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Written by  Joe Raposo
Music by 
Lyrics by 
Date  1970
Publisher  Jonico Music, Inc.
Olivia sings "Sing" while Linda signs.
Earliest Known Appearance:
Episode 0273
Celebrity montage, Street version, 1:50
Celebrity montage, DVD version, 1:40
Celebrity montage, Sing! tribute, 2:35

"Sing" was written for the first season of Sesame Street. It has been sung countless times on the show, with many different singers. Some versions have included the lyrics in both English and Spanish (the latter written by Emilio Delgado). Like "Bein' Green," it too has become an American standard. The song as covered by The Carpenters reached number 3 on the Billboard pop charts in 1973.[1]


Muppet/Sesame Street versions

Sesame Street and specials

  • "Sing" has closed many anniversary specials, including Sesame Street: 20 and Still Counting (performed by the entire cast), Sesame Street's All-Star 25th Birthday: Stars and Street Forever (sung by the cast and celebrity guests), and Sesame Street's 25th Birthday: A Musical Celebration (performed by Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the kids, and the cast).

Sesame-related performances

The Muppet Show and specials

Non-Muppet performances

  • The Carpenters recorded a cover of this song, which became a top 40 hit, reaching #3 on the Billboard top 100.
  • It has also been recorded by a diverse group of artists including The Boston Pops with Arthur Fiedler conducting, Ray Conniff, Perry Como, the Dixie Chicks, and Johnny Mathis.
  • Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) and the cast in the That '70s Show episode "Rock Opera"
  • The song was performed by the New Zealand singer Wing on an episode of South Park which was also titled "Wing."
  • Tony Award winner Kristin Chenoweth recently performed a version with specially written holiday lyrics on her album A Lovely Way to Spend Christmas.
  • Christopher Knight (as Peter Brady) sang the song with a puppet named Collette on The Brady Bunch Variety Hour (1977).
  • Emilio Delgado (Luis) guests on the CD "Splendor in the Grass", singing "Sing" with China Forbes from the band Pink Martini.[1]



Book appearances

Lyrics for this song are included in Sesame Street Unpaved.


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  2. The Street We Live On timeline, broadcast version

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Final Fantasy

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Sing in the DS version of Final Fantasy IV.

Sing, also known as Bardsong, is a command ability usually associated with the Bard Job class.



Final Fantasy III

Sing is usable only by the Bard Job class. Each of the Harps gives a different ability to the Bard.

Song Description
Minne Raises Defense.
Minuet Improves Strength.
Requiem Deals damage equal to a percentage of the enemy's HP.
Paeon Restores a small amount of HP.
Elegy Raises Magic Defense.

Final Fantasy IV

Edward is the only character with the ability to Sing. In the DS version, Edward learns several new songs, as well as those listed above. Other characters can also access the Bardsong command as long as they have the Bardsong Augment Ability equipped.

Song Description
Lullaby Puts enemies to sleep.
Alluring Air Confuses enemies.
Toadsong Casts Toad on enemies.
Requiem Allows the spirits in Edward's Lunar Trial to rest. (Only while the Requiem Harp is equipped. This appears only in the GBA version).
Life's Anthem Acts like Regen on the whole party for a while (DS version only).
Hero's Rime Increases all stats of the party by 10% (DS version only).
Silent Verse Silences all enemies (DS version only).
Hog call Casts Pig on all enemies (DS version only).
Hastemarch Causes all party members' ATB gauges to fill extremely quickly (DS version only).

Final Fantasy V

Sing is the level 3 ability of the Bard Job class, as well as their default Job command. Each song is acquired after Bartz played a piano found all over the three worlds.

Song Description
Sinewy Etude Raises party's Strength.
Mana's Paean Raises party's Magic.
Swift Song Raises party's Speed.
Mighty March Casts Regen on party.
Hero's Rime Raises party's level to a maximum of 255.
Requiem Damages undead.
Romeo's Ballad Stops enemies for a few turns.
Alluring Air Confuse on all enemies.

Final Fantasy X-2

Sing is usable by the Songstress Dressphere. All of its abilities are to raise the party's stats.

Song Description
Battle Cry Raises party's Strength.
Cantus Firmus Raises party's Defense.
Esoteric Melody Raises party's Magic power.
Disenchant Raises party's Magic Defense.
Perfect Pitch Raises party's Accuracy.
Matador's Song Raises party's Evasion.

Final Fantasy XI

Main article: Singing

Singing's effect is boosted by Soul Voice, its duration is boosted by Troubadour, and its casting time is reduced by Nightingale.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Sing is the command ability of the Bard Job class.

Seraph Song/Angel Song Restores MP.
Life's Anthem/Life Song Restores HP.
Rousing Melody/Cheer Song Speed Up.
Battle Chant/Battle Song PA up.
Magickal Refrain/Magic Song MA up.
Nameless Song Casts Reraise, Regen, Protect, Shell, and Haste.
Finale/Last Song CT goes to 100.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Song is the skillset for the Bard Job class, which could only be used by Hurdy.

Skill Description
Requiem Deals heavy damage to the undead. Also exorcises undead that have 0 HP.
Hide Turns user Invisible.
Angelsong Grants Regen to an ally.
Battle Chant Raises Defense of the target.
Magickal Refrain Raises Magick Defense of the target.
Nameless Song Grants a random positive status to all in an area.
Magick Ballad Restores 10 MP in an area.
Soul Etude Restores HP and status in an area.


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Sing could refer to:

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