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"A small tribe living in the northern region. Basically gentle in temperament, they maintain a relaxed lifestyle. Shumis have big, long arms that change as they grow. The results vary depending on their environment."
—"Shumi Tribe" - FFVIII Info Corner
NORG, a Shumi

The Shumi (シュミ, Shumi), or Shumi Tribe, are a race of humanoid creatures in Final Fantasy VIII. Seemingly simple and artistic in nature they possess a unique technology that makes use of both man-made and bio-natural products.
Their primary job, it seems, are as world merchants, craftsmen and project organizers and it is not uncommon to find a Shumi behind the funding of major organizations.




While nearly humanoid it is unclear whether the Shumi have genders like humans. Their most prominent physical feature would most probably be their oversized hands, used for digging and craftsmanship.

At an undisclosed period in their lives a Shumi will evolve into a form most reflecting their personality. This fact greatly affects their cultural attitude towards themselves and other beings.
A common Shumi

The Moomba is perhaps the most common form that a Shumi may take due to their holding Moombas in high enough regard that most wish to become one when their time comes. The form of an Elder Shumi is reserved for those who demonstrate certain traits toward the Shumi community. This form, while greatly similar to the common Shumi, appears much taller and seems to possess a facial feature similar to human beards. The form of NORG, a black sheep of the Shumi culture though possessing considerable mercantile skills, may either be a perverted version of the Elder form due to his greed or an entirely different form altogether. One Shumi has also expressed a desire to evolve into a Human however it is unclear whether they actually can. Exactly how many forms a Shumi can evolve into or whether there is an actual limit to their options of physical form is also unknown.

It is also possible that Shumi may be immortal as demonstrated during NORG's defeat when he does not actually die but becomes an egg-like cocoon that will eventually hatch, hinting that the Shumi are constantly reincarnating and evolving.


As their evolution depends greatly on their inherent attitude the Shumi are, on average, tolerant and humble pacifists of good nature. While proud of their skills as merchants and craftsmen they try not to boast about it to much; such is the trait of hiding their hands from public display as they believe that their hands, essential in crafting, are their greatest tool. For a Shumi to flaunt their hands about is seen as poor taste, while if a Shumi who normally doesn't show their hands, offers them to someone it is seen as a mark of respect to the person being offered; of course the higher in rank and humility that the Shumi is, the higher the respect paid becomes. Another notable trait is their tendency to refer to each other by their job description instead of a given name. This may be another mark of humility.

In contrast, the Shumi known as NORG displays behavior and actions that grossly contradict the Shumi Village culture; and as a result has grown rotund to reflect his greedy and cowardly personality. It is unknown whether he has been cast out of the village all though he has been labeled as a 'Black Sheep' of the tribe.

Architecture and Technology

Native to the snow covered northern continent of Trabia the Shumi are the inhabitants of Shumi Village; a deceptively prosperous village located under the continent's mountain ranges.

The sole above-ground structure; the outer-dome, is reminiscent steam-punk design with cold bronzed metal and glass constructed in an alien saucer shape with large pipes protruding outward. However the underground village itself is in contrast; displaying green flora, fauna and ponds along walking paths dotted by small chromed huts that also follow the reminiscence of steam-punk design.
Shumi underground village.

While the designs suggest a skill in metal smithy, key locations such as the Village Elevator and the inside decor of said huts suggest that the Shumi are well on par with the rest of the Final Fantasy VIII world in regards to modern technology. In addition to this, the unique addition of bio-natural items in their village architecture; most predominantly seen in the bio-luminescent rocks that light the cavern (323 meters below sea level) that the village is within.

Triple Triad

Shumi Tribe
Image:TTNORG.png Level 6 (Boss Card) Element none
Refine 5 refines into 1 Gambler Spirit
Drop n/a
Card T-Rexaur, Grat
Win n/a

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