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Seoul, South Korea
Toy store owner
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Sold Jin a stuffed panda bear toy

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The shopkeeper is the owner of a toy store visited by Jin in a flashback. He helped Jin find a stuffed panda plush, and was later bribed by Jin to give him a second panda, which was on layaway. He advised Jin not to lose this one. ("Ji Yeon")


  • During casting the shopkeeper was described as "Male, Korean, any age. Pleasant, eager to please the customer and make a sale, cool under stress, able to deal with difficult customers and keep them happy. Must be able to speak Korean... Co-star" [1]

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Up to date as of February 07, 2010

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Release date Unknown edit
Race Varies on area.
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? No
Location Most general stores.
Sells items? Yes
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender Varies on area.
Examine Sells stuff.
Notable features Sells goods

Shopkeepers are the keepers of general stores. They are found in general stores, located in many places throughout Gielinor. They are assisted by their shop assistant. They can teach you how to use stores that have the Player Stock tab. When right-clicking on a shopkeeper, you have two options other than examine: Talk to, or Trade. Clicking trade sends you directly to the store's wares menu, where you can buy and sell goods. Clicking talk to is a more roundabout fashion of this that ends in him telling you information that can be dependant on location, or explaining the player/store stock tab.

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From TibiaWiki

Shopkeeper NPCs buy and sell items, equipment, weapons, furniture, and more! These are the NPCs that have established places of business, but there are some NPCs in more obscure locations that also buy and sell things. Some shopkeepers only sell to premium account players.

There are multiple types of Shopkeeper NPCs:

See full list of NPCs.


Shopkeepers in general have a list of items they sell (although some, such as Norma, only sell to and/or buy from premium players or only to males, such as H.L.).

After greeting the shopkeeper (Non-Playable Character) with a "hi" (a very common salutation for them since it is only made up of two letters), they may ask you what you need or they may just reply with a Hello or some variation of that phrase.

Browsing a Shop's Category List

Most NPCs will give you a list of their items available for sale if you ask them what do you sell?. Some also have blackboards on the wall listing the sale items. If they sell many things, they organize them by categories, you can browse those categories by replying with the name of the category you want.

For example, if you are talking with Zaidal, the furniture shopkeeper of Port Hope and you ask what do you sell? he will reply I sell tables, chairs and drawers, all handmade with the material that the jungle has to offer.. Note that the categories are tables, chairs and drawers.

After that you can reply tables and they will give you a list of available type of tables for sale, in our case he or she replies I can offer you stone tables, tusk tables, bamboo tables and trunk tables.

Trading with a Shopkeeper

Before update 8.2 you would be required to greet the NPC and ask to "buy <number> <item>". For example, "buy 10 ham" would prompt the shopkeeper to ask you to confirm the purchase, then by saying "yes" you would have finished your trade.

Since update 8.2 you now need to greet the shopkeeper and ask for a trade, which would bring up a dialog containing a list of things you can purchase.

If the trade function does not work, the shopkeeper may have not been updated in 8.2, and should still work with the buy prior to the update

The trade feature is not limited to buying items, there is also a sell tab which will allow you to sell anything, provided the shopkeeper buys said item.


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City of Heroes

Up to date as of January 31, 2010
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From City of Heroes Wiki

Image:Badge auction seller 11.png


You've sold 6000 items on the Consignment House.

How to Get

6000 total sales of any kind on the consignment houses.

See Also

External Links

  • Shopkeeper Badge at City Info Tracker
  • Shopkeeper Badge at

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