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Silvio Manfredi (Earth-616)
Real Name
Silvio Manfredi
Current Alias

Supreme Hydra


The Manfredi family of Maggia and former Supreme Hydra of an important segment of Hydra based in the United States

Catherine Manfredi (wife, deceased); Joseph Manfredi (son, a.k.a. Blackwing and Joe Silvermane). TV series Spider-Man (1994) adds a daughter called Alisha Silvermane


Base Of Operations
New York City


6' 2" (as Silvio Manfredi), and
7' (as Silvermane cyborg)

195 lbs (89 kg) (as Silvio Manfredi), and
440 lbs (as Silvermane cyborg)

Blue(as Silvio Manfredi), and Grey (as Silvermane cyborg)

Silver, (as Silvio Manfredi), and None (as Silvermane cyborg)

Unusual Features
None (as Silvio Manfredi),
Partially internal organs revealed by cybernetic body (as Silvermane cyborg)


Marital Status

Crime broker and master mind

Place of Birth

First appearance



Silvio Manfredi was born in Italy but, as a child, his family emigrated to the United States. The Manfredis settled in Little Italy, Manhattan.

As a teenager, Silvio Manfredi joined a criminal union known as Maggia. He quickly showed his cunning and superior fighting skills, which would allow him to be promoted as an adult. Manfredi was the head of a "family" (a group of people belonging to Maggia and related to Manfredi not by blood or marriage, but by loyalty). He resorted to gang wars to increase the power of the Manfredi family. In the process, he also increased the power of Maggia as a whole, which was of the liking of Manfredi's superiors.

Probably as a crime lord, Manfredi married a woman named Catherine and fathered a son, Joseph. It was also at this time that the Manfredi family provided graft to a corrupt cop named Kenner.

Due to a tax evasion, Manfredi was sent to prison, where he remained for a long time. During his sentence, the power of the Manfredi family decreased and Manfredi's rivals gained control over his terrain. Particularly, Kingpin became the most power crimelord in New York City. Manfredi came to consider Kingpin his own personal enemy, although Kingpin was never worried about Manfredi.

When Manfredi finally got out of jail, he met and allied with a younger maggioso, racketeer Dominic Tyrone, who became Manfredi's best friend. Together, Tyrone and Manfredi violently recovered the control over the Manfredi family, and turned it into the main criminal organization of the east coast.

Twenty years ago, however, Manfredi decided that Tyrone had survived his utility. A hired thug came from an alley and damaged Tyrone's spine with a blackjack blow at the base of his skull, then dumped him into a lake to die. However, Tyrone would survive, and will try to get his revenge.

Being fortyish, Manfredi's hair became white, which led to the nickname he came to accept: "Silvermane."

He also began to deal in drugs, importing and distributing illegally this product. He worked for years doing this until he noticed he was growing older and his health was not good at all. Fearing for his life, he began to look for means to recover his youth.

He heard of an ancient tablet with the formula of a mystic re-youthment serum. An eighty-year-old Silvermane found the tablet. He then kidnapped Dr. Curtis Connors, threatened his family and forced him to prepare the serum. He finally drank the serum, which made him grow young again until before his own birth! However, mystically, he aged until he was 39 after that.

This same day, representatives of Hydra with bases in the United States were trying to reform Hydra into a less ideological and more business-oriented organization. They asked Manfredi to became their new Supreme Hydra. He agreed, but only if could retain control of his Maggia family. Thus, he used Hydra resources against his Maggia enemies, and vice versa. In the process, Silvermane turned his Hydra group into a well-organized and equipped fighting force. He also hired his son Joseph (a Maggioso) as his personal aide. Joseph, in turn, used Hydra techonology to create a secret identity as Blackwing.

However, Silvermane was out of his field as Supreme Hydra. Nick Fury and SHIELD defeated Silvermane and his Hydra. Hydra's highest bosses decided to do without Silvermane; however, they did not execute Silvermane because of his contacts with Maggia. Thus, Silvermane returned to the Maggia; Joseph went with him, relinquishing his identity as Blackwing.

During a time, Silvermane hired different criminals, including Hammerhead.

In his following greatest scheme, Silvermane tried to re-organize all of the criminal gangs of New York City, under the leadership of his Maggia family. He found opposition in the third Green Goblin, who also wanted the lead. Silvermane and the Green Goblin fought, and Spider-Man tried to interfere. Due to this, Silvermane fell from a great height, apparently to his death.

However, Silvermane survived, probably because of the serum he had drank. Anyhow, he was shot by another criminal, the Rapier. Silvermane survived this attempt, but was confined to a bed and a life support system. Also, the shock caused a bio-chemical reaction that expelled the serum, and suddenly Silvermane was again an eighty-year-old man. He was such a powerful crime lord, that he kept the control of his gang even from bed.

Silvermane disembodied

Crimefighters Cloak and Dagger decided that they dispised Silvermane because of his role in illegal drug trafficking in New York City. Dagger attacked Silvermane and almost killed him using her powers. However, doctors saved Silvermane's life by transporting his brain, most of his head and many organs to a robotic body that would also provide him with super-human strength.

Silvermane, suddenly mobile, began looking for Cloak and Dagger to get revenge, and in the process he also fought Spider-Man again. Dagger's powers short circuited Silvermane's cyborg body and made her absorb his life force. Silvermane fell, clinically dead.

The cyborg body had special mechanism that kept Silvermane alive long enough for doctors to revive him. Kingpin, Silvermane's old enemy, managed to get the body and made some scientist in his employ erase Silvermane's memory so he could be revived, but only as a mindless, obedient, robotic killer.

However, Silvermane had a psychic bond with Dagger, which allowed Silvermane to retain energy from his lost life force. Thus, Silvermane could resist Kingpin's orders and instead he searched for Dagger, trying to recover his life force. To stop the killing machine, Dagger gave him his life force. Then, Silvermane again had his life and consciousness, and left.

Silvermane has also tried to boost his powers by harvesting parts from super-human bodies, including Spider-Man's, but has always failed. He is still an active boss of the Maggia.


  • In the Ultimate Universe, the Daily Bugle mentions Silvermane as a man called "Allan Silvermane", although later, in the same comic, Kingpin refers to him as Silvio Manfredi.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man, Silvermane appears only briefly: With Kingpin lying low due to legal problems, Silvermane tries to form an alliance with Hammerhead to get the throne as a duumvirate. Silvermane mentions that all Hammerhead needed to be great was "a little up here" (referring to his intelligence). Hammerhead felt insulted and wanted the power to himself: He snapped Silvermane's neck and said "I think I got enough up here already." Notice that, in the main Marvel Universe, Silvermane had hired Hammerhead as a thug on occasion.
  • In Ultimate X-Men, Silvermane is mentioned as the leader of a mob including Hammerhead, and that Silvermane was in debt with Nathaniel Essex.

Appearances in other media

Silvermane (with Tombstone) in the TV series

Silvermane appears in Spiderman (1994 series) as an intelligent crime lord without any superhuman powers, but a hated rival of Kingpin. In the series, he is the father of Alisha Silvermane, but there is no menction to his son Joseph. There is no menction either to his real name as Silvio Manfredi.

In this series, Silvermane is obsessed with the secret of youth and immortality, although the plot explains that he never had a happy or even normal childhood. Silvermane, as in the comics, gets the Tablet of Time. He then uses Alisha to infiltrate in Dr. Curt Connors' research; she does so using the alias of Alisha Silvers, and then she manages to kidnap Connors and his wife. Contrary to the comics, the Tablet is not a formula for a bio-chemical compound, but a radioactive artifact that, when activated by the proper sunlight, bathes Silvermane in green light and transforms him into a young man who fights the Lizard (Connors' alter ego) and then, into a baby. The Lizard's body reacts differently to the radiation and he becomes human again.

Soon afterwards, Hammerhead, working for the Kingpin, steals the Tablet (although Connors wanted to use it to stabilize Spider-Man's mutations), but Kingpin, due to personal problems, orders Hammerhead to get rid of the Tablet. Hammerhead then sends the Tablet to an old man, presumibly The Vulture, who would use the Tablet and transform back and forth in age uncontrolably.

We would later discover that "Baby" Silvermane had retained his adult intellect and, working alongside Alisha, hires Alistair Smythe to kidnap Spider-Man's friend and associate the Black Cat and then blackmail Spider-Man to kidnap the Scorpion. "Baby Silvermane" wanted to use gentically-mutated Scorpion to combine his genetic structure with that of a scorpion, and then swap bodies with Spider-Man.

However, the Scorpion was trying to go straight alongside the Vulture, one of the originators of his own mutations. The Vulture wanted to use Silvermane's lab to become young again and forever. During the neo-genic transfer, the Vulture attacked and this allowed Spider-Man, the Black Cat and Scorpion to escape. Silvermane and the Vulture fought in an energy exchange in the neogenic transfer. As a result, the Vulture became young, but Silvermane turned into an old man.

Notice that, in the series, Silvermane never becomes a cyborg.

Powers and Abilities



Silvermane's cybernetic body provides him with a number of superhuman attributes, provided that the mechanics of his body are properly maintained and his remaining human organs are properly protected and augmented.

Superhuman Strength: While in peak form, Silvermane possesses superhuman strength sufficient to lift up to 15 tons.

Superhuman Speed: Silvermane is capable of running and moving at speeds that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.

Superhuman Stamina: Silvermane's muscles and bones have been replaced with cybernetic hydraulics, granting him much greater physical stamina than a normal human. He can potentially exert himself at peak capacity for several hours before the wear and tear on his system begins to affect him.

Superhuman Durability: Silvermane's cyborg body is highly resistant to physical injury. He can withstand the force of powerful impacts, powerful energy blasts, temperature extremes, and high caliber bullets without sustaining damage.


Silvermane is an accomplished businessman and criminal strategist. And, though these abilities have waned some over the years, he has proven himself to be an excellent marksman and a compotent hand to hand combatant.


Former citizen of Italy, currently nationalized as a citizen of the United States, with a criminal record and legally dead


Actors performing the role of Silvermane in the TV series include:

  • Jeff Corey, who played the old Silvermane.
  • Townsend Coleman, who played Silvermane as a young man.
  • Cannon Young, who played Silvermane as a child.
  • Matthew McCurley, who played "Baby Silvermane".


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