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"The Father watch over you, child."
—Simon Penn-Lachish

Simon Penn-Lachish (シモン・ペン・ラキシュ Shimon Pen Rakishu), also known as Simon Pen Rakshu, 77, is a non-player character in Final Fantasy Tactics. Head of the Orbonne Monastery, Simon is known to be a devout follower of the Church of Glabados. He is known to have cared for Alma Beoulve and Princess Ovelia.




Early Life

Initially, Simon is part of the Pagan Examiner for the Church. A high-ranking official, Simon quits from his rank and moved away from the church after an unknown incident. Preferring a hermit's life, Simon moved into Orbonne Monastery and spent most of his time reading the books kept at the monastery's large library.


It was at this monastery that Simon found the Scriptures of Germonique. Intrigued by the contents of the text, which prescribes the unknown life of the prominent religious figure known as Saint Ajora Glabados, Simon became obsessed of dissecting and understanding the whole scripture, coming into realization that the text was kept hidden deep within the Monastery's library because it tells the whole truth of Ajora.


At one time, Princess Ovelia was sent to Orbonne to learn from Simon. Along with it, Simon received the Virgo Zodiac Stone as proof of her birthright. Simon gave all his heart out into teaching Ovelia about the religion.


During the War of the Lions, Knights Templar of the Church stormed the monastery and trespassed into the deep library. In the fighting that followed, Simon was murdered by the Knights. In his dying moment, however, he managed to pass the Scriptures of Germonique to Ramza.

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