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General Sigmund G. Bavor is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XI.


The early life of General Bavor

Sigmund G. Bavor was born in the year 97 A.P., Thirteen years before the Bastok-San d'Orian War in which he would become famous. Born in the fishing town of Selbina, then a Bastokan Colony, he grew with a love of the sea. He also grew up in constant fear of attack by the Goblin Bands that roamed the Valkurm Dunes surrounding the town. To protect himself, he was trained in the use of the gladius and the shortbow. In the year 110 A.P., the San d'Orian Army launched a surprise attack on the Valkurm Dunes. The three-thousand Bastokan soldiers based in Selbina were quickly crushed by the 70,000 San d'Orian Pikemen. When the San d'Orian Army threatened the city itself, 450 men aged 13-65 fortified the wall surrounding the town. They managed to hold back the San d'Orian army for 1 and a half hours, but 437 of the Defenders had been killed. Right before the San d'Orians had stormed the city, the 12 other remaining defenders had to pull Bavor away from the fight so that they could escape. The men boarded a small ship on which 40 civilians were on. Bavor searched frantically for his mother(his father was slain along the wall), but to no avail. As the ship departed, the San d'Orians stormed the city, burning 90% of it to the ground. The remaining 10% then declared Independence from Bastok and pledged allegiance to San d'Oria.

Life in Bastok

Upon reaching the city of Bastok, the remaining 53 survivors of the attack were given a choice to either work in the mines, in the metalworks, or to serve in the Bastokan Army. Unfortunately, only people older than 16 could join the army, so Bavor chose to work in the metalworks. Day after day after day, Bavor smithed weapons to arm the Bastokan army. He even played a part in the crucial discovery of Gunpowder weapons, seeing how he smithed the first gun-barrel. After three years of working as a blacksmith, he was allowed to join the Bastokan Army in 113 A.P., which he did.

Bavor's military career

When Bavor entered the Bastokan Army, the San d'Orians had their hands full with the Quadav Campaign, so he saw little of fighting between Bastok and San d'Oria. However, he steadily rose through the ranks, achieving the Rank of Colonel by age 21 in 118 A.P. In that year, a group of 400 or so Quadav had ventured deep into Gustaberg, and they had burned down 7 mining facilities and killed 125 workers. The Bastokan President Vlak ordered he and his 800 soldiers to stop the incursion. His men overran the Quadav while they were asleep at night, and slew them all and lost only 27 men in the process. While this is known as 'The First Gustaberg Incursion" to the people of Bastok, it has no real name in the History books. In the year 123 A.P., he was given command of the Elite Mithril Musketeers, which were the best soldiers in the Republic. They were also armed with the revolutionary musket, which would later make them feared on the battlefield.


The twin battles

In the year 124 A.P., the San d'Orians launched an attack on Gustaburg known as the Gustaberg Incursion. General Bavor was given command of the soldiers defending the Konschtat Bridge. For 89 days, he and his men fought against the San d'Orians. The bloodiest day was the 69th, when over 40,000 San d'Orians were slain in a surprise attack by his Mithril Musketeers.

After the Gustaberg Incursion, General Bavor was given command of the entire Bastokan Army. He would then use his fame and skill to raise the army to around 250,000 men total. He also increased the number of the Mithril Musketeers by 40,000 and increased the amount of training a soldier needed to receive to join the army from one month to three.

In the year 130 A.P., General Bavor was given the task of taking back the Konschtat Highlands from the San d'Orian Army. The battle that ensued was known as the Battle of the Second Konschtat. In one day, the Bastokan Army killed over 60,000 San d'Orians and lost only 10,000. After the victory, the General was, once again, given the title of "Hero of the Republic".

The death of a great man

On new-years day 131 A.P., the General was found dead in his room in the Metalworks. There was a dagger in the back of his head, and on the wall were written the words Long live the king!. This enraged the Bastokan people, and the largest Army ever raised by Bastok was sent to destroy the San d'Orian Capital. Over 250,000 soldiers marched to La Theine Plateu, where the bloody Battle of La Theine was fought. The army never did reach the city of San d'Oria, but the attack served its purpose. The death of General Sigmund G. Bavor had been avenged. The next day, there was a massive funeral. Over 500,000 people turned out. In his will, General Bavor stated that his remains be cremated and thrown into the sea.

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