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This article is about the Shilo Village quest. For the village, see Shilo Village (city).



Official quest description: New areas in the Southern part of Karamja Island have been discovered with a mysterious village.

Who knows what hidden treasures exist, and what dangers lurk to guard them?

Release date: 27 January 2003 (Update)
Start: Talk to Mosol Rei, who is outside of Shilo Village in the south part of Karamja.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Long
Members only: Yes
  • Completion of Jungle Potion
  • Level 4
  • Level 20
  • Level 32
  • The ability to defeat Nazastarool and run past many level 60-80 undead monsters
Items needed:


  • Some food
  • Full prayer points to cross the bridge safely
  • An anti-poison in case you are poisoned by a tribesman
  • Some Energy Potions
  • Teleportation items for transportation to and from Karamja—especially dramen and teletabs/runes—may be helpful, especially for emergencies or to get to a bank to resupply, but are not essential.
Monsters to kill: Nazastarool (First appears as a level 91 Zombie, second as a level 68 Skeleton, and lastly as a level 93 Ghost.)


To find important dungeons and areas in this quest, consult the map below:

File:Shilo Village quest Karamja map.PNG


The temple

After starting, you must say the following statements in this order to Mosol Rei.

  1. Why do I need to run?
  2. Rashiliyia? Who is she?
  3. What can we do?
  4. Can I help in any way?
  5. I'll go to see the shaman.
  6. Yes, I'm sure and I'll take the Wampum belt to Trufitus.

(If you ask the question, "What danger is there around here," a number of Undead ones will show up to show you what the danger is.)

The fissure.

He should give you a Wampum belt to take to Trufitus in Tai Bwo Wannai to the north. Once at the village, use the belt on Trufitus. When you do so, he will tell you that things look very bleak. He will have almost no hope of anyone finding the temple of Ah Za Rhoon. You must state that you will look for the temple, and once you affirm your intent to search, Trufitus will take the Wampum Belt from you and this quest will turn yellow in your Quest Journal. To get to the temple from Tai Bwo Wannai, go east to the river, cross the log near the crashed glider, and go south along the river until you reach a mound of earth.

Use your spade on it to find a fissure. Light your torch with the tinderbox, then use the torch on the fissure to light it up. Add a rope to the fissure, securing it to the lip. Search the fissure again to climb down into the dungeon below. After a short period of time the fissure will be covered in earth again - use your spade to uncover the fissure, and the rope and torch will still be in place.

You'll see level 61 - 73 Undead ones that will attack you. It's not a multicombat area. Sometimes when you kill them, a cloud of Poison Gas will hit you for damage.

Find the smashed table. In this first area, the water appears to form an arm and hand, with the fingers holding a round pond. Optional: If you have your chisel with you, you can retrieve a Stone-plaque from a Strange looking stone near the round pond, which can be sold to Yanni Salika after the quest. Look around the wall that is west of the 'fingers of water' from the smashed table. The 'cave-in' does not appear as a red mark in the wall in the mini-map. Search the 'cave-in' and crawl through.

In this second cavern, which is "N" shaped, look for some loose rocks at the top of the first leg of the "N". Search them, carefully, to get a tattered scroll (NOTE: Sometimes you can fail and get hit 7 hitpoints of 6, just keep trying, don't die though). After crossing the diagonal arm of the cavern, in a small room, you'll find some sacks that you can search for another crumpled scroll. At the very end of the last arm of the cavern, look-at then search the gallows to get Zadimus corpse.

To leave the dungeon, go back into the first cave. Craft the smashed table into a raft, then take the raft to exit the dungeon. Sometimes, you get the message there isn't enough wood left. In this case, you can continue through the first cave to find some waterfall rocks that you can search to exit (you will also need to exit this way if you accidentally crafted the table too early as it can't be used again). But if you fall exiting through the waterfall you can take a lot of damage.

Note that you may also use a teleport to leave the dungeon without consequence. This method may be preferable if you have an easy way to return to Karamja, such as fairy rings.

Scrolls from Ah Za Rhoon

The red tinted Tattered scroll is about Rashilia's son, Bervirius:

Bervirius, son of King Dathalas, was killed in battle. His devout mother Rashiliya was so heartbroken that she swore fealty to Zamorak if he would return her son to her. Bervirius returned as an undead creature and terrorized the King and Queen. Many guards died fighting the undead Bervirius. Eventually the undead Bervirius was set on fire and soon only the bones remained. His remains were taken far to the South, and then towards the setting sun to a tomb that is surrounded by and level with the sea. The only remedy for containing the spirits of witches and undead.'

The green Crumpled scroll is about Rashiliya. Not exactly the smartest way to phrase a request to Zamorak, and you might guess that her son created rather a few undead as the casualties piled up. Better have a sharp sword at hand. His mother's story didn't end well, either:

''Rashiliya's rage went unchecked. She killed without mercy for revenge of her son's life. Like a spectre through the night she entered houses and one by one quietly strangled life from the occupants. It is said that only a handful survived, protected by necklace wards to keep the Witch Queen at bay."
The burial place of Zamidus' corpse.

The Burial of Zadimus

Read the 2 scrolls, then show all 3 items to Trufitus by using each one on him. Then go to the tribal statue west of the house and bury the corpse to make the spirit of Zadimus appear. He will give you a bone shard and an important clue.

Take the bone shard back to Trufitus and he'll tell you to look for Bervirius's tomb. Make sure that you have shown him every item you've found.

Note: many players do not have the option to climb down the "well stacked rocks" in the next part of the quest. This is because they have not shown all the items to Trufitus and/or have not been told to look for the tomb of Bervirius by him. So make sure you have not missed anything.

The Tomb of Bervirius

The dolmen.

You now need to go to the Tomb of Bervirius. From Tai Bwo Wannai, head to Cairn isle. You will need to climb the rockslide, then cross the bridge to reach Cairn Isle. You can fall and take damage, so bring food if you need.

Once you're at the other side, climb down the well stacked rocks, to the north. Your ability to climb down rocks is based on agility, if you don't succeed the first time try again. Go to the dolmen in the south end of the cave and search it to get a sword pommel, a locating crystal and Berivius notes. If you accidentally drop the notes they will disappear and you will need to go buy some charcoal and papyrus to make another set (can be purchased at the general store north west of tai bwo wannai)Also, if you drop the locating crystal it will inflict 10 damage. Climb up the rock slide in the east of the cave to get back out. Also be aware that the "climb rocks" option is at the base of the rock slide and can be easy to overlook. (note: the rocks can deal at least 10 damage , so having 20 hp is advised)

Go back to Trufitus. Read the scrolls, then show him everything.

You now need to make a new necklace. Use a chisel on the sword pommel to make ivory beads. Then use a bronze bar on an anvil to make Bronze wire, use the wire on the beads to make the beads of the dead necklace. You're now ready to take on the final boss.

Scrolls from Bervirius's Tomb

The blue Bervirius notes add more insights, and come in 3 sections. The Tattered yellow papyrus:

"...and rest like your mother who is silent in the peace of her tomb far to the north of Ah Za Rhoon. Near the sea, and under the hills deep in the underground to watch all of nature from the darkness of her final resting place."

That's a useful clue, and may make one think of the Fairy ring south of Musa Point, where one can mage Harpie Bug Swarms. The Decayed white papyrus explains one of your items:

"...Rashiliya did so love objects of beauty. Her tomb was adorned with crystals that glowed brightly when near to each other."

The Crusty orange papyrus finishes the explanation:

"...the sphere is activated when power of a spiritual nature is expended on it, this can be very draining to the body."

Only if you have just 2 prayer points left, which is the cost of activation.

where the Tomb is located on the map

The Tomb of Rashiliya

The entrance to the tomb.

Go north, beyond the temple of Ah Za Roon, or just use the Fairy Ring network (code DKP) to zip to the north shore, near Tiadeche of Tai Bwo Wannai. Travelling through the Fairy Rings will take you through Zanaris, which has a bank where you can load up on any food, ammunition, runes, or potions you may want to fight Nazastarool. You don't need to carry the scrolls, in case you need extra inventory space, but be sure to keep the bone shard and the Beads of the Dead necklace. You might run into The Shaikahan (level 83), whom you cannot damage with regular weapons. Near The Shaikahan, look for two trap doors on the ground (You used to have to search patch of foliage to find two doors.) Search these doors to find the shape of the keyhole, then use your chisel on the bone shard to make a bone key (Be sure to keep this key if you want to access the tomb after the quest). You must use the chisel on the shard, you CANNOT use the shard on the chisel. Put on the beads of the dead necklace, and enter.

Note that you can open the door from the sides, but may need to be right in front of the doors in order to enter. Once you pass the gate, you have to click around until the game lets you climb down into the dungeon.

You'll find Undead Ones all throughout the dungeon in a multicombat area - more will be summoned if you pick up the coins, which turn to dust. Your challenge now is to find the right door. A number of dummy doors exist, which will lead you back outside. The one you're looking for will be very distinctive, something you'd expect from a Witch Queen necromancer.

The skeleton door.

Specific Instructions: Note your orientation on the mini-map as you plot your course. Running past the undead, go through the ancient gates and down the rock slope (hard to get back up), head west then south then south-west, until you find some doors with skeletons embedded in them. They seem to have receptacles for bones. Use 3 regular bones on these doors. Enter and keep the beads on and search the dolmen.

You will be attacked by Nazastarool (Note that there's a rock inside the room. If you have a halberd or ranged weapons, you can make him stand behind the rock, while you stand on the other side, and still be able to hit him, without him being able to hit you!), a level 91 zombie. Another popular tactic is to poison him and then stand in a safe spot as he dies. He uses melee throughout the battle. After you defeat him, he'll turn into a level 68 skeleton. After you defeat him, he'll turn into a level 93 ghost (Note that the "Crumble Undead" spell does not work against any of these three forms). Once you've defeated the ghost, you'll get the corpse of Rashiliyia. If you die when you're fighting, you'll have to fight only those you didn't defeat again, not all 3 forms. (Tip: Between forms a dialogue comes in the conversation window. In extremis, perform some other action, like burying the spare bones you brought, or inspecting your quest log, and the next incarnation will not immediately appear, giving you time to heal, leave, etc..) (Note: a bug sometimes allows you to summon a second ghost while fighting the first. Not a good idea. You get two corpses, but only one in your inventory.)

(Note: When you take the corpse, NEVER drop it! Rashiliyia's spirit will thank you for releasing her and you will need to go back to her tomb and kill all 3 of the forms again.)

To leave, simply return to where you entered, but remember to use your key on the door to exit (If you try to exit without using the key, you get a little humorous dialogue: "Oh no, I'm going to be stuck in here forever!" "How will I ever get out!" "I'm too young to die!"). On the way, ignore the coins left there, because if you pick it up, a bunch of Undead Ones will attack you, as they seem to despise greed.

Fighting the Three Forms of Nazastarool: Left: Zombie, Mid: Skeleton, Right: Ghost

The Famous Final Scene

Rashiliyia appears.

Show the corpse to Trufitus. He'll tell you to think - perhaps there's a clue in the items you have? There are a couple, actually. You know Rashiliya wishes to be reunited with her son, that the Cairn Island dolmen is ideally placed for containing the spirits of witches and undead, and that Rashiliya was a witch.

Go back to the Tomb of Bervirius and use the corpse on the dolmen. Rashiliya will thank you for letting her rest in peace, saying that Zamorak tricked her, and returned her son as an undead creature. She goes on:

"...My hatred and bitterness corrupted me. I tried to destroy all life... Now I am released... And am grateful to contemplate eternal rest..."

Then she disappears, and gives you the Reward.


Shilo Village Reward

  • 2 quest points
  • 3875 crafting experience
  • Access to Shilo Village. After completing the quest, you can sell every item you got during the quest to Yanni Salika in Shilo Village for a nice amount of money (2,000 coins).
  • Access to Gem rocks


  • Many level 3's have been able to complete this quest, either with a higher level friend to help them or by using rings of recoil, the latter being much more difficult.
  • The quest was first mentioned as a "Recent News" article on Runescape's main page (18 October 2002), and was known as "The Zombie Queen Quest" in a mention on an article on 11 January 2003.
  • In the passage before entering the skeleton doors there is a level 73 Undead one. If they attack you and you enter the door they will stay there and when they raise their weapon it will appear to come through the door. This way has occasionally caused some to be damaged by the "attack".
  • The quest doesn't actually start until you agree to search for the temple.
  • Despite being called Shilo Village, the quest requires you to visit Tai Bwo Wannai more than the Shilo Village. If you never actually bank, then you only need to visit Shilo Village once.
  • When you make the beads there are three of them, but when you make it into a necklace it has five beads.
  • There is a bug, if you are wearing a Dragon Scimitar while climbing up the rockslide on the way to cairn Island, the Scimitar will turn into a sharp little dagger, but will be normal when you reach the top of the rockslide. It kinda looks like a mini-throwing dragon throwing knife that has the sharp tip up.

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