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Final Fantasy IX Enemy
Silver Dragon
Image:Silver Dragon-FFIX.PNG
Japanese 銀竜
Romaji Gin Ryuu
Location Pandemonium
Class Dragon/Flying
Steal Elixir, Dragon Mail, Kaiser Knuckles
Item Dropped Wing Edge, Elixir
Card Dropped Fenrir
Abilities Claw, Twister, Shockwave, Aerial Slash
Eat N/A
Status Immunity Petrify, Death, Poison, Freeze, Venom, Confuse, Regen, Vanish, Trouble, Berserk, Float, Doom, Zombie, Stop, Heat, Mini

Silver Dragon is a boss from Final Fantasy IX. It is a creature indigenous to Terra, as it is frequently seen as Kuja's method of transportation, and later a creature summoned by Garland to attack the party in Pandemonium. A large number of Silver Dragons are last seen storming out of Memoria to attack the Invincible.


The Silver Dragon has four attacks, two of which are Wind-elemental:

  • Claw - single target physical attack.
  • Shockwave - physical attack on all targets.
  • Aerial Slash - Wind-elemental attack on all targets.
  • Twister - Wind-elemental attack on all targets.

It is recommended to have high Defense when facing this dragon, and equipment that can nullify or absorb Wind-elemental attacks.

After the battle, the player will then face off against Garland.

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