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This article is about the Dodge Viper Autobot brother. For the Mini-Con partner to Predacon, see Side Burn (Armada).
Side Burn is an Autobot from Robots in Disguise continuity.
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Side Burn is an adolescent speedster and turbo-revving young punk. His brain development has yet to catch up with his ego and robo-hormones, and if he gets bored or preoccupied he'll wander away from his assignment or get in the way of someone else's without a second thought. This is particularly annoying to his law-abiding brother Prowl and the fussbudget Autobot computer known as T-AI. Even the more easygoing X-Brawn can grow tired of his antics. They're no fun anyway, and he can always outrun them. He can outrun just about everybody and everything except his own foolishness.

His greatest folly is his fixation on red cars. Transformer or not, sentient or not, he can't resist chasing after a pretty little thing of the red persuasion, proclaiming loudly and often his libidinous designs. This is usually a bad idea, and occasionally a very bad idea, like that one time the red car turned out to be Megatron in drag. Yikes. His "super" redeco was red. It's best not to think about it.

Side Burn is a good talker as well as a good racer. He can tell a real tearjerker of a story if he's in the mood. Ask Slapper about it some time.

Japanese Name: Speedbreaker




Robots in Disguise cartoon

Voice actor: Wally Wingert (English), Punch UFO (Japanese)
Cruisin' on the fast track to Fox Kids The Fox Box 4Kids TV.

Robots in Disguise comic

"I've got the strangest feeling I'm being turned into something vague and nonsensical!"

When Scourge and Sky-Byte led an attack on Arizona to drain the energy out of a vague and nondescript building in the middle of the desert, T-AI tried to call upon the Autobot brothers to help, but Prowl, Side Burn and X-Brawn were busy tangling with Megatron in Oregon. Ultra the Rescue?

Cybertron comic


Robots In Disguise

Now where'd my little red sportscar get to?
  • Speedbreaker/Side Burn (Deluxe, 2000/2001)
Japanese ID number: C-004
Side Burn transforms into a blue hot rodded Dodge Viper with flame decos on the hood. Side Burn is essentially a shellformer, with very little of his car mode pieces being incorporated into his robot limbs.
This mold was retooled to make Roulette and Shadow Striker. The only truly notable difference between Speedbreaker and Side Burn is the large tampographed (and distracting) Autobot emblem on Side Burn's hood. (Hasbro just doesn't seem to get the whole 'Robots In Diguise' thing, do they?)
  • Super Speedbreaker/Side Burn (Deluxe, 2000/2001)
Japanese ID number: C-026
Fire-red redeco vaguely resembling Generation One Hot Rod, the main difference between Super Speedbreaker and Side Burn, aside from the Autobot emblem, is a small official Dodge Viper logo which has been added for licensing reasons.
  • Super Speedbreaker (Multi-pack, 2000)
A clear version of Super Speedbreaker, exclusively available at Osaka Toys Land Show and Super Festival 19 as part of a three-pack with clear Super Wildride and Super Mach Alert.
  • Daytonus & Side Burn (Basic, 2001)
I don't feel like myself at all.
Side Burn's Spychanger mold was initially planned for the Generation 2 Go-Bots sub-line before it ended. His gun can fit in his underside in car mode. Side Burn was packaged with Daytonus.
This mold was also used to make Universe Autobot Jazz.


  • Side Burn (Deluxe, 2004)
    • Accessory: Battle Blade
A Wal-Mart exclusive, Universe Side Burn is the exact same toy as Super Side Burn, however black paint was added over the red on the car mode parts (though the bumpers are still red), and a fiberglass pattern was added to the hood, along with a giant Autobot insignia on the car roof. The gun/knife was also dechromed and was casted in silver plastic. Also, the Dodge Viper logo was added to the front of the car, as it had been for both Shadow Striker and Roulette. The differences between both figures stopped there.

Special attacks

  • Exhaust Backfire
  • Laser Rider
  • Optical Laser Strike
  • Target Torpedo Blast
  • Turbo Backfire


  • Side Burn's original Japanese name, "Speedbreaker," is a synonym for "speed bump". It's unknown if the irony was intentional.
  • The alternate mode of Side Burn seems to be downgraded in horsepower, since there are eight exhaust pipes connecting to his engine block (which are clearly seen whenever he is in robot mode), indicating that his power comes from an eight cylinder engine, rather than the V-10 engine all regular Dodge Vipers have. Which is probably why he can never catch Kelly's little red sportscars.
  • He also mistakes some little red sports cars as Female Autobots and he nuzzles up next to them in car mode. He gets yelled at for it ALOT.

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  • Side Burn at
  • Super Side Burn at
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