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Shinryu artwork from Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls
For the summon from Dissidia Final Fantasy, see: Shinryu (Summon)
"An ancient dragon dwelling in the Dimensional Rift. It often rains devastation on those who would destroy it, causing even gods to fear its strength."
Dissidia summon files

Shinryu (神龍, しんりゅう Shinryū lit. "Divine Dragon") is a recurring boss in the Final Fantasy series. He is generally one of the hardest superbosses encountered. It is sometimes presented as a counterpart to another superboss, Omega.




Final Fantasy

Shinryu in Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition
Main article: Shinryu (Final Fantasy)

Shinryu appears in the Dawn of Souls, and 20th Anniversary versions of the original Final Fantasy, using the same sprite from Shinryu in Final Fantasy V. He appears as one of the last two bosses in the Lifespring Grotto along with two other superbosses, Omega and Atomos.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Lord Dragon in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
Main article: Lord Dragon

Shinryu, translated Lord Dragon in this game, appears as an optional superboss in the Depths of the True Moon, based on his Final Fantasy V form. Omega appears in the same dungeon.

Final Fantasy V

Shinryu in Final Fantasy V
Main article: Shinryu (Final Fantasy V)

Shinryu is a monster-in-a-box found in the Void. It is tied with Omega for the most difficult superboss in the entire game. Its attacks are water-Elemental,and it offers the Ragnarok when defeated, which is the most powerful sword in the game. However, in Final Fantasy V Advance, there is an even stronger version called Neo Shinryu who guards an even better sword, the Ultima Weapon.

A book found in the Interdimensional Rift mentions Shinryu arriving in the wake of Omega, and being sealed in the Void after the Sealed Weapons failed to destroy them.

Final Fantasy IX

Main article: Nova Dragon

Called Nova Dragon in this game, Shinryu is seen in a cutscene leading an army of dragons from Memoria, and must be defeated to enter the final area. Dissidia Final Fantasy's character files lists the game as an appearance by Shinryu, showing the name "Nova Dragon" as a mistranslation.

Final Fantasy X

Shinryu in Final Fantasy X
Main article: Shinryu (Final Fantasy X)

Shinryu is an Original Creation monster in the Monster Arena in Final Fantasy X. It is a palette-swap of Evrae. It is fought underwater, thus, only Tidus, Wakka and Rikku may face it. To fight him, the player must capture at least two Splashers, two Achelous, and two Maelspikes from the flooded portion of Gagazet Cavern.

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