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race: Human
affiliation: Big Town
location: Big Town
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: Big Trouble in Big Town
SPECIAL: 6 ST 5 PE 4 EN 4 CH 4 IN 6 AG 4 LK
derived stats: Hit Points: 80 → 100
tag skills: Barter: 52 → 59
Small Guns: 54 → 63
Unarmed: 50 → 59
level: 4 → 8
base id: 0002AB95
ref id: 00028029

Shorty is one of the residents of Big Town in 2277.


Occupation and activities

Shorty can be found in the basement of the Germantown Police HQ, and if rescued, can later be found in Big Town.

Interactions with the Lone Wanderer


Big Trouble in Big Town

During the Big Trouble in Big Town quest, Shorty can be found in the basement of the Police HQ in Germantown, and must either die or be rescued (or remain undiscovered by the player) to successfully complete the side quest. Shorty is obviously traumatized by the events he witnessed during his stay, including the slaughter of his less fortunate fellow humans. Shorty is originally tremendously inept both combat and protection wise. Shorty can don equipment taken from the player and his surroundings for additional protection. Upon returning to Big Town, Shorty thanks the Lone Wanderer and continues about his daily business.

You will not have the dialogue option to retrieve any items given to Shorty once the two of you reach Big Town. You will have to pickpocket or kill him, so be sure to get your things back before entering the town.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Brahmin-Skin Outfit


  • As opposed to Red who can do little beyond being a pack mule, Shorty can defend himself adequately if properly equipped, and can be a valuable (yet free) companion early in the game. Despite this, his usefulness in combat is still very limited compared to a "real" party member like Jericho. Due to his relatively low HP and lack of healing, he will eventually die, or at least be crippled in all possible places.
  • Shorty is skilled in Small Guns and Unarmed combat. Since his HP is low, the former is definitely the better idea.
    • It's best to give him slow firing weapons if you wish to conserve your ammunition. Hunting rifles, especailly Ol' Painless, are a very good choice. The Dart Gun can be a good choice too: All your targets will have crippled legs, without you having to switch to your own Dart Gun.
    • Unlike other weapons, equipping any Sniper Rifle will cause him to stay behind you and fire from cover. He is also quite strong with it, if you can spare the ammo. The Reservist's Rifle is the most economical choice, while the regular one gives him higher DPS.
    • Shorty's name is rather appropriate because he is probably one of the shortest nonchild NPCs in the game.


Shorty appears only in Fallout 3.

Big Town

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