, and Boba gave her a new Heart of Fire pendant that contained his memories from the time he had left her. He also gave her an envelope containing bank account numbers and other codes to obtain property Fett owned so that Sintas would never have to bounty hunt again.



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