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Simon Priest was a human male who served as a first lieutenant in the Starfleet Marine Corps in the 2370s.

Priest entered the Marines at the age of 18 and went on to serve on the Iwo Jima-class USS Panther during numerous campaigns during the Dominion War, participating in battles in the Chin'toka system, Sarpeidon, and a dozen other planets. At the conclusion of the war, Priest was promoted to first lieutenant and was granted command of a platoon of thirty men aboard the Panther.

In mid-2376, the Panther was assigned to land their marines on the surface of Kora II to assist the crew of the USS Daedalus in staving off a Borg invasion of the planet via a Iconian gateway. While preparing for the attack, Priest became attracted to Daedalus operations officer, Jessica Cruz, and a romantic involvement quickly developed, as they became pinned down in the colony's administrative building.

Unfortunately, Priest and several of his comrades met their demise as they launched a successful attempt to break through the Borg drones surrounding the building. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "Resistance"; "Resistance II")

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