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Technical specifications

Spherical projectiles

Docking bays


Escape craft


Minimum crew

0; can control itself


Sith training

Earliest sighting

40 ABY

Present for battles/events
Known owner(s)

Ship was the name that Alema Rar gave to the Sith Meditation Sphere found by Ben Skywalker in 40 ABY.



Ship had a round cockpit. It resembled Yuuzhan Vong creations, but was not organic. Ship was a rusty red-orange in color. Its main weapon shot large spheres at the target. The interior was bare. The pilot sat in a meditative posture in the center of the cockpit and communicated mentally with Ship.

Ben Skywalker, who found Ship on Ziost.


Ship was first used by Ben Skywalker in 40 ABY after he found it on the planet Ziost. Ben flew Ship to the Anakin Solo, where he presented it to Jacen Solo, who then gave it to Lumiya. Lumiya was using Ship when she was followed by Mara Jade Skywalker to Hesperidium. The two former Emperor's Hands dueled, and if not for Ship's interference, Lumiya's survival would be questionable. Ship intervened because its purpose was to train apprentices to fight, and it disliked the idea of its "students" dying. For this reason, Ship allowed Skywalker and Lumiya to fight, but would not let either one be killed.

Later, Lumiya used Ship to follow Jacen to the Hapes Consortium, where she discovered that he had a lover and child. Although Lumiya and Ship helped Jacen by firing at the pursuing StealthX of Mara Jade Skywalker, they were assaulted by Jacen, who wished to keep his relationship with Tenel Ka secret.

Alema Rar, who took a special interest in Ship.

Following Lumiya's death at the hands of Luke Skywalker, Alema Rar took control of Ship, held at the Roqoo Depot by the Hapans. Her first action after assuming command was to take Ship to the Jedi Academy on Ossus, then to Korriban, where she met with the One Sith.

Following her trip to Korriban, Alema Rar traveled to Kashyyyk, where she used Ship to save Darth Caedus's life during the ensuing battle.

Later, Ship took Alema to Lumiya's asteroid where the pair came into conflict with Jedi Knights Zekk and Jaina Solo. During the fight Zekk tapped into old Dark side training from the Shadow Academy and persuaded Ship to seek a more suitable master. Ship fled from the Home and was pursued by the Poison Moon to Ziost. Dician, the commander of the Poison Moon, attempted to convince Ship to join the One Sith, but she was turned down.

Later in 41 ABY, Ship arrived on the planet Kesh, where it encountered a Lost Tribe of Sith; namely a young human female named Vestara Khai. Ship sensed Khai's desire to be a Sith Master and offered to teach her in the ways of the dark side of the Force. Over the next two years, Ship helped the Tribe to build a small Sith armada. However, in 43.5 ABY Ship left Kesh abruptly, much to the dismay of the Circle of Lords, who planned to recapture it.[2]

The team of Sith followed Ship to a planet controlled by a being called Abeloth. Abeloth had called Ship to her and now had complete power over it. After losing many of their members due to meddling by Abeloth, the strike team left the planet, without Ship.[1]

Vestara Khai believed Ship to be male.[2]

Behind the scenes

Although Ship is not italicized in the novels in which it has appeared, its entry in the The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia is italicized.



Notes and references

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