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No one has ever seen Shinra's face.
"I'm just a kid."

Shinra is a young Al Bhed boy who serves aboard the Celsius in Final Fantasy X-2. A technical prodigy, he designed the Garment Grid system, the CommSphere communicators, and helps decode the various spheres the Gullwings locate throughout the course of the game. He also designs a special sphere for Yuna's concert in Chapter 4.

Although Shinra is very intelligent, he is still very much a child and can often be heard singing the Gullwings' theme song. When faced with a conundrum the others expect him to be able to solve, he retorts with: "I don't know, I'm just a kid!" Also, he cuddles up to Yuna before she departs for the Farplane, like a child saying goodbye to his mother or elder sister.

In the International version, Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission, Shinra can be fought as a fiend called Strongest Shinra. The story behind it is that Shinra tried to manufacture the dark energy in the Farplane, and was possessed by the Omega Weapon. When defeated, Shinra returns to normal.

It is also implied, by a comment in Chapter 5, that Shinra may be the namesake for the company of the same name in Final Fantasy VII. This implies a possible connection between the two games.

Like many character models in this game, Shinra is recycled from a completely unrelated NPC from Final Fantasy X.


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