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The Shinra No. 26 in the background.

The Shinra No. 26 is the number and official name of the rocket piloted by Cid Highwind in Final Fantasy VII. It was one of the successful rockets developed by Shinra's Space Exploration Department. Because of a mishap that occurred inside the rocket during the day of the launch, it was aborted. The site of the aborted launch served as a landmark years later for Rocket Town.



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The Shinra No. 26 was developed before the beginning of the game. Cid was assigned as the main pilot of the rocket. However, when the time of launching it arrived, Shera noticed a leak in one of the engines and stayed behind to fix it, this was actually caused by AVALANCHE which sabotaged the rocket engines. This caused Cid to abort the launch, causing the rocket to crash down and be badly damaged. This embarrassment caused Shinra to largely abandon the space project and give it meager funds over the years. Cid would blame the failure of his dreams on Shera for a long time afterward, and so treats her poorly.

Rufus Shinra was the one who recommended the cancellation of the Space Program, which was supported by the entire Shinra Executive Staff.

Later in the game, Shinra plans to launch the Huge Materia with the Shinra No. 26 into space, right into Meteor. They hope that the explosion will be so great that Meteor will be destroyed, thus saving the Planet.

Cloud and his party fight through the Turk Rude and take control of the rocket. Palmer gleefully tells them that the rocket is sent to automatically launch, and pushes the button that launches all of them into outer space with the rocket. It seems that Cid's plans will be fulfilled just before his death in the explosion.

Luckily, there is an escape pod in the back of the rocket, which allows the party to flee. Before the party can leave, the last Huge Materia can be rescued from the rocket. To get it a code must be punched in. Cid will try to give hints, but they do not seem to mean anything. The actual code is:

Image:Circle-button.png - Image:Square-button.png - Image:X-button.png - Image:X-button.png

Whether or not the Materia is rescued, the rocket still crashes into Meteor and creates a blinding explosion massive enough to be seen around the entire Planet. However, Meteor is unaffected, and continues its cataclysmic fall down.

Enemy Formations


Ship - Hallway

Senior Grunt x1


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