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Shoopuf Artwork
"Ridess zee Shoopuf?"

The Shoopufs (シパーフ, Shipāfu) are a species of large elephantine animals in Final Fantasy X and X-2. They are used as pack animals by the Hypello to transport customers across the Moonflow. An incident involving a Shoopuf convinced Jecht to quit drinking. He was drunk and mistook a Shoopuf for a Fiend and attacked it. Jecht, out of embarrassment for Braska using all of his travel money to pay for the damage and fear over his family being ashamed of him, swore never to drink anything stronger than Shoopuf milk again.

While heading to Besaid ten years before the game's storyline, Yuna and Kimahri rode a Shoopuf; Yuna fell off into the water, and was saved by the Shoopuf. Preceding this, Yuna jumped off of the Shoopuf three more times just for fun, though not without incurring the concern of Kimahri.

In-game image of a Shoopuf

According to a statement by Maechen, Shoopufs never eat, at least not visibly. He also mentions that some believe that they feed on tiny organisms in the water, likely the Spira equivalent of plankton or algae.


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