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Shinryu is a recurring summon in the Final Fantasy series, based on the enemy of the same name.


Dissidia Final Fantasy

Shinryu being summmoned.
"An ancient dragon dwelling in the Dimensional Rift. A massively strong will once consigned it to a certain task, but all details are unknown. It often rains devastation on those who would destroy it, causing even gods to fear its strength."
—Dissidia description
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Shinryu plays a critical but unseen role in Dissidia. Also referred to as "the divine dragon" or simply "the dragon", Shinryu is stated to appear when either Cosmos or Chaos is defeated as part of its deal with Cid of the Lufaine to determine the nature of harmony and discord. At this time, it will return the entire universe to its original state, also restoring the fallen god and beginning the war over again. The villains wish to permanently destroy Cosmos before Shinryu awakens and restarts the war, to ensure that Chaos will ultimately be victorious and Cosmos cannot be revived, but the heroes destroyed Chaos completely before Shinryu arrives. Even then, the secret ending reveals that Shinryu simply revived both Cosmos and Chaos, but has decided along with Cid that the next cycle will be the true end of the war.

In Inward Chaos, a mysterious voice speaks to the warrior that takes on this said challenge, remarking that only the truly powerful will be allowed further inward. This voice is later revealed to be Shinryu, who has gathered the most powerful incarnations of all the heroes and villains in order to create the ultimate Chaos. When Chaos finally appears, Shinryu claims that this world is an alternate possibility from that of the one of Shade Impulse, one where this world's Chaos has never known defeat. Upon defeating "ultimate Chaos", Shinryu realizes that the warrior's power outstrips that of the gods and that he/she has obtained a might that not even gods can inherit. Shinryu then says he shall cleanse this world, for it is his duty, but wishes that his next incarnation will be through the eyes of those like the warrior, instead of his lofty position. He then asks the warrior if that would not be something to behold, revealing the warrior to be none other than the Great Will.

In battle, Shinryu acts as a powerful summon unique to Chaos. When summoned, it uses Chaotic Deluge and causes one of several, random effects, that act as enhanced versions of the effects of other summons:
  • Half its summoner's Brave value and then constantly increase it by 99 repeatedly over a period of time; (based on PuPu)
  • Double its summoner's Brave value and then constantly decrease it by 99 repeatedly over a period of time; (based on Behemoth)
  • Decrease the opponent's Brave by half repeatedly over a certain period of time; (based on Omega)
  • Instantly multiply the summoner's brave by 1.5; (based on Ifrit)
  • Cause the summoner's HP attacks to halve the opponent's Brave value; (based on Iron Giant)
  • Summon a timer of 60 that turns the opponent's Brave back to 0 when the timer reaches zero; (based on Lich)
  • Summon a sword to gather power and Break the opponent's Brave after a period of time has passed; (based on Ultima Weapon)
  • Freeze the summoner's Brave value for a period of time; (based on Alexander)
  • Summon a timer of 60 that triples the summoner's Brave when the timer reaches 0. (based on Tiamat)

Unlike other summons, Shinryu can be used multiple times in battle. Notably, this means that if the player equips the "Opponent's summon unused" booster accessory when fighting Chaos, they will always retain the bonus, because Shinryu is never "used up". Shinryu is also the only summon to be given an entirely new image for the game, while all other summons use artwork or sprites from previous games. Shinryu can be obtained in the summon files after the player defeats Chaos for the first time.

None Promo Blue
Attack None Defend None
Atomic Ray
Crystal Ability (*****)
Deal 7 damage.

CP Crush
Destroy all of your opponent's crystals.


Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

Shinryu appears as one of the five Promotional cards that can be obtained in Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales. In the Japanese and American versions, he must be downloaded from a download station. In the European version, the player simply has to enter the code Down, X, R, Right, A, B on the Download Pop-Up Card screen.

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