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Halo: Combat Evolved


Installation 04


Cliffs, Snowy Valley

Weapons on Map
Vehicles on map
Power-ups on map
Preferred Gametypes
Recommended Number of Players
  • 4-16
Red Blood, White Snow

Sidewinder is a horseshoe multiplayer map in Halo: Combat Evolved. It was remade into the Halo 3 map, Avalanche, which was released on April 15th, 2008 in the Legendary Map Pack.[1]



A bird's eye view of Sidewinder.

The main feature of this map is the ice patches on the front of the horseshoe in between the bases that can cause any ground vehicle without treads or hover abilities to slide, making it hard to control the vehicle, but makes a fun way to splatter enemies. On the outer edge of the map are two large cliffs that are connected to each base with teleporters. These areas are popular sniping spots, as they provide a large view and a quick route to an easily defensible area. On the inner edge, there is a network of tunnels which lead to the opposing bases. Four power-ups can be found in the lower section of the tunnel. There is a Sniper Rifle, two Shotguns, Health Pack, Plasma Pistol, Pistol and an Assault Rifle inside each base.


  • During Capture the Flag games, players will utilize three different paths. Some will come in vehicles down the middle, others will go on foot through the teleporters, while a third group will move through the tunnels found in the middle of the map. Control of the teleporters is important for success. Taking control of the teleporters gives a constant supply of heavy weapons, such as the Fuel Rod Gun and Rocket Launchers which spawn near them. A place for snipers to control, is the middle ground and other areas that your enemies would use to go from base to base. A good defensive technique in CTF is to park a rocket warthog inside your base behind the flag. The player then goes into the gunner seat picking off any enemies that enter. Or you can use a warthog to block the door. But be careful, both tactics have the potential to give the enemy a free ride.
  • Players on foot will almost always take the ledges around and snipe at the enemy base. They will also pick up heavy weapons along the way and use these to assault the enemy base or to defend themselves from the enemy.
  • When on offense in CTF, teams should use a few vehicles to pin down the enemy and then use a fast and maneuverable vehicle to steal the flag.
  • The map is a favorite for Team King of the Hill with a moving hill. This gametype pleases people with all preferences. Snipers can pick off and slow the attack of the enemy. People who like close range can charge in with a shotgun and assault rifle.
  • An effective CTF offensive is to have someone drive your team's Scorpion around the bend to a good view point of your enemy's upper base. Also drive your team's Warthog up to the bend but not around it, in front of the Scorpion. Once in position, have the person in the Scorpion start firing at their upper base to distract their sniper. The 2 people at your base then travel through the center to the enemy's side of the center area, and stop. Also have another person use the Ghost and charge the enemy's base. When they come out to attack the Ghost, have your teams sniper and pick them off. Now the 2 people waiting can go grab the enemy's flag. Here's the part where you need the Warthog. Drive up to pick them up while the sniper, Ghost, Warthog, and Scorpion provide cover. Though elaborate, this maneuver can prove to be quite effective.




  • Grab an Overshield and drive a Warthog into the short tunnel connecting the two base areas, and park it perpendicular to the wall, as far back as it'll go. Now jump onto the barrel of the turret, and throw two or three plasma grenades just over the hood of the car, so they land just in front. When they go off, you will be propelled through the ceiling, landing on the "roof" of the snow hills. From here you may throw grenades and shoot your enemies. Be careful though, they can shoot you if your standing on the rim or "edge" of he cliffs, though it is less vital to your health than normal.

WARNING: If you attempt this glitch without an Overshield, you'll be "killed by a vehicle".

  • Another alternative, and possibly easier way is to perform the following tasks; First this MUST be done with at least one other person. Grab a Scorpion and head up the hill toward where the exit of one end of your base opens to the top of a hill, close to the clifftops. Whoever else is interested should grab a Ghost, but DO NOT get in the Scorpion driver's way. Back the Scorpion as far as you can, and ram it up against the cliff at roughly a 45-degree angle. Spinning the turret backwards may or may not help. The Scorpion's pilot must stay in the vehicle until everyone is on top, as the tank tends to slip off when no one is hitting the gas continuously. Now the Ghost pilots can use the Scorpion as a ramp to gain access to the clifftops.
  • The clifftops pose some strategic value, due to their excellent sniping potential. It can also be amusing to drop grenades through the so-called "sunroof" installed in the bases, as well as harassing other players with fire from your Ghost. Keep in mind, however, that you will become easy prey for a competent Scorpion gunner, as well as players with Rocket Launchers.
  • Do not attempt to move too close to the background scenery while on the clifftops, or you will hit the death barrier, and it will count as a suicide.

Suicides can also occur by falling through the holes on the roof of the bases, which can be difficult to see while on a Ghost.

  • When hit by a rocket or a round from a Scorpion's main cannon, your corpse will fly quite far, due to the height of your perch.
  • With Ghosts and players on foot on the clifftops, and a Scorpion on the ground, the potential for multi-level, two pronged assaults arises.

On the Xbox version it is possible to re-enter the level after vacating it but due to the addition of the banshee to the PC edition a forcefield is added so it is impossible to exit.

Outside the level grenades will simply disappear although plasma grenades will leave a small blue flame but will fail to detonate.



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Character Template Help

Seth Voelker (Earth-616)
Real Name
Current Alias



Amelia Voelker (daughter)



Place of Birth
Kenosha, Wisconsin

First appearance

Marvel Two-In-One #64
(June, 1980)



Seth Voelker was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin. As Sidewinder, he was originally hired by the Roxxon Oil Company to retrieve the Serpent Crown. Alongside the third incarnation of the Serpent Squad, Sidewinder was able to return the crown to company president Hugh Jones. However, after that stint, he decided to form his own criminal organization, the Serpent Society. With the ability to teleport, Sidewinder promised his recruits they would never be imprisoned. This attracted several snake-themed villains, and the Serpent Society was quite the success. He also had a romantic relationship with Black Mamba.

Later, Sidewinder was betrayed by his organization after Viper infiltrated the group. After being poisoned, he was aided by Diamondback and the two survived. He also helped Black Mamba and the Asp escape King Cobra's grasp. A robotic Sidewinder later appeared and was employed by King Cobra.

Most recently, Sidewinder was seen in an interview and has since retired from villainy.

Powers and Abilities



Strength level






Discover and Discuss

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This article is ambiguously canon.

The subject of the article originates in a source that has not been deemed to be definitively canon.

Sidewinder was a stock light freighter, often used as a tiny cargo vessel, once docked on the planet Tegrat. When Imperial forces decided to invade Tegrat in order to flush out any signs of the Rebel Alliance, the Sidewinder took on board a motley assortment of previously unacquainted creatures and attempted to flee to Tatooine, a planet the captain of the ship characterized as an immigrant's paradise. Though the ship encountered a small number of TIE/ln starfighters upon lifting off from Tegrat, it was able to make the jump to hyperspace. However, four days into this hyperspace jump, the ships hyperdrive cutout activated, damaging the hyperspace engines in the process and stranding the group in hyperspace next to a ship they identified as Imperial Research Station 13. The ship soon fired on them, disabling their sublight drives also, and proceeded to draw the ship into itself by means of its tractor beams. Though the group attempted to repair the drives, they discovered that the tractor beams were causing a flux in the drive systems which meant that diagnostics were impossible.

When the group left the ship, after discovering they were not going to be boarded, they discovered that the ship was deserted but for an army of rogue R2 units and 3PO droids, as well as a former crewmember now inhabited by the Black Mist. When the group attempted to capture the former crewmember, his body disintegrated and the Black Mist entered into the body of one of the group and proceeded to flee back towards the Sidewinder. Though the rest of the group attempted to chase him, they were attacked relentlessly by the R2 and 3PO droids, and eventually the Black Mist managed to get aboard the Sidewinder. He immediately ordered his droid army to disable the tractor beams, and he proceeded to repair the drives himself, with the help of 1 or 2 of his droid companions. Though he managed to escape the research station by allowing the Sidewinder to drift into open space, the group managed to blast the Sidewinder into pieces with the research station's turbolasers, stranding both themselves and the Black Mist forever.


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Star Wars Fanon

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Production information

Corellian Engineering Corporation

Product line

YT series




Light freighter

Technical specifications

29.4 meters


21.6 meters


9.6 meters

Maximum acceleration


Maximum speed (atmosphere)

1,200 km/h

Engine unit(s)

Starscream-9 ion drives (4)

Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 0.6
  • Backup Class 5
Hyperdrive system


Power plant

Quadex energy core


Overlapping Novaldex military-grade generators (425 SBU)


Durasteel alloy armor plating (340 RU)

Targeting systems

CEC targeting computers (2)

Navigation system

NavComp equipped


Sensor cloak

  • Quad pulse laser cannon turrets (2)
  • Heavy ion cannons (4)
  • Proton torpedo launchers (2)
    • Standard magazine: 12 high-yield torpedoes (each)
  • Pilot (1)
  • Co-pilot (1)
  • Gunners (2)
  • 3 integrated Droid brains (can handle all piloting/gunnery tasks)
Minimum crew




Cargo capacity

150 metric tons


3 months

Other systems
  • Escape pods (2)
  • HoloComm transceiver


  • Rebellion era
  • New Republic era
"I don't care if something breaks; I'm gonna be the one to fix it, anyway, now punch it!"
—Syd N'aanzi, arguing with his "crew."

Sidewinder began life as a YT-2000 freighter. Its previous owner had nearly had the ship shot out from under him by a group of Outer Rim pirates, but was able to limp along to the Sluis Van Shipyards on its backup hyperdrives. It was so heavily damaged that the owner decided to sell it for parts and try to buy a new ship for less than the cost of repairs. N'aanzi bought the derelict and spent the next few years repairing it with whatever quality surplus parts he could get his hands on. Rather than counting on unreliable crew members, he hardwired 3 Droid brains scavenged from Vulture Droid starfighters into the ship's systems, allowing them to assist with piloting and gunnery duties. About the time N'aanzi finished repairing the newly-christened Sidewinder, he took a permanent job with the outlaw group, Wayland's Wilders, providing his services as a technician. Sidewinder enabled him to cross the galaxy rapidly, going wherever he was needed to rebuild and/or modify the group's numerous older ships.

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