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Siege of Lindblum
Final Fantasy IX
Atomos destroys Lindblum
Location: Lindblum
Result: Destruction of the city of Lindblum and its subsequent occupation by Alexandria
Alexandria Lindblum
Alexandria Lindblum
Alexandria Lindblum
  • Airship Fleet
  • Foot Soldiers
Red Rose fleet Heavy, presumably a great part of the population

The Siege of Lindblum proved to be the chief battle for domination of the Mist Continent. With Burmecia and Cleyra both defeated, Lindblum was the last remaining power on the Mist Continent apart from the conquering Alexandria.

Despite Lindblum's huge resource count and large airship fleet, which completely eclipsed that of Alexandria's, it had little effect on the conflict. Queen Brahne's Black Mage army, combined with the Eidolon Atomos, obliterated the Industrial District and did considerable damage to Lindblum Castle.

Brahne obtained the Falcon's Claw as well as the Hilda Garde II as part of Lindblum's surrender. However, the denizens of Lindblum remained to give aid to Zidane and Princess Garnet, who travelled to the Outer Continent in order to find information on Brahne's weapons supplier Kuja.


While not much of a battle, in that Alexandria won control in very little time, the causality count was huge for both nations. Atomos not only decimated the industrial district (killing countless soldiers and civilians), but absorbed both Lindblum and Black Mage Soldiers. It is highly likely that Lindblum rebels, most likely civilians and remaining soldiers, continued to wage war even after Alexandria had taken control.

Brahne surveys her Eidolon's devastation.

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