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DC Comics

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[[Image:|200px|center|Sin (New Earth)]]
Real Name

Associate of the Birds of Prey

Dinah Laurel Lance (adoptive mother/guardian)


Base Of Operations
The Himalayas; formerly Star City; formerly Metropolis



Marital Status


Enrolled at special boarding school for troubled students; education incomplete

First appearance



Sin has been trained by the League of Assassins to one day take the place of the infamous Lady Shiva. Black Canary took Sin under her wing, and left her teammates the Birds of Prey in the hopes of raising her as a daughter. She relocated to Star City in the hopes that those who might come after Sin would never find them, but this plan proved fruitless. The League enlisted the aid of Merlyn who abducted Sin and prepared to smuggle her out of the United States. Green Arrow and his sidekick Speedy assisted Dinah in stopping Merlyn, but to do so, they had to fake Sin's death. Green Arrow then arranged to have Sin taken to a remote mountain area where the League could never find her.

Powers and Abilities


Despite her youth, Sin is an expertly trained martial artist and can hold her own against most enemy combatants. She is also quite skillful at playing the Pokemon trading card game. [1]

Strength level

Sin possesses the strength level of a child her age, size and weight who engages in intensive regular exercise.

See Also

Links and References

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Final Fantasy

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A full view of Sin.
"We called it 'Sin.'"
— Auron

Sin (シン shin) is a gargantuan whale-like beast which threatens the world of Spira in Final Fantasy X. It was given the name by the people of Spira who believed that the beast was created by the sins of their forefathers due to their use of technology and Machina, which culminated in the Machina War between Bevelle and Zanarkand. It is the primary antagonist throughout the storyline of Final Fantasy X. It's signature attack is a huge gravity attack shot from its "mouth" known as "Giga-Graviton", along with a few lesser Gravity based attacks.



Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)


For one thousand years, Sin had roamed Spira with one purpose: to bring destruction to technology. Sin was discovered to be the armor of Yu Yevon by Yuna and her guardians. For countless generations, there was only one known way of destroying Sin: A Summoner had to go on a pilgrimage to the ruined city of Zanarkand. There, the summoner would offer one of his or her guardians to Lady Yunalesca (an unsent who was the first summoner to defeat Sin), so he or she may forge the guardian into a powerful aeon known as the Final Aeon, one with enough power to destroy Sin. But there was a flaw: Although the outer shell that is Sin would be destroyed, Yu Yevon would possess the final aeon to create a new Sin consisting of the soul of the sacrificed guardian as its core. A period of time would then pass where this "baby Sin" would grow and not threaten the citizens of Spira. This period, which is variable in length, is known as the Calm.

A side image of Sin as drawn by Yoshitaka Amano.

The people of Spira, however, were deceived into believing that Sin was created to punish the world for the sins they committed, and that it would only die when the world repented for all of its sins. According to Yunalesca, this was done to give the people hope that Sin would eventually go away, since she believed that the Final Aeon was the only way to defeat it.

Additionally, the summoner dies after destroying Sin. Contrary to popular belief, this is caused not by the Final Aeon itself attacking the summoner (as claimed by Rikku) but by the fact that a summoner must give his or her very life energy to evoke the Final Aeon into being. It was also believed that it may be the actual possession of the Final Aeon by Yu Yevon. The strong mind link the summoner and the final aeon share is instantly severed, which is the act that results in the death of the summoner. This is supported by the summoning of Anima by Seymour Guado during the blitzball tournament in Luca with no ill effects. Seymour desired to use this to his advantage by attempting to wed Yuna so that when they reached Zanarkand, Yuna would make him the fayth of the final aeon and eventually Sin. By doing this, Seymour could "end" the suffering of Spira by destroying all of its inhabitants.


A frontal image of Sin as drawn by Yoshitaka Amano.

High Summoner Braska, accompanied by his Guardians Jecht and Auron, were the latest in a line of summoners who completed the final summoning and destroyed Sin. Braska used Jecht for the Fayth in the Final Summoning, in effect turning Jecht into the new incarnation of Sin. After the traditional period of Calm, Sin returned to wreak havoc on Spira. A new generation of summoners assembled and began their respective pilgrimages to Zanarkand. One of the summoners was Braska's daughter Yuna. Meanwhile, the Al Bhed attempted to create machina that would defeat Sin, allying themselves for the first time with the organization of warriors against Sin — the Crusaders, though they were excommunicated for the alliance. Their cooperative attack, known as Operation Mi'ihen, was an utter failure, and many of both the Crusaders and the Al Bhed were killed. Sin overpowered the machina and destroyed it, and the Crusaders who weren't slain battling the Sinspawn were disintegrated by Sin's ultimate attack.

Sin faces off against the airship.

Yuna and her guardians, including Tidus, meanwhile uncovered the plots of Seymour. When Yunalesca revealed the true nature of the Final Summoning, the party decided to aim for an endless Calm by killing Sin's core, Yu Yevon, once and for all. Yuna led her guardians inside Sin after incapacitating its outer defenses, and they met and defeated the embodiment of Jecht, releasing Yu Yevon. After possessing each of Yuna's aeons, Yu Yevon runs out of body shields and is forced to confront the party face-to-face (figuratively, as his "face" in this form is a glowing Yevon glyph). After being defeated, Sin is permanently destroyed and the Eternal Calm starts.


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Various parts of are are fought as bosses throughout the game.


Main article: Sinspawn

Sin could create smaller creatures, Sinspawn, from its outer layer. Coming in a variety of shapes and levels of power, the Sinspawn cause trouble for any person that crosses them until Sin arrives and reabsorbs them.

  • Sinscales: Generic Sinspawn.
  • Ammes: A Sea Anemone-like Sinspawn.
  • Echuilles: A Jellyfish-like Sinspawn.
  • Geneaux: A Sinspawn found at the entrance of Kilika Temple, hiding inside a tough shell.
  • Gui: A Fusion of various Sinspawn gathered by the Crusaders for Operation Mi'ihen.
  • Genais: The absolute strongest Sinspawn, with the same shape as Geneaux.

Within Sin

Inside Sin

When Sin's armor is penetrated in the final events of Final Fantasy X, the party passes through several areas in order to reach the final stronghold of Yu Yevon:

  • Sea of Sorrow - A haunting, red-tinged sea winding through the landscape, it is traversed through a series of waterfalls and watering blue platforms.
  • Garden of Pain - A series of steps leading to a platform, it is where the battle with Seymour Omnis takes place. Once he has been defeated, this area is bypassed on all subsequent trips through Sin. However, the staves will remain.
  • City of Dying Dreams - A maze of moving platforms and teleport glyphs which must be navigated. Various side paths lead to treasure chests containing weapons and items.
  • Tower of The Dead - As the player approaches what appears to be an exit to the city, a large metal tower descends and blocks their path. Examining a glyph on the side of the tower teleports them to the next area.
  • The Nucleus - A surreal environment of crystaline floors and walls; the goal is to touch the colored crystal orbs which moves around the tower at random. The camera angle is always moving, adding to the disorientation. Touching 10 crystals transports you to the next area, but touching the icicles which sprout from the floor will cause a battle to begin.
  • Dream's End - A ruined version of Zanarkand's Blitzball stadium with a platform leading to the center of the arena. Here the party meets Jecht and fights Braska's Final Aeon. When it has been defeated, Yu Yevon reveals himself, searching for a new Aeon to possess.

Enemy formations

Other Appearances

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Dream's End in Dissidia

The Dream's End area from inside Sin is the representative arena of Final Fantasy X in Dissidia. Unlike most arenas in Dissidia, Dream's End is only used for the two fights against Jecht : one in Tidus' storyline and the other in Shade Impulse. Furthermore, no other bosses are fought here, and a handful of cutscenes also play out here, including Firion and the Onion Knight's conversations with Cosmos.

Dream's End is identical to its original counterpart, a ruined arena surrounding a circular platform over a field of lava. A massive replica of Jecht's sword appears on the central platform, much like after defeating Braska's Final Aeon in the original game. In the alternate version of the stage the Brave pool increases everytime a character guards, dodges, or lands an attack on someone's Brave. When landing an attack the Brave pool increase will be equivalent to the amount of damage the attack did.


Sin's name in both Japanese and English is a reference to religious concept of "sinning," willfully committing an act against one's religion. The name is also tied to the Semite moon god "Sin," also worshipped in Sumeria as Nanna.



  • The final area of Sin, Dream's End, is actually visible in the opening moments of the game. Once the player fights through the first few battles, they are teleported to Dream's End, where a vision of Jecht stands in the central platform, and a cutscene begins when the player approaches it.
  • Sin's toxin may not be as bad as the game makes it seem. At one point in FFX, all of the major party members lands on his back for several minutes and do not seem to suffer ill effects regarding their memory or health (although it is never explained how or why Sin transported them to Bikanel Island, though it can be assumed Sin transported the party via similar means to its moving Tidus from the Al Bhed ship to Besaid Island).
  • Soon after the game's release and Sin was revealed to be a Aeon with a Fayth, there was a short-lived rumor that there was a way to gain Sin as a playable Aeon in the game. However, this theory was obviously proven false, and did not gain the same amount of fame as the General Leo or Aerith Gainsborough rumors had received.

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Guild Wars

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This article is about the profession Assassin. For the enemy, see Assassin (monster).
A female Assassin in Luxon armor

The Assassin is a ninja-themed profession introduced in Guild Wars Factions. Complemented by their primary attribute, Assassins are capable of dealing large amounts of damage in quick, short periods of time. As its name suggests, Critical Strikes increases the Assassin's chance to inflict a critical hit. Furthermore, successive points in Dagger Mastery increase their chances to double strike - that is, hitting a target twice in one attack. Despite being lightly armored, Assassins possess several self-enhancing skills that increase the chance to block. The Assassin's key ability is the Shadow Step. As the name implies, it allows them to quickly move in and out of battle through instantaneously teleporting to a target, friend or foe. Relying on luck and illusion, the patron goddess of Assassins is Lyssa, though dealing in death they also have ties to Grenth.

Assassins are very vulnerable to damage due to their weak armor. You should never charge into the middle of a fight but rather look for key foes such as Mesmers that may shut down your Monk. Assassins focus on killing their enemies quickly before they have a chance to mount a counter-assault, even more so if you attract the attention of their Monk. While an Assassin should focus on causing damage, some healing skills are required such as Way of Perfection or defensive skills such as Critical Defenses to stay alive. If things go bad, escaping from battle is advised by using protective buffs such as Shroud of Distress or Feigned Neutrality. However, Assassins are key to some of the most powerful groups, as dealing hard, swift strikes allows for an easy run.

The primary Assassin's base armor provides 70 armor, +5 energy, and +2 energy recovery. A starting primary Assassin begins with 25 base energy and 4 energy recovery.

The Assassin's primary attribute is Critical Strikes, which increases its critical hit rates.

Dagger Attack Chains

All Assassin dagger skills chain into a combo - certain attacks must follow other attacks.

  1. A lead attack can be made at anytime. If a lead attack is successful, a slash mark Image:LeadAttack.png will appear on your opponent's health bar.
  2. An off-hand attack usually requires a lead attack mark on the target. If an off-hand attack is successful, a cross mark Image:OffHand.png will appear on your opponent's health bar.
  3. A dual attack usually requires an off-hand attack mark on the target. If a dual attack is successful, a starburst mark Image:DualAttack.png will appear on your opponent's health bar.

The next attack skill in the sequence must hit before the required mark fades. Each mark lasts for about twenty seconds from when it is given. Normal attacks and/or other skills may be used in between without interrupting the attack sequence.

If a successful attack hits, it will reset the sequence with its position in the chain. That is, if a lead attack hits a target who is already marked by an off-hand attack Image:OffHand.png, it will reset the target's status back to a lead attack Image:LeadAttack.png.

If a dagger attack skill is used out of sequence, the skill consumes energy as normal, but the attack misses and recharges instantly. Since out-of-sequence attack skills always miss, they have no effect on the skill chain.

Some off-hand and dual attacks have exceptions to this chain, such as Falling Spider, which is an off-hand attack that must hit a knocked down foe, but does not need to follow a lead attack. Some non-attack skills and spells act as lead or off-hand attacks like Dancing Daggers. Other skills must follow lead-, off-hand- or dual attacks, such as Blinding Powder or Impale.

For more help on dagger chains, see the quick reference for Assassin chain attacks.

Skill chains are crucial to the Assassin's damage; since daggers have the lowest damage of any weapon in the game (7-17 maximum damage), even their blazing attack speed (from double strikes and a high critical hit rate from Critical Strikes) will result in little more than pinpricks of damage against any but the weakest foes. However, the Assassin shines in the armor-ignoring bonus damage granted by attack skills, most notably dual attacks as any bonus damage they do is doubled - assuming both attacks successfully hit. Many players who are new to the Assassin class focus more on their high critical hit rate (an understandable fixation, given how much critical hits hurt when used with, say, hammers or scythes), and thus overload their skill bars with defensive shadow steps or other trickery, relying solely on their critical hits and natural attack speed to deal damage.


  • Critical Strikes (primary attribute): For each rank in Critical Strikes, your chance for critical hits increases by 1%, and you gain 1 energy for 3 ranks or above, 2 energy for 8 ranks or above, or 3 energy at 13 ranks or above each time you successfully land a critical hit.
  • Dagger Mastery: With a skill list of rapid chain attacks, Daggery Mastery increases the damage you do with daggers and the chance to inflict a critical hit with daggers. Each rank also increases your chance to double strike by 2%.
  • Deadly Arts: With an ensnaring skill list, Deadly Arts increases the effectiveness of hexes that make enemies more vulnerable to your attacks.
  • Shadow Arts: With a defensive skill list, Shadow Arts increases the effectiveness of self-augmentative and shadow-stepping spells.

Profession Combinations

see Secondary professions for an Assassin

Related Articles


  • For various reasons, it was sometimes difficult for Assassins to be able to get into PvE PUGs. When the class was new, many new players attempted to make Assassins and play them as tanks, giving the profession a negative reputation which has followed it for its entire history. However, due to various buffs, especially the Sunspear PvE only skill, Critical Agility, this is no longer the case.
  • Assassin henchmen tend to be the first dead in battle. This is because of all the classes, Assassins require the most "organization." The order in which skills are used, as well as the timing of movement and proximity to foes, conveys concepts impossible for henchmen AI to properly handle. For this reason, the majority of players who use Assassin heroes tend to have them play builds centered around the combination of Critical Strikes and another weapon: usually a bow (using Barrage) or a scythe (using Wounding Strike).
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Real Name Sin Micheal Smith
Ring Name(s) Sin
Height 6 ft 1 in
Weight 237 lbs
Born September 8, 1981 (26)
Hometown Patterson, NJ.
Billed From New Jersey
Trained By Jason Knight
Current Federations

Championship Wrestling Federation|CWF

Wrestling Debut 2006

Sin Smith,better known as "Sin", is a American professional wrestler. He is currently working in the Championship Wrestling Federation.



Born in the streets of New Jersey, Sin never had a decent childhood. In a family of alcoholics, Sin found confort in street fighting, and boxing. By the age of 14, Sin had

Championship Wrestling Federation

Sin made his CWF debut as the unrluely, boyfriend of Alexis-Michelle.

Wrestlers Managed By Sin

Entrance Music

  • "Rapture" By HURT

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • '
    • '
  • Signature Moves

Personal Life

Championships & Accomplishments

  • CWF Tag Team Champion - With Syphon. (2007)

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Marvel Database

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For other uses, see Sin (disambiguation).

Sin was the violation of religious laws. According to Sacred Way doctrine, sin was always punished with retribution.


  • Star Wars 7: New Planets, New Perils

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