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[[Image:|px|Image of Sickness]]
Real name Paul Kelly
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Height 5'11
Weight 234 pounds
Date of birth 05/09/1980
Place of birth Doncaster, England
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Doncaster
Billed from Unknown
Trainer Alan Johnson, Johnny Moss, Keith Myatt, Deadman
Handled by
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The Janus Years

Paul Kelly was a pretty big guy, who at match-time put on a red luchadore mask and a red singlet and called himself "Janus". Janus was clearly a talented wrestler but Kelly wanted to portray Janus as a complete and utter psychopath, and even though he was doing a good job of this, the LWL wasn't really sure where they could go with the character. A crazy person will always be crazy, and can become stagnant quickly if the character isn't freshened up frequently. The LWL knew this and thought a great angle would be the clearly insane Janus receiving psychological care...from a genuine shrink, no less!

Janus began competing with Dr. Boyo accompanying him to the ring. Janus had always been an enigmatic nutter, but now it would become obvious that Janus desperately wanted to get better. He didn't want to be psychopathically insane any more. During his matches Janus would often go and speak with Dr. Boyo, who would encourage the Big Red Truck to keep his temper in check. The crowd enjoyed this slant on a classic character, and Janus' profile increased within the LWL.

As Janus rapidly progressed up the Top Ten lists, not just in the LWL, but also in UK Wrestling as a whole, it became apparent that Dr. Boyo wasn't as straightforward as he liked to portray himself. Sure, Boyo seemed to have the Psycho Red Bruiser in the palm of his hand, but fans began to suspect that it wasn't achieved through classic prescribed Psychological methods. Rumours began to surface that Dr. Boyo used Electro Shock Therapy to control Janus; the mystery and myths surrounding these terrifying allegations were never proved or disproved, but these would dog Dr. Boyo for his entire career. Fans in the LWL, the UK, and later Japan, Mexico and the United States would also invest their energies into the peculiar relationship between the genuine clinical psychologist, Dr. Boyo, and his patient, ever-increasingly one of the most feared men in wrestling: Janus.

The Extreme Wrestling Association

Scottsdale, Arizona, may not seem like a wrestling hot-bed, but you'd be surprised. Two men would give Janus and Dr. Boyo their opportunity at the big-time, and would also play a central role in both of their careers: Iagan Thaddeus Hellshound and Eric Bischoff. Iagan Thaddeus Hellshound was promoter and superstar of a tough, underground federation called the EWA; based just outside the Scottsdale city limits, on Maricopa Native American land, close to the Casino Arizona, and bordered by Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix and Scottsdale. Eric Bischoff owned the EWA and lived in Cave Creek, 10 miles north of Scottsdale.

Iagan Thaddeus Hellshound was himself from England and always kept a close eye on emerging talent from his native land, and couldn't be anything other than impressed by Janus; a character whose mental instability suited the hardcore EWA style, and whose talent spoke for itself. Iagan Thaddeus Hellshound also thought Dr. Boyo would be a great addition; Bischoff agreed and the two men were drafted over to Arizona.

The EWA, despite having a small roster, had a talented roster. None more so that Iagan Thaddeus Hellshound, a man who put his life on the line each week in ever-increasingly dangerous gimmick matches; and Spiritchaser, the charismatic Hardcore Champion. Janus brought new life into the EWA and started a long feud with Iagan Thaddeus Hellshound, a feud based on who was the most hardcore. Janus would compete in Barbed Wire Matches, Exploding Grapefruit Matches, Pin-Cushion Matches, Poison Ivy Matches, Snakepit Matches, Cactus Matches and an "It's Raining Pain" Match, where a showerhead that squirted Tear-Gas was erected above the ring.

Janus and Dr. Boyo would often compete as a tag-team in the EWA, and feuded with Iagan Thaddeus Hellshound and Spiritchaser. They would call themselves "The Rabid Customers". Every now and again Dr. Boyo would experiment with wearing a luchadore wrestling mask, just like Janus did. Boyo would often favour a green luchadore mask done in the style of a dragon, in honour of his Welsh heritage. He would call himself "Dragon Boyo", or sometimes simply, "Dragon Mask".

Janus, Dr. Boyo, Iagan Thaddeus Hellshound and Spiritchaser worked harder and harder, and put on even more outrageous matches, however the Extreme Wrestling Association was losing money, and eventually had to shut down for ever. The four men, without work but with plenty of admirers and worldwide acclaim, decided that they would stick together and tour the world, fighting in different federations. If a company wanted to book Iagan Thaddeus Hellshound, for example, then they'd have to book all four men, and they gave themselves a name that would resonate around the Independant Pro-Wrestling world.

Regeneration X and the birth of Sickness

RX first showed up in NOAH in April 2002, when they interrupted the Main Event and took out the wrestlers. The NOAH locker-room would rush down to the ring to defend the Japanese wrestlers but they were unprepared for the sheer physical onslaught of the two seemingly psychopathic Janus and Iagan Thaddeus Hellshound; the rough, tough, elusive style of Spiritchaser; and the silky martial arts and submission style of Dr. Boyo. This introduction to Japanese wrestling blurred the boundries between reality and fiction, something that the respectful Japanese fans traditionally avoid, but this rag-tag foursome certainly piqued the interest of the Rising Sun fans.

Something else that was very important occurred in Japan that would shape the careers of these four men, and it wasn't anything borne out of Wrestling, but out of the Japanese language barrier! As Regeneration X's stock grew in Japan and they earned a loyal fanbase of J-Rock loving teens, they slowly became the marquee talent at NOAH and their names appeared on the advertising posters and TV adverts. "Dr. Boyo" wasn't approved by the Hello Kitty TV Network, as they did not like the representation of a "Doctor" who treats his patients like Dr. Boyo treated Janus, so they simply shortened "Dr. Boyo" to "Boyo"; the same mundane, generic name Dale May adopted way, way back in Cardiff. The Japanese would translate "Hellshound" into "Death and Pain Dog Handler" so they simply used "Iagan". Spiritchaser, luckily, directly translated in to "He That Follows Enlightenment" and Spiritchaser being the repressed thespian he is, decided to stick with the name.

Crucially, the Japanese had no word for "Janus", they simply could not translate it and since the bigwigs at NOAH were concerned that the fans may lose interest in a wrestler that they couldn't make heads or tails of, issued Janus with another moniker that best represented his mental state, and allowed the fans to get what he was all about. The Japanese began to advertise Paul "Janus" Kelly as "Sickness".

Boyo, Sickness, Iagan and Spiritchaser were known as RX and were a huge deal in Japan. They had also been wrestling in CMLL in Mexico, they had gone back to the LWL (where "Sickness" would wrestle as "Janus" again), they wrestled in WCW, ECW and also Ring of Honor. It was during this global touring that RX decided that they should have one final, huge RX storyline, before the eldest RX member, Spiritchaser, would retire. They decided to add the twist that Iagan and Sickness were actually long-lost brothers. This was revealed in NOAH on the night Spiritchaser announced his retirement and was the biggest, most dramatic revelation in Japanese wrestling in 2004.

The Iagan vs Sickness feud was short-lived but very controversial, especially in Japan, where the TV networks try to shy away from stories and angles which perhaps are too intimate instead of being based on competition. Once Iagan and Sickness were established as brothers it was revealed that one brother was truly insane, and that the other brother was just as hard-as-nails. Clearly, Sickness was the truly insane man, but Dr. Boyo (using his Dr. moniker for this angle) insisted that Iagan was the insane one and Iagan was taken away to a mental hospital, where it was rumoured that he burned half of his face in an "accident", before Iagan escaped, biding his time, and waiting to take his revenge on Sickness and Boyo.

Spiritchaser retired to a huge ovation in NOAH in January 2004, wrestling, and losing to, KENTA. Iagan, Sickness and Boyo also decided to call it a day in Japan and focus on cracking the biggest federations in the United States. Boyo had started in Cardiff, and going via Doncaster and Arizona, meeting Sickness and Iagan along the way, and having Eric Bischoff handling their backstage affairs, and with all the contacts Bischoff had...surely it was only a matter of time before the biggest federation in the world, the Extreme Revolution Entertainment, the ERE, would come a-calling?

The ERE wasted no time and in March 2004 signed Iagan, who competed with one half of his face burned, and then in May 2004 signed both Sickness and Boyo, The Rabid Customers. Deadman, the owner of the ERE, wasn't a huge fan of the name, "The Rabid Customers" and promised Sickness and Boyo that the ERE would come up with an alternitive name. Deadman also wasn't a fan of Sickness' red lucha mask and red singlet, and suggested to Paul Kelly that he wears a bloodstained white t-shirt and denim shorts, as the visual impact would be stronger. Deadman also insisted that Sickness wrestled without wearing a mask, and Kelly agreed.

Boyo and Sickness' career were just about to go stratospheric.


In the summer of 2004, Sickness, a lone-wolf with a history of violence and a disturbingly apparent mental disorder, shows up in the ERE and started stalking Nicole. Sickness and Nicole fought at King of the Ring 2004, a match which the sheer brute strength and resiliance of the mightily muscular woman knocked Sickness down for a ten-count. Well, would you mess with Nicole!?

However Sickness would not be defeated so easily. Instead of skulking back to la-la-land with his tail between his legs, Sickness just became more violent, more insane and more of a threat than ever to the entire ERE locker room.

HBK Andy Gee was Comissioner of ERE at the time, with Paul Heyman as the owner. HBK demanded that Sickness was to have a minder, someone to help keep his instability under wraps. Paul Heyman insisted to HBK that a gent called Dr. Boyo would be perfect for this job. Dr.Boyo had a history of working with mentally unstable wrestlers including Iagan Hellshound and Janus; the Doc should have no troubles looking after Sickness. HBK agreed.

However, not long after Dr. Boyo arrived in the ERE it became apparent that the Doc had no intention of helping the poor, mental Sickness to get better. Instead it seemed that Dr. Boyo only seemed to wind Sickness up before unleashing an ever-psychotic animal...

Paul Heyman then made a masterstroke of a decision by putting Sickness and Dr. Boyo in a tag team and calling that team The Dark Alliance, in honour of his clique of ten years previous - The Dangerous Alliance. The ERE would decide to re-introduce the Tag Team Titles and put them up for grabs in a tournament. Badd Company (HBK and Mr Fill), The Empire (MBR and Barry Gower), The New Age Army (The Don and Chris Crisis) and The Dark Alliance (Sickness and Boyo) would compete in this tournament, with The NAA and The Dark Alliance fighting it out in the final at ERE Summerslam 2004.

Not long after their defeat to The NAA, The Dark Alliance were given a shot at the big time when they were given a match against ERE legends, Badd Company. Badd Company consisted of HBK Andy Gee and "The Fabulous One" Mr Fill. Both men had been World Heavyweight Champions in the ERE, they had held Intercontinental Championship and the Tag Team Championships.

The week before this match, HBK had only just gone and retired The Crippler, too; so it was safe to assume that Badd Company were on one hell of a roll coming in to this match. Or were they?

There was, at the time, simmering tensions stirring between the giant egos of HBK and Fill. Despite the massive respect these two men commanded, and had for each other, the cracks in the once unquestioned Badd Company solidarity were starting to show. Fill accused HBK of being too selfish, HBK accused Fill of being too whiney.

This match also proved to be a springboard for The Dark Alliance as singles competitors. Boyo would feud with Fill and Sickness would be granted a World Heavyweight Title shot at HBK the following month. Sickness, as yet unbeaten in one on one competition, beat Andy Gee by countout. Andy Gee faced Sickness one month later and finally managed to beat The Sick One after hitting two Sweet Gee Music superkicks to the jaw of the monster.

The End of ERE

After Boyo won the ERE Intercontinental Championship from ManBeastRhyno he started to get even smugger thn normal, even alienating Sickness. Eventually the Mini Monster caused his friend and tag partner to drop the belt back to MBR, causing the two men to eventually agree to face off in a loser must retire match at ERE Wrestlemania. The match however didnt go according to anyones plan, TWOStars owner Darkstar and his stable ran in and caused a double DQ. As neither man managed to 'win' they both were forced to quit ERE forever, much to the delight of Deadman.


Sickness returned and in a dramatic fashion won the ERE Vs TWO King of the Ring and the TWOStars Tag titles on the same night. His partner was the returning Boyo: the DA was back!

After losing the tag belts to Arkham and Retromark the Dark Alliance wanted one thing, to win the gold! Eventually that dream was realised and the DA reigned supreme until Wrestlenova II when the New Blood beat them for the belts. On the following XTV both Boyo and Sickness have been attacked by masked men....what is going on in the lives of the new fan favorites?

Eventuall the two masked men 'Dragon Boyo' and 'Janus' were outed as being trainees hired to keep the heat off of The Dark Alliance, enabling them to attack their enemies without chance of retribution when not under the masks.

The Flaming Dark

After teaming with Jaycey Baby as 'The Flaming Dark' and winning the tag titles Sickness seemed to be on a roll. But in the run up to Wrestlenova Jaycey seemed more and more unreliable as a partner! At 'Nova The Flaming Dark lost the belts to VL:O when Sickness turned on Jaycey and leaving him for Draven Cage to finish off.

The heel turn didnt last for long however, Sickness quickly rejoined the side of the fan favorites as Boyo won the TWOStars World Heavyweight Championship and refused to condem his friends actions against Jaycey.

Winters Echo

After Boyo was forced to retire (again) Sickness was left to fend for himself. New GM Arron Winter hated both Dark Alliance members and after ridding himself of Boyo he set his sights on Sickness. Winters newest associate John Smyth challanged Sickness to a match at PPV, and in a shocking turn of events Smyth managed to make Sickness to utter the word 'I quit'. After the match Winter sacked Sickness, after all there was no need to keep on the monster if he had lost his only redeaming feature by finaly submitting.

A few months later Sickness returned with proof that he had never actually submitted. With Boyo in tow Sickness managed to get reinstated.

After beating Smyth in a rematch Sickness turned his attention to other members of 'The Chosen', beating Harry Hart in a 'Flag Burning' match.

Tag Titles and Draven Cage

For several weeks announcers had been declaring that Sickness was a better tag wrestler than Draven Cage, but with the tag division disbanded there was no way to prove it, so Sickness challenged Cage to train a better tag team than the former ERE star could manage. Sickness eventually announced his rookie team would be UK Tag Team Hubba Bubba Lucha (El Ligero and Bubblegum). Unfortunatly the team decided on by Draven Cage (T2K) was too much for the young high fliers and Cage got an advantage going into the PPV. In what turned out to be one of the shortest TWOStars matches ever Sickness pinned the Scotsman and walked away with the TWOStars Tag Team Titles in his ownership.

Edward Samson

When TWOStars newest monster started making waves one of the first people he targetted was Sickness, vowing not only to beat the mini monster, but to be the first person to make him submit. And when the two men were drawn to be in the Submissions Only Elimination Chamber for the Triple Crown they knew the crunch time had come... or would have if Sickness had not passed out to give Samson the eventual victory.

For Samson this was not enough, he was taunted by other superstars for his inability to forfil his vow, and so his manager, Lucas Thorp, challanged Sickness to face Edward Samson in a submissions only match where should a wrestler pass out they would be revived by smelling salts and the match restarted. The Sick One agreed, but only if the match was also made No Ropes Bared Wire.

At the PPV both men passed out in each others submissions finishers, until finally Sickness tapped out for the first time in his career, giving Samson his legitimate submission victory over him.

The return of Boyo at Seasons Beatings should have been enough to get the edge over the heel unit of Edward Samson and GM Aaron Winter, but enraged at his belief that Boyo abandoned him to look after Twiggie Sickness turned on his best friend and teamed with Winter to take down both their partners, leaving The Blood Alliance (as they call themselves) the new TWOStars Tag Team Champions.

The Blood Alliance

The new union of Sickness and Winter took off in style with the two men crowning themselves TWOstars Tag Team Champions after their match against Boyo and Samson. The alliance seemed intent on Sickness getting his own back at Samson and Winter did all in his power to allow Sickness to tear apart his nemesis. Lucas Thorp, Edward's manager, questioned why what Winter was getting out of the deal since only Sickness seemed to be profiting from the deal. The answer was soon revelaed. Sickness got a title shot against Samson but quickly Draven Cage and The Evil Gringo were added to the match. Then on the night of the PPV Arron Winter added himself into the match making a five way dance for the biggest prize in TWOstars.

In a hellacious match All 5 men gave their all for the chance at the 3 belts but in the end Sickness stood over Samson. It looked like Sickness would get his ultimate revenge on Samson but instead Sickness roused his Blood Alliance partner and the two men delivered a double Hibernation/Coma on the champion and Sickness alowed Winter to pin the champion. Finally the realisation dawned and sickness revealed that he had sold his soul to Winter for the chance at destroying Samson on the basis that he would help Winter become the first ever Grandlslam Champion.

The Blood Aliance continued to control TWOStars, with both men as Tag Team Champions, Winter as Triple Crown champion and Sickness eventually winning the United States and TV Championships. Though eventually cracks started to show. Winter started acting strangely, and at one point told Sickness that he was inferior to him. Eventualy Sicknes snapped when Winter tried to get The Sick One to attack his friend Becki Moss. Once again Sickness betrayed his partner, explaining to the world that he teamed with Winter on the condition that Winter ensured the safety of the non wrestlers in TWOStars after Rockefeller had started to ttack whoever he wanted due to his 'unsackable' status. This led to an All Or Nothing Cage Match where both men put all their titles on the line with the winner walking out as Ultimate Champion of Champions. Despite being in a cage the match wasn't free of interferance with Rockefeller trying to aid Winter before being chased off by Draven Cage. The sudden appearence of Winters sister gave the GM energy to climb the cage, but Sickness managed to catch him before he could escape and the match was ended after Sickness hit a Diamond Dust from the top of the cage to get the pinfall. Sickness was finally the Triple Crown Champion, and the only person to hold all the TWOStars belts at the same time.

Ultimate Champion

On the first show after winning all the belts Sickness was informed that at Wrestlenova he would be defending against Angus McDonald, and to ensure that match was set in stone new GM Darkstar declared that until the 'Nova main event the Triple Crown was not allowed to be defended. That night Sickness defended his TV Title in a 4 man ladder match, a match that was won by Randy Roko. After the match Sickness shook the hand of his friend and as they tried to celebrate Harry Hart ran in to atack The Sick One. Using his Money In The Bank shot Hart pined the worn out Sickness, but due to Darkstars earlier ruling he was enraged to discover he could only win the United States Championship and not The Triple Crown!

At Wrestlenova Sickness and McDonald wrestled a long match, but eventually The Tartan Spartan managed to cover Sickness for the win and become the new champion. The reign of Sickness lasted for a few days over a month.


After losing all of his titles Sickness was back to a nothing and, determined to become the man he once was, started to reforge links with his past friends. At a press conference a small group of fans started to wind up The Millenium Warrior until eventually he snapped and walked out after yelling at the fans. This was just the start... everywhere he went Sickness was harassed by people accusing him of selling out his friends, his fans and his own self respect. Even Melv Deltzer reported on Sickness fighting with fans in an airport. As Sickness became more hated by the fans another man was becoming more popular as he pointed out the flaws in the character of Sickness; that man was Johnny Rockefeller. Rockefeller encouraged Boyo to return to TWOStars for the special Tribute To Sickness night, a night ruined when Boyo insulted Sickness, calling him a betrayer and scum and declaring they would never, ever be friends again.

Slowly people drifted away from Sickness, people who had once been his friends: Evil Gringo, Becki Moss, ngus McDonald, Boyo, Winter and even his own half brother Iagan. Recognising that Rockefeller was manipulating people Sickness tried to face him one on one, but Rocky kept cheating to ensure he stayed on top. Eventually Rockefeller declared he had won and Sickness would get no more chances at him... so The Sick One decided to play it on Rockefellers terms.

As Rockefeller started to finally break into films and become a 'real' celebrity he went to the premier of a film he co stared in, but Sickness was waiting and attacked the US Champion on the red carpet, making Rocky into a laughing stock in the eyes of he world. Enraged Rockefeller challenged Sickness to a match of his choice and he accepted. At A Midsummers Nights Destruction they two men would fight in a Hell In A Cell match!

Choosing to be the first man out Rockefeller climbed to the top of the cell before Sickness came out. The Sick One was never one to pass up a challenge and climbed ot the top as well. But before the match got underway Mat denton came out and offered Sickness a contract with Zenith Entertainment. As Sickness prepared to reply, though how he was to reply is unknown, Rockefeller pushed him from the top of the Cell, causing The Lone Wolf to fall through his own car roof! As EMTs tended to Sickness Rockefeller declared the crowd to be stupid and easily manipulated as he caused them to turn on a man who cared for them and to cheer for him, a man who despised them. Rocky signed up with Zenith in Sickness's place.

Out Of Action

The fall seriously injured The Sick One and he is out for an unspecified ammount of time.

Entrance(s) Sickness drives to the ring in a battered old car. Its rust covered and barely moving. The roof has barbed wire on the top. Sickness will park the car near the ring before his matches.

Title History


ERE King of The Ring 2005


TWOStars Ultimate King of The Ring 2005

TWOStars Tag Team Champion (twice with Boyo)

" " (once with Jaycey Baby)

TWOStars Television Championship

TWOStars United States Championship

TWOStars Triple Crown Championship

Sickness is the only man to have held every belt at once.

Finishing and Signature moves


Diamond Dust (flipping Ace Crusher from the turnbuckle): Sickness stands on the top turnbuckle with his opponant stood on the mat facing outwards, he the puts an arm around the neck of his foe and flips over into a cutter/RKO style landing.

Sicknote: Tazmission

The Coma: Go2Sleep

Signatures moves

Bareback (set up for a Rock Bottom, but fall to knees almost like a stunner!)

Cross Infection ( a stunner near the ropes, when the target bounces back from the ropes hit a DDT)

Shooting Star Press (November Echo)

The Boyo Bulldog: Sickness locks in a Full Nelson then hits a Dudley Dog while keeping the Full Nelson locked in, slamming his foes face into the mat!

Darkness Falls ( a hammerlock/chinlock/backbreaker combo ) see below for example: The Fabulous One gets Sickness into position for a DDT, but Sickness manages to get his head out of his grip and still hold onto his arm. Sickness then wrenches Fills DDT arm around the back of his waist into a Hammerlock. Sickness holds the hammerlock in for a few seconds. With his left hand Sickness reaches around and pulls on Fills chin, The Fabulous One is now looking at the arena roof. Sickness kicks the back of his knees, making him buckle over backwards. Sickness then drops to his knees and plants Fills spine right on his knee, with the hammerlock and the chin lock still locked in! Can be used as both a normal finisher or held on for a submission.

Normal Moves

  • Kick to stomach
  • Headbutt
  • Armdrag
  • Fujiwar Armbar
  • Full Nelson
  • Double leg takedown
  • Drop toe hold
  • STF
  • Bareback (set up for a Rock Bottom, but fall to knees almost like a stunner!)
  • Cross Body
  • martial Arts kicks to the body, normally the legs
  • Enzigiri
  • High Knee (normally from a jump attack)

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The Sickness is an unknown illness believed to exist on the Island. Its presence was first revealed to the survivors by Danielle Rousseau although her account was somewhat vague and contradictory. Despite these inconsistencies, however, other evidence found on the Island and revealed later in the series seems to support some elements of her story.

To date, none of the survivors has contracted the Sickness.


Danielle Rousseau

Rousseau explains about her early time on the Island ("Solitary")

Danielle's account to Sayid and, later, Hurley is somewhat confused and contradictory. This is possibly due to the trauma she experienced surrounding the death of her team, the abduction of her daughter, and living alone on the Island for some 16 years.

Danielle's account

According to Danielle, her research team lived for some two months on the Island before locating the radio tower up near the Black Rock. She explained that her team was on their way back when there was some kind of encounter wherein they contracted the Sickness. Danielle declared: "It was them. They were the carriers. The Others." She later claimed, however, that she has never seen anyone else on the Island, only heard their whispers in the jungle.

Her team returned to their shelter on the beach, and it was some time after when "the sickness came." Rousseau described the Sickness striking one after the other -- and she was forced to shoot and kill her entire team as they were already lost. Danielle justified her actions: "What would have happened if we were rescued? I couldn't let that happen." She also noted some kind of confrontation or stand-off occurred with Robert, her lover. He failed to notice the firing pin was missing in his rifle just before she shot him.

Danielle never described the nature or symptoms of the Sickness and her advice to Sayid was only that he should watch the other survivors carefully. ("Solitary")  ("Numbers")

Radio tower transmission

After the death of her team, Danielle recounted that she went back up to the radio tower and changed the transmission. Some sixteen years later, the same transmission was picked up by the survivors of the crash of Oceanic 815. Only partially translated by Shannon, the full recorded message also indicated that Danielle was trapped inside the radio tower and something or someone outside had "killed them all". She also mentions not having a key, adding that Brennan took them. ("Pilot, Part 2")

A "sick" Robert tries to reassure Danielle.

Events in Season 5

November 1988

After the Island "moved", a time-shifting Jin floating in the ocean was rescued by a young pregnant Danielle Rousseau and her science team. On landing on the Island, the team picked up the original transmission from the radio tower and were on their way there when they were attacked by The Monster. In the attack, Nadine was killed and Montand lost an arm when the Monster pulled him down into a dark opening beneath the Temple wall. Moments afterwards, Montand's voice could be heard from below calling out for help, claiming the Monster had released him. The entire research team, excepting Rousseau and Jin, descended into the opening and disappeared. Moments later a time-flash occurred, and Jin moved on. Danielle apparently saw Jin disappear right in front of her. ("This Place Is Death")

Jin stands over the bodies of Brennan and Lacombe, both "carriers" of the sickness

January 1989

At an unspecified point in time, likely somewhere in early 1989, Jin returned to the beach where he found the science team's makeshift camp. On arriving he found the bodies of two members of the team, Lacombe and Brennan, who appeared to have been killed relatively recently. Hearing raised voices, he discovered a confrontation going on nearby between Robert and a hysterical Danielle. She accused Robert of being sick and suggested he had been changed somehow by the Monster and was no longer himself. Robert pleaded for Danielle to calm down and trust him, saying he loved her. When she lowered her gun, however, Robert attempted to shoot her but the gun did not fire. Danielle responded by shooting Robert in the head. Spotting Jin nearby, Danielle turned the gun on him - blaming him for being infected and that he was "the carrier." Nearly getting shot himself, Jin escaped into the jungle moments before another time-flash occurred. Montand's fate is unknown. ("This Place Is Death")

Later in 1989

At some point later in 1989, Ben was ordered by Charles Widmore to kill Danielle. On entering her shelter on the beach in the middle of the night, Ben was surprised to find Danielle with her newborn baby daughter, Alex. Instead of carrying out his original mission, Ben elected to kidnap Alex and let Danielle live. As he was leaving the tent, Danielle accused Ben: "You're the one who infected us, aren't you?" Ben responded by telling her never to come looking looking for Alex if she wanted to live and to run the other way if she ever heard whispers. ("Dead Is Dead")


Sickness characteristics

As implied in "This Place is Death," the Sickness manifests as a severe mental change on the part of the afflicted. From Danielle's perspective, Robert - appearing sane, normal and healthy - suddenly and uncharacteristically attempted to kill her. Rousseau suggests that it was The Monster who changed her team in some way after they disappeared into the opening beneath the Temple. It is not clear if she believes her team members were being controlled, or whether the Monster changed their personality and/or character in some way. If true, this would raise the question as to whether or not the Sickness is truly a disease in the strictest sense - and also whether Robert and the rest of the science team were in complete control of their own actions.

However, lacking reliable information on what happened during the two months between Jin's first and second visit to the research team, a good case could also be made that Danielle is the one who went insane. Robert may have been acting in self-defense, protecting himself from a woman who had already killed the rest of his team. Just before his death he asks Danielle: "Why are you acting this way?" ("This Place Is Death") Upon kidnapping Alex and taking her to the Others' camp, Ben describes Danielle as insane. ("Dead Is Dead") Years later in talking to the mercenaries Ben again refers to Danielle as "an insane woman", possibly implying that Danielle was crazy even before her sixteen years alone on the Island ("The Shape of Things to Come") Later, Sayid also describes the notations on Danielle's maps as the ravings of a disturbed mind. ("Numbers")

In an official podcast the LOST producers describe the Sickness as making people go crazy.


Rousseau describes the Others as being "the carriers" of the Sickness, although in "This Place is Death," it is implied that her entire team contracted the Sickness from the Monster after venturing beneath the Temple. Rousseau claimed, however, to have lived on the Island for some two months before the Sickness took hold - suggesting it may have spread, unnoticed, through her group for a time. Rousseau accuses both Jin and, later, Ben as being carriers for the disease. ("This Place Is Death")  ("Dead Is Dead")

Other references to sickness on the Island

There are a number of references to sickness on the Island throughout the series. Most of these references appear to concern a physical illness - with a possible exception being the "cabin fever" experienced by those on board the "Kahana."

Staff doctor applying vaccines ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

The DHARMA Initiative

The Vaccine

Main article: Vaccine

In the 1970s, the DHARMA Initiative took precautions in innoculating new recruits arriving on the Island. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")  ("Namaste")

Years later, the Swan station was seen to contain an ample supply of the vaccine. The Swan was similarly equipped with HAZMAT suits allowing the station occupants to venture outside. When asked why he was wearing one, Kelvin responded: "So I don't get sick." Desmond learned later, however, that Kelvin had been creating an elaborate deception about the precautions required to go outside, and that the protective suit was unnecessary. Desmond's mural also contains the enigmatic phrase: "I am sick." ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")  ("Live Together, Die Alone")

The word quarantine on the Hatch door ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")

Later, a case containing a number of vials of the same vaccine was found on the pallet as part of the resupply drop. ("Three Minutes")

Quarantine warnings

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Both entrances of The Swan station had the word "QUARANTINE" stenciled on the inside. The entrance of The Arrow also had an identical warning stenciled on the inside of the doors. The significance of these warnings is unknown. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")  ("The Other 48 Days").

Claire suspected that Aaron might have the sickness in "Maternity Leave"

The Others

Several actions taken by the Others appear to suggest the presence of a sickness on the Island.

Claire's abduction

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After her abduction, Claire was taken to The Staff where she was given a number of injections by Ethan. The injection appeared to be the same DHARMA Initiative administered vaccine, in this case administered directly to Claire's baby in-utero. Later, Claire recalls a partial conversation with Ethan where he suggests that she cannot stay with the Others, as they do not possess enough vaccine for both her and the baby. ("Maternity Leave")

Juliet later describes that Claire was given a serum during the time of her abduction to help her survive the pregnancy. It is unknown if Juliet was telling the truth here or if this was just part of a cover story to win the survivors' trust. ("One of Us")

Blood Samples

The Others have been observed taking blood samples from the survivors. For instance, a blood sample was taken from Michael when he was captured. ("Three Minutes") On another occasion, Jack, Kate, and Sawyer all had band-aids on their arms, suggesting a sample had been taken, when they awoke on the Hydra Island. ("A Tale of Two Cities") The purpose of taking these samples is unknown.


Aaron also contracted an illness with a high fever in episode "Maternity Leave". Claire worried that it was the same sickness that Rousseau's team had contracted. Aaron recovered on his own within a couple of days.

Claire's implant

Later in Season 3, Claire developed a mysterious illness and collapsed, bleeding from the nose. Juliet claimed that while Claire was at The Staff, she was given a serum to prevent her from dying during her pregnancy. Juliet further claimed that Claire's immune system had turned on her due to a latent reaction to medication in her bloodstream. It was later revealed in a flashback, however, that the Others had placed an implant within Claire that could be triggered remotely as a ruse, thereby creating a problem for Juliet to solve and use as a means of ingratiating herself with the survivors. Ben explained to Juliet that once the implant was activated Claire would become "symptomatic" in 48 hours. How much of Juliet's original account is true is uncertain. ("One of Us")

"Cabin Fever"

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While stationed offshore of the Island, a number of crew members aboard the "Kahana" began to experience what Captain Gault described as a "heightened case of cabin fever." He theorizes that their aberrant behavior had something to do with remaining too long in close proximity of the Island. It is likely this is somehow related to the Island's strange time discrepancy with the outside world.

One instance of the "cabin fever" occurred when Brandon and George Minkowski took the Zodiac to have a look at the Island but were forced to turn back when Brandon started acting erratically. George notes Brandon died later, but does not explain how. ("The Constant"). Regina seemingly exhibits the illness when she is found unknowingly reading a book upside-down. Then later, she commits suicide by jumping overboard with a chain wrapped around her. ("Ji Yeon")

Other examples include Sayid and Desmond hearing an unidentified individual banging on the pipes in another part of the ship, a large bloodstain on the wall of one of the cabins, ("Ji Yeon") and two crew members trying to steal the ship's Zodiac raft. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

Captain Gault suggests Keamy, now beginning to act increasingly aggressive and hostile, is also suffering from the effects. ("Cabin Fever")

Personality changes

While related to a disease or the Sickness, there are several other instances on the Island wherein an individual appears to have changed or been changed in some way.

Benjamin Linus

After being shot by Sayid, Richard Alpert took young Ben to the Temple, using mysterious methods there to heal him. Richard implies that the healing process will change Ben forever and he would never again be the same. ("Dead Is Dead")


When Locke sees Claire with Christian (who is presumably Jacob's nemesis in disguise) in the cabin, she appears relaxed, nonchalant and unconcerned for Aaron. ("Cabin Fever")

John Locke

Upon the emergency landing of Flight 316 on the Island, Jacob's nemesis assumed the form of and has been masquerading since as John Locke. Arguably, from the point of view of the Others and the survivors who knew him previously, "Locke" has changed. On visiting the Others' camp, Richard Alpert comments as much: "You seem different." ("The Variable")

It is worth noting that Locke is one of the first survivors from Flight 815 to encounter the Monster and, on another occasion, was nearly dragged into a dark opening in the ground similar to Montand. ("Walkabout")  ("Exodus, Part 2")

Jigsaw puzzle

One of the Lost jigsaw puzzles contained a book code cipher on its back. Lostpedia translated the code using a copy of The Turn of the Screw, revealing, among other sentences, the statement: "there is no sickness." According to Gregg Nations, however, Kelvin and Radzinsky wrote these messages - and it is their interpretation of the Island's mysteries.

Sicknesses in The Lost Experience

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Medical incongruities

  • Meningococcal meningitis is an infection of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) by the bacterium Neisseria meningitidis, or meningococcus. Meningitis is the broader term for an infection of the CSF caused by any of a number of bacteria or viruses.
  • True vaccines are technically primary prevention, not given after exposure to a pathogen. Rabies post-exposure prophylaxis is commonly given to humans after exposure (rabies vaccine is given prior).


Bacterial meningitis is caused by Neisseria meningitidis, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae, Staphylococcus aureus, or any of a number of other bacterial pathogens. Bacterial meningitis has similar symptoms of onset as Ben described. Viral meningitis, on the other hand, follows a less severe course.

Bacterial meningitis is treated by antibiotics such as penicillins, cephlasporins, and vancomycin in the United States. These medications are usually administered intravenously and cross the blood brain barrier into the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. Which drug is given depends on the type of bacteria, as well as the substrain of bacteria.

HOWEVER, certain forms of bacterial meningitis can be prevented by a vaccine, but cannot be treated by such a vaccine.

  • Haemophilus influenzae meningitis can be prevented by receiving the Hib Vaccine, especially in early childhood.
  • Neisseria meningitidis or meningococcus is a cause of life-threatening bacterial meningitis and is usually associated with communal living. There is also now a vaccine covering four strains of the meningococci, thus highly decreasing the spread of thatt form of bacterial meningitis. It is often recommended for students living in college dormitories. For the B strain, which is much harder to produce for use in vaccine, there are a few available being MeNZB in New Zealand and MenBVAC in Norway.
  • In the US, this vaccine is marketed with the trade names: Menactra and Menommune, produced by the Sanofi Pasteur, Inc. in Swiftwater, PA (Physicians' Desk Reference, 2007). There is a common misconception with Menommune, which may explain the multiple doses. Menommune has been shown to only provide a passive protection in most cases against meningococci. Some immunologists and physicians believed multiple vaccinations to solve this problem, by amping up the amount of memory based T-cell antibodies to fight off the infection. However, multiple vaccinations has a somewhat opposite effect, causing a further dented but not completely gone passive protection. Menactra is made by the same company that produced menommune, and has been improved with greater coverage. Menactra can be given to pregnant women. Typically in the US, college students receive a vaccination for this type of bacteria, colloquially known as the "meningitis vaccine".
  • Streptococcus pneumoniae also has a vaccine available, typically for those 65 and older in the US as well as brand new babies, but also is showing signs of preventing strep pneumoniae meningitis. It is called Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine or the Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (Physicians' Desk Reference, 2007).
  • More information on these vaccines for meningococal disease can be found at The Center for Disease Control.

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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  • Is the vaccine related to the Sickness?

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