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Mythril on the World Map
Mythril on the World Map in the DS version.

Mythril (ミスリルの村, Misuriru no Mura, "Mythril Village"), also known as Silvera, is a remote town in Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is completely inhabited by Toads, Pigs, and Small People, who mine mythril from an unknown mine. Toads refine the mythril and small people process it. The Pigs forge weapons out of the refined mythril. The Adamant Isle Grotto lies east of the city, and can only be accessed with a Hovercraft. No notable events occur here in the original game.



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Ceodore Harvey comes to the island for his Proof of Knighthood with the Red Wings. He spend the night there and he later goes to the Adamant Isle Grotto with Biggs and Wedge.


Mythril in the DS version.

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

  • 500 accumulated gil
  • Tent
  • Ruby Ring
  • Potion


Final Fantasy IV

Silvera in the SNES version
500 gil/night
Item SNES Price GBA Price DS price
Diet Ration N/A 100 gil 100 gil
Maiden's Kiss N/A 60 gil 60 gil
Mallet N/A 80 gil 80 gil
Bomb Crank N/A N/A 1200 gil
Arctic Wind N/A N/A 1200 gil
Heavenly Wrath N/A N/A 1200 gil
Weapon SNES Price GBA Price DS Price
Mythril Knife 3000 gil 3000 gil 3000 gil
Mythril Sword 6000 gil 6000 gil 6000 gil
Mythril Staff 4000 gil 4000 gil 4000 gil
Mythril Hammer 8000 gil 8000 gil 8000 gil
Armor SNES Price GBA Price DS price
Mythril Shield 1000 gil 1000 gil 1000 gil
Mythril Helmet 3000 gil 3000 gil 3000 gil
Mythril Armor 17000 gil 17000 gil 17000 gil
Mythril Gloves 2000 gil 2000 gil 2000 gil

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Item shop of Mythril in The After Years
500 gil/night
Item Price
Potion 30 gil
Phoenix Down 100 gil
Golden Needle 400 gil
Maiden's Kiss 60 gil
Eye Drops 30 gil
Antidote 40 gil
Tent 100 gil
Myhtril on the World in The After Years
Armor Price
Bronze Shield 100 gil
Bronze Helm 150 gil
Bronze Armor 600 gil
Weapon Price
Broadsword 200 gil
Longsword 450 gil

Enemy formations

Final Fantasy IV


Final Fantasy IV: The After Years


Mythril Cave



The background music that plays in Mythril is Final Fantasy IV's "Town Theme".


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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

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image:USA.gif Silvera
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: March 30, 2005
Location: USA
Server Save: 11:00 CET

Top players by skill area:
Level – Magic Level – Fist – Club – Sword – Axe – Distance – Shielding – Fishing

List of Game Worlds.

Silvera is home to a great variation of cultures and it’s easy to find a friend. However many players on this world are trigger happy to an extent -: meaning they would happily kill just because a character appears on their screen. Avoid Thais and Ab'dendriel if you're not experienced in escaping from PK’s.

Role playing on Silvera


Starting Off


Prices on this server are quite low, often par with Djinn prices and on occasion lower due to the massive amounts of surplus items, runes etc. This makes it an easy server to start off on.


Silvera’s forum (found here) is very active. There are a number of role playing styled threads as well as posts about the ongoing wars and game threads.


Guilds come and go in all worlds of Tibia. On Silvera there are several which stood out over the years.[1] The politics of Silveran guilds is extremely complicated and changes almost monthly. Immortal Dragons is the oldest guild on the server and was involved in numerous wars. Mayhem is the second oldest guild. Both guilds have become inactive in recent months. Eolithic is the current power of the server and has fought a number of wars. Feel the Power is probably the most infamous guild of Silvera. It ruled the server for a couple of years with an iron fist. Uncountable characters were hunted off the server when they crossed paths with Feel the Power. The Rook Guardians is the most famous of the few Rookgaard based guilds on Silvera. It was led by Muzgrob until it disbanded in the summer of 2007. On the Edge is another well-known inactive guild.


Silvera is the first world in Tibia to have an offical president. Stalker Fang was voted in by general election before December 2007. His presidency brought order and balance to a previously crumbling server even though he was publicly known for corruption. Along with this peace came harder taxes, curfews and public executions of enemies of the people and the Fang Regime.

His fellow candidate for the Presidency of Silvera, Darl Lord Dante, eventually began a rebellion against the oppression Fang Regime. Unfortunately Fang had pumped much of the worlds taxes into developing a powerful military force and time and again the Dante Rebellions were crushed.

In August 2008 Fang stepped down without reason leaving Silvera to his long time nemesis Dante. This came immediately after a ceasefire between the Regime and Rebels.


A war scene

At the moment, February 2009 the guilds Fantastic Fantasy & Death Frayed has declared war on the infamous Eolithic and Elements of Death.[2]


  1. ^ Silvera Guild Page
  2. ^ Silvera Forums. The guild Eolithic VS Fantastic Fantasy and allies.

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This article uses material from the "Silvera" article on the Tibia wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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