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Siegfried's in-game sprite
"If I were you, Ox, I'd grab grandpa here, and run!"
"You look more like a manicurist. Now SCRAM!!!
—Siegfried and Sabin at the Phantom Train

Siegfried, also known as Zeigfried, is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy VI. He is a famous Thief, and it is hinted that he is a rival of Ultros. Though he does not play an important role in the story, he still appears frequently.



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Siegfried makes his first appearance on the Phantom Train, where he disrupts Sabin, Shadow, and Cyan, who are working their way towards the front of the train. Siegfried picks a fight with them when they try to open a treasure chest. He is very weak, and is easily defeated. However, he manages to escape with the treasure anyway.

Siegfried later appears in South Figaro Cave in the World of Ruin, where he follows Gerad and his thieves into Figaro Castle. Celes and Sabin spy him stealing treasure on the way, but he ultimately vanishes once the two enter the castle.

Though he doesn't appear in person, Ultros attempts to steal the statues representing the Warring Triad from the Esper Caves in the hopes of earning Siegfried's respect. This is the only time in the game the two are hinted to know each other, but this is not explained in detail.

Siegfried's final appearance is in the Dragon's Neck Coliseum, where he remains for the rest of the game. He reveals that there was someone trying to disguise themselves as him and urges players not to be fooled by the imposter. This is not further elaborated on. Betting a Megalixir will allow players to fight him, and he is much stronger than before.

The vast difference in strength between the Siegfried found inside of the Coliseum and the one found on the Phantom Train could mean that the Siegfried in the Coliseum is the real one, and the one the party encountered on the Phantom Train is the impostor. However, this does not explain the other encounters. In the SNES version, during the instances where he is helpful he appears as "Sigfried," and when he hinders the player he is called "Ziegfried." This implies that these are two separate characters and explains Siegfried's comment about being impersonated; this distinction is absent in the Advance release.


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Siegfried is fought as a boss aboard the Phantom Train and in the Coliseum if the player bets a Megalixir.



Siegfried (known as "Sigurd" in Norse) is the dragon-slaying hero of the German epic poem, Song of Nibelungs. This is one of several names of epic heroes used in Final Fantasy, others being Gilgamesh and Beowulf.

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