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Ship captains normally provide passage for characters to travel between different seaports for a price (though some of them are out of work at the moment). Not all boats travel to all cities, simply ask for passage to learn what ports each captain services.

See also, Ferryman NPCs.

Ship Captain NPCs

Name Image:Trans.gif Job Buy/Sell Location
Brodrosch Image:Brodrosch.gif Ship Captain no 8 levels underground through the city caves, below Kazordoon. (here)
Captain Bluebear Image:Captain Bluebear.gif Ship Captain no Thais boat at Harbour and Main Street, here.
Captain Breezelda Image:Captain Breezelda.gif Ship Captain no Svargrond
Captain Cookie Image:Captain Cookie.gif Ship Captain no Yalahar, on the ship left of Karith's ship.
Captain Fearless Image:Captain Fearless.gif Ship Captain no North of the city of Venore here.
Captain Greyhound Image:Captain Greyhound.gif Ship Captain no The boat at Carlin on Harbour Lane, here.
Captain Haba Image:Captain Haba.gif Ship Captain yes Svargrond
Captain Jack Image:Captain Jack.gif Ship Captain no Isle of the Kings
Captain Max Image:Captain Max.gif Ship Captain yes Liberty Bay and above Calassa
Captain Seagull Image:Captain Seagull.gif Ship Captain no The dock of Ab'Dendriel, here.
Captain Seahorse Image:Captain Seahorse.gif Ship Captain no North of the city of Edron, here.
Captain Sinbeard Image:Captain Sinbeard.gif Ship Captain no The dock of Ankrahmun, (here).
Captain Waverider Image:Captain Waverider.gif Ship Captain no Liberty Bay and Treasure Island
Captain Kurt Image:Captain Kurt.gif Ship Captain no Island of Destiny
Charles Image:Charles.gif Ship Captain no West end of the city of Port Hope, here.
Dalbrect Image:Dalbrect.gif Ship Captain no The port north and west of Carlin, here
Gurbasch Image:Gurbasch.gif Ship Captain no 8 levels underground, below Cormaya, at the end of the Cormaya Street across from Cormaya 11.
Harlow Image:Harlow.gif Ship Captain no Yalahar: in the Trade Quarter docks (straight south from the main gate), Vengoth
Jack Fate Image:Jack Fate.gif Ship Captain no South of Liberty Bay and Goroma.
Karith Image:Karith.gif Ship Captain no In the harbour of Yalahar, in a ship 1 floor above the big deck.
Maris Image:Maris.gif Ship Captain no In the Foreigner Quarter all the way north west in the Harbour, also on Fenrock and on Mistrock.
Pemaret Image:Pemaret.gif Ship Captain yes Northern port of Cormaya by Cormaya Street
Petros Image:Petros.gif Ship Captain no The dock of Darashia, here.
Sebastian Image:Sebastian.gif Ship Captain no South of Sabrehaven on Meriana and Nargor.

Full list of NPCs.


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