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General Simon Barnaky
race: Human / Brain Bot
affiliation: Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel / Calculator
role: Leader
location: Bunker Alpha
Bunker Beta
St. Louis
Scott City
Calculator's Lair
family: Maria Barnaky - wife
appearances: Fallout Tactics
missions: St. Louis
Scott City
Calculator's Lair
SPECIAL: 8 ST, 5 PE, 6 EN, 4 CH, 6 IN, 7 AG, 4 LK
tag skills: Big Guns (202%)
Energy Weapons (36%)
Unarmed (160%)
actor: R. Lee Ermey
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

General Simon Barnaky was the leader of the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel, one of the original rebellious young paladins who disagreed with the Brotherhood's ways, and wanted to bring BOS technology to the outside world.



However, the general wasn't a noble knight seeking to bring justice and peace to the wastes - he loathed none-prime humans, including tribals and ghouls, evident in his statements about their apparent impurity.

His disdain for those "primates" was apparent in his initial dealings with the Warrior, who was originally a tribal before joining the Brotherhood. However, as the Warrior continued to succeed in the most desperate of missions, he began to genuinely respect and trust the former Tribal, though he was none too happy about the Warrior encouraging Intelligent Deathclaws and Super Mutants to join the Brotherhood (although he recognized that this would strenghten the Brotherhood, at least potentially - and didn't dare to go against the Elders' wishes).

He had a wife called Maria. General is dedicating his whole life to her, keeping a promise to clean the land from impure mutations and monsters, allowing normal humans to progress.

In 2198, he was taken prisoner by Gammorin/Latham's super mutant forces in St. Louis. The convoy with the captured general was intercepted by Calculator's robots and he taken to Scott City. There, after torture and experimentation, his brain was extracted. However, his brain was not merely used for information gathering.

General Barnaky probably sees the power of the Calculator as the humanity and his own last chance to bring a new order to the wastes. Being now only a brain with pair of eyes he ignored the fact that Calculator is corrupted and exterminates all life, knowing only that his "pacification protocol" is able to bring death to mutant abominations. Calculator relocated him to Vault 0 and put his brain into a humanoid Brain Bot.

The new form

While the General's brain becomes a part of Brain Bot and thus an organic spare part, he is allowed to retain his consiousness along with new programming. Simon Barnaky becomes the Calculator's protector and advisor, an enemy and betrayer to his brotherhood comrades, whom he now believed to be corrupted by genetic mutation. His position in Brotherhood was filled in by field promoted general Dekker.

While his body and the fact of his brain's absence was discovered in Scott City, the truth about his alliance with the Calculator is revealed only in the end of game, where the Warrior encounters him guarding the Calculator. Barnaky is very confident in his and his master's goals, believing the Calculator's way to be the best for the wasteland and considering his new form as a step forward to his dreams.

Barnaky's Fate

There are three possible ways the General's story could end.

  • Depending on how the player chooses to deal with him, he could come back to his senses after the Warrior reminds him of his wife using his locket or his holotape. Now Barnaky becomes scared of his betrayal, his new form and human extermination. After this, the Warrior could put his brain into the Calculator, which then takes on a pro-Prime Human mentality and begins to restore mankind to it's prior glory at the cost of all mutated beings and Super Mutants being hunted down and chased back to the West Coast.
  • He could be destroyed while fighting the Warrior.
  • His fate if the Warrior saved him then decided to sacrifice himself to become one with the Calculator is not known, though it could be assumed he becomes the guardian of the Warrior/Calculator, or is executed by the Brotherhood.

According to Rothchild in Fallout 3, the canonical ending of the game is the slow downfall of the Brotherhood which could be a result of the destruction of Calculator, so it could be asumed that Simon Barnaky's canonical fate is death by the hand of Warrior.

Appearances in games

Simon Barnaky appears only in Fallout Tactics, where he was voiced by R. Lee Ermey. He gives the player his missions during first and second chapters of the game. In the end, he appears as boss before the Calculator. His first name is mentioned only in his holodisk letter to his wife, the text of which is not available in the game itself, but can be found in mission files.

Behind the scenes

  • General Barnaky is the name of the general whose house is broken into by Bill Murray & Harold Ramis in Stripes.
  • General Barnaky is voiced by the ever-popular R. Lee Ermey, who is famous for his numerous roles as military veterans, foremost among them Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann from Full Metal Jacket.
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