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The Sidereal Period was a time period in the galaxy that began in 5,689 BBY. It was still being used as a dating system in some locations at the time of the Galactic Civil War.[1]

The magazine Chrono nominated Supreme Chancellor Palpatine as "Sentient of the Sidereal" just prior to the Clone Wars.[2]


Timeline up until the Old Sith Wars

  • 5,002 BBY
    • Nazzri's hereditary monarchy is replaced with a theocratic oligarchy.
  • 4,519 BBY
    • Uueg Tching, the fifty-fourth Emperor of Kitel Phard, states three ways on how to defeat an enemy, which ultimately becomes a famous, oft-referenced quote.
  • 4,300 BBY
    • Taris's golden years begin and it became the Coruscant of the outer rim and rivalled the galactic capital itself.

Behind the scenes

The term "sidereal period" in astronomy is defined as the time that it takes an object to make one full orbit around its sun, relative to the surrounding stars — in other words, a planet's local "year."

"Sentient of the Sidereal" is probably a reference to Time magazine's annual "Person of the Year" issue.


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