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Battle of Vanquo


Attacks on the Zabrak Colonies, Battle of Serroco, Battle of Omonoth, Battle of Myrkr


Battle of Jebble

First Battle of Taris

Mandalorian Wars (Old Sith Wars)


3,963 BBY




Mandalorian victory


Galactic Republic

Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders


Admiral Jimas Veltraa

Cassus Fett

  • Unknown numbers of Tarisian civilians, Republic military, and Jedi Knights
  • All hands aboard Reliance
  • Unknown numbers of Mandalorians

The First Battle of Taris, also known as the Siege of Taris, was an engagement fought by the Galactic Republic and the Mandalorian Neo-Crusader forces over the world of Taris during the Mandalorian Wars early in the year 3,963 BBY. It was one of the first battles fought during the Mandalorian invasion of the Republic.



With a growing level of Mandalorian encroachment into the Outer Rim Territories during the period, Republic military forces grew increasingly stretched across that region, and were likewise hard-pressed to counter any major planetary assault, were it to occur.

The battle

Details remain sketchy, but from what has been revealed in various sources, the Mandalorian invasion occurred during an interval whence the Republic proved unable to successfully defend the planet against a numerically-superior force. A Jedi enclave had been established in the Taris Upper City prior to the invasion, but turmoil gripped the facility in 3,964 BBY after several Jedi students were found murdered, and which may have been a minor precipitating factor, insofar as the buildup of greater historical events were concerned. The actual conquest of the world was a siege which lasted at least several weeks.

A Republic fleet also defended Taris during the battle.


The Lower City during the occupation.

Ultimately, the Mandalorians were successful in their conquest of the planet; upon which, it must be noted, were a number of the last Cathar refugee-survivors from the Mandalorian genocide of their species, having fled there years previously. A resistance force, including the world's swoop gangs, was established in the Lower City. The precise length of the Mandalorian occupation of Taris is as yet unknown, but it would eventually end with the retaking of the planet by the Jedi Knights under the command of Revan, during the Second Battle of Taris.


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