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A pilot is a person who operates a vehicle, usually an aerial vehicle. Pilots were often referred to by the type of vehicle they controlled, such as Dropship pilot, Fighter pilot or Shuttle pilot. A pilot of a starship is usually referred to as the helmsman or flight controller.

Thirty-six fighter pilots and six dropship pilots were assigned to the USS Swiftfire-A during the Dominion War. They were assigned to the 260th Fighter Wing and 83rd Marine Company respectively. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "Deployment")

During a holodeck simulation several members of the Swiftfire took the roles of early 21st century fighter pilots. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "The Front")

Due to losses suffered in the Dominion War the 260th Fighter Wing found itself with too many pilots but not enough Peregrine-class attack fighters. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "Section 214C")

The dropship pilot assigned to USS Remington was Franklin Crow. (Star Trek: Remington)

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