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A shield was a type of force field which could be projected around a starship, starbase or even planet to protect said body from various forms of radiation and matter.

All starships were fitted with deflector shields, often projected from a deflector dish, to protect them from particle impacts which, particularly at high velocities, could cause huge amounts of damage. Whilst these basic deflectors could provide minimal protection from weapons fire the majority of advanced starships were also fitted with more powerful shielding which could be activated in tactical situations. However these shields were sufficiently powerful that they also blocked out transporter beams. (TNG movie: Star Trek: First Contact, et al.)

Shields could be configured in two forms; ellipsoid form shielding, common in Federation starships in the 24th century, which projected a shield bubble around a starship. Or contour-conforming shielding which was projected much closer to the ships hull providing more specifically localised protection. Some shielding systems also allowed shielding over specific areas of a ship to be activated or deactivated to provide protection for a specific area only and presumably reduce power consumption not protecting the entire hull. (TNG movie: Star Trek: First Contact, et al.)

Horta were seemingly invulnerable to even very powerful shields, being capable of passing straight through them with very little effort. (DS9 novel: Devil in the Sky)

While conducting operations in the Badlands in the early 2370s, the Maquis discovered a way to apply regenerative tuning techniques in order to keep their shield's operative in the extreme magnetic and radiation flux of the region. In early 2372, the USS Enterprise-E applied some of these techniques to their shields while inside the Pantera Nebula. (TNG eBook: A Sea of Troubles)

In addition to standard deflectors there a number of other shielding technologies were developed including:

  • Regenerative shields, used by the Borg, analyze weapons fire and adjust shield frequencies to better resist oustide forces. Other races have subsequently adopted this technology but presumably have had less success than the Borg, not having the collective's processing power to analyze incoming weapons fire. (TNG episode: The Best of Both Worlds, et al.)
  • Metaphasic shields, developed by the Ferengi Dr. Reyga, are capable of withstanding the pressure, radiation and energy of a star's corona. (TNG episode: Suspicions)
  • Multi-adaptive shielding, developed by Erin and Magnus Hansen was a shielding system used to mask a vessel from Borg sensors. (VOY episode: Dark Frontier)



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Final Fantasy

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The Flame Shield.

Shields are a recurring type of Armor in the Final Fantasy series. They generally increase Defense and may also have a random chance to block an attack. Examples of recurring shields from the series include the Aegis Shield and the Hero's Shield. Shields tend to have two subdivisions - "heavy" shields, which only physical attackers like Warriors and Dragoons can use, and "light" or "universal" shields, which any class including mages can use.



Final Fantasy

Main article: List of Final Fantasy Armor#Shields

In the first game, shields are items equippable by the Fighter and Knight Job class. They give high Defense boosts, and increase the chance of blocking an attack.

List of Shields:

Final Fantasy II

Main article: List of Final Fantasy II Armor#Shields

Shields can be equipped by every character, unless they have a bow equipped, as bows are two-handed weapons. They increase the Defense and Evasion of the character, and can be replaced by another weapon.

List of Shields:

Final Fantasy III

Main article: List of Final Fantasy III Armor#Shields

Shields are exclusive to melee Jobs, though most are only available to the heaviest ones. They grant Defense and Evasion bonuses, as well as protection against certain status ailments. Two can be equipped for a greater Defense boost, but the character will have no Attack power.

List of Shields:

Final Fantasy IV

Main article: List of Final Fantasy IV Armor#Shields

Shields are exclusive to Cecil, Kain, and Cid, except for the Hero's Shield, which can be equipped by any character. They cannot be equipped at the same time as a two-handed weapon, like a Hammer or a Knightsword. Dark Shields can only be equipped by Dark Knight Cecil, while Light Shields can only be equipped by Paladin Cecil.

Shields: Dark Shields:
  • Dark Shield
  • Demon Shield

Light Shields

Final Fantasy V

Main article: List of Final Fantasy V Armor#Shields

Shields can be equipped by the heavier melee Jobs, but they can also be equipped by any Job, as long as the character has equipped the ability Equip Shields.

List of Shields:

Final Fantasy VI

Main article: List of Final Fantasy VI Armor#Shields

There are two types of shields in Final Fantasy VI: universal shields, that can be equipped by every character with the exception of Umaro, and heavy shields, that can only be equipped by Terra, Edgar, Celes, Cyan, Setzer, and Mog.

List of Shields:

Final Fantasy X

Main article: List of Final Fantasy X Armor

Tidus, Rikku, and Wakka use shields and guards as armor. The other party members use types of Armlets instead. The shield is a basic armor for Tidus, two-slot with no abilities.

Final Fantasy XI

Main article: List of Final Fantasy XI Armor

Shields are items equippable in the sub-equipment slot. They may only be wielded when using either a one-handed weapon or no weapons. When equipped, the shield will decrease damage taken and occasionally block attacks. The chance of blocking an attack is governed by the player's Shield Skill, with Paladins having the best aptitude by far. Shields are available at different sizes and block rates.

Final Fantasy XII

Main article: List of Final Fantasy XII Armor#Shields

Shields can be equipped by any character as long as they possess the required License to equip them, and have not equipped a two-handed weapon.

List of Shields:

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Main article: List of Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Armor

The only Shield in the game, "Ba'Gabuckler", can only be equipped by Ba'Gamnan. It slightly increases his group's Stamina.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Main article: List of Final Fantasy Tactics Armor#Shields

Shields can be equipped by Knights, Archers, Geomancers, Dragoons, Dark Knights, Onion Knights, and any other Job, as long as the character has equipped the Equip Shields ability. Many special Jobs, like the Sword Saint or the Sky Pirate can also equip shields by default.

List of Shields:

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Main article: List of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Armor#Shields

Shields can be equipped by every Job, as long as they have equipped the Shieldbearer ability, taught by the Soldier, Warrior, Fencer, Mog Knight, and Sage Jobs.

List of Shields:
  • Shijin Shield
  • Choco Shield
  • La Seraphica
  • Reverie Shield

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Main article: List of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Armor#Shields

In this sequel, Shields can be, again, equipped by any Job, as long as the character as equipped the Shieldbearer ability. The Gria and the Seeq can learn the ability too, by the Raptor and Viking Jobs.

List of Shields:
  • Shield of the Four
  • Chocobo Shield
  • Ensanguined Shield
  • Reverie Shield

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Main article: List of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Armor#Clavat (Shields)

Shields are the tribe-specific armor of the Clavat.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Main article: List of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Equipment#Armor

Benjamin can equip shields, and Phoebe uses the Ether Shield as armor.

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Guild Wars

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Shields are items that can be equipped in a character's left hand (sometimes called the "offhand") to increase his or her armor. This Armor is applied regardless of hit location or direction the character is facing. The maximum base Armor for a shield is 16.

Attribute Requirements

Any profession can equip shields, but most shields have requirements for a minimum rank in the warrior's Tactics or Strength or the paragon's Motivation or Command attributes ranging from 0 to 13. Without meeting that requirement, the Armor used is 8 for shields with an armor rating of 8 and higher (the exception is the PvP Shield (Strength), which gives 9 armor if you don't meet the requirement). While shields with the maximum Armor have been observed with requirements as low as 7, maximum Armor shields with inscription slots have only been observed with attribute requirements as low as 8, and green shields, collector shields and crafted shields with the maximum Armor always have an attribute requirement of 9. Shields with a requirement of 0 and armor as high as 10 are available as loot.

The Tall Shield, a typical Shield


There are four main types of modifiers for shields: damage reduction, health bonuses, Armor bonuses, and +1 attribute. A shield may have up to two modifiers. The available shield modifiers are listed in full in a separate article. Shields from the Nightfall campaign have salvageable inscriptions and upgrades instead of fixed modifiers.

Damage reduction

Shields may have a received physical damage -x modifer. These always have specific preconditions, such as being enchanted. A shield can have up to -2 (while in a stance), -2 (while enchanted), -3 (while hexed), or -5 (Chance: up to 20%).


Shields may have a health +x modifier. These modifiers can be conditional, like the damage reduction modifiers, or unconditional. The maximum values are +45 (while in a Stance), +45 (while enchanted), +60 (while hexed), or +30 unconditional. There can be a maximum of one health modifier.


Shields may have conditional Armor bonuses. The maximum such bonus is +10 against a specific damage type or monster type. A shield may have at most one Armor modifier.

+1 attribute

Shields may have a +1 attribute modifier. It has up to a 20% chance while using skills. The possible attributes that can have a +1 modifier on shields are most attributes of casters, Tactics, and Strength. A shield may have at most one +1 attribute modifier.

Warrior shield types

All shields and their skins are displayed in our gallery.

The following types of Warrior shields can be found in Guild Wars:


Bonus Mission Pack




Eye of The North

  1. Some Aegis shields have recently been observed that require Tactics and not Strength. See Talk:Shield for details.
  2. Wooden Bucklers with a Strength requirement are only available from Canthan Collectors, all other Wooden Bucklers have Tactics requirements.

See also Category:Shields.

Note: unlike weapons such as Bows - the shield type has no influence on the stats of the shield, apart from the required attribute. Which visual appearance you prefer is merely a matter of taste: a Crude Shield with Armor +12 is just as good as an Eternal Shield with Armor +12. That said, certain shield types are more likely to come with higher AL; for example, a Shield of the Wing is usually Armor +8 or higher and will require Tactics, and Eternal Shields nearly always have Armor +15 or 16 and require Strength.

Paragon shield types

Paragons also use shields. They have the same maximum armor value and bonuses as Warrior shields, and can be tied to the Command and Motivation attributes.


Bonus Mission Pack




Eye of The North

Related skills

These skills require shields to trigger:

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There are several types of Shields in RuneScape, including other items that can be worn in the shield position, but the most common are the metal square and kite.

Most square and kite shields can be made with the Smithing skill and some can be purchased or sold to the shield shop identified with a shield File:Shieldshopicon.PNG icon on the map.


Square shield

Square shields are actually rectangular in shape, and may be made using the Smithing skill, although black and white square shields can only be bought. It is weaker in all areas than the kite shield, but has lower magic penalties. The smithing level required is 8 above the base level for any metal, and the highest shield available in free-to-play is the rune square. Shields come in various sizes and metals. There is no wood square shield.

The Anti-dragon shield also has the same shape as a "square" and is an excellent shield for the pure mage, since it has no penalty to magic attack and a small amount of magic defence, otherwise comparable to an iron square shield.

A player wielding a Black Square Shield


Kiteshields are better in all areas than the square shield, other than the magic penalty. Getting hold of a good kite shield in free-to-play requires a high smithing level, or trading with other players who are either members or accomplished smiths of high level. The smithing level required is 12 above the base level for any metal, and at 62 for a mithril kiteshield, the gap between levels is already becoming large.

An Adamant kiteshield


Spikeshields are shields that are shaped like square shields, but with spikes on the front. They are only available in Adamantite and Rune. They give better defence bonuses than the square shield of the same metal, but worse than the kitshield, in addition to providing a small bonus to strength. They can only be acquired from the Fist of Guthix minigame. They cannot be made by players using the smithing skill. They are only tradeable once they have been completely uncharged.
A player wielding a spikeshield

Berserker shield

Berserker shields are shields that are shaped like kiteshields, but without the brown lines and instead spikes on the front. Like the spikeshield, they are only available in Adamant and Rune. They have the highest defence bonuses of any shield of the same metal, and offer a strength bonus as well. Also like spikeshields, they can only be acquired as a reward from the Fist of Guthix minigame and cannot be made or traded with other players (except when fully uncharged).

A player wielding a berserker shield

Other shields


Technically not shields, but worn in the shield slot.

A player wielding a Book of Balance, or a Guthix god book

Comparison tables

Shield Def. level Smith level Attack Defence Prayer Notes
Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range
Training shield 1 4 5 3 1 4 A decorative kiteshield obtained from the Melee tutor, east of the castle wall in Lumbridge Or also Obtained in the Learning the ropes tutorial.
Anti-dragon shield 1 7 9 8 2 8 Available from Duke Horacio at Lumbridge castle after starting the Dragon Slayer quest. May be traded.
Elemental shield 1 20 6 Members only, Elemental Workshop quest required. Excellent against magic, useless for anything else.
Mind shield 1 20 9 Members only, Elemental Workshop 2 quest required. Excellent against magic, useless for anything else.
Mirror shield 20 10 15 5 5 10 Members only, Purchased from Slayer masters. Used to protect from Basilisk and Cockatrice special effects.
Fremennik roundshield 25 Crafted -10 -10 17 17 31 -4 33 Members only, Needed for the The Fremennik Isles quest. Used to protect from Ice Troll ranged attacks.
Bronze square shield 1 8 -6 -2 5 6 4 5 A common Goblin drop; also sold at Cassie's.
Bronze kiteshield 1 12 -8 -2 5 7 6 -1 6 Sold at Cassie's in Falador.
Iron square shield 1 23 -6 -2 8 9 7 8
Iron kiteshield 1 27 -8 -2 8 10 9 -1 9
Steel square shield 5 38 -6 -2 12 13 11 12
Steel kiteshield 5 42 -8 -2 13 15 14 -1 14
Black square shield 10 -6 -2 15 16 14 15 Dropped by Moss Giants.
Black kiteshield 10 -8 -2 17 19 18 -1 19 Dropped by Ice giants, available to members in Keldagrim.
Mithril square shield 20 58 -6 -2 17 19 13 14 The highest shield available from Cassie's.
Mithril kiteshield 20 62 -8 -2 18 22 20 -1 20
Broodoo shield 25 3 -7 10 10 15 5 5 Crafted from a Tribal mask, 2 Snake skins and 8 nails. This was the only shield with a magic attack bonus before the introduction of the arcane spirit shield.
Adamant square shield 30 78 -6 -2 24 26 22 24
Adamant spikeshield 35 25 27 23 25 Reward from Fist of Guthix, +1 Strength bonus
Adamant kiteshield 30 82 -8 -2 27 31 29 -1 29
Adamant berserker shield 35 28 32 31 -1 30 Reward from Fist of Guthix, +2 Strength bonus
Rune square shield 40 93 -6 -2 38 40 36 38
Rune spikeshield 45 39 41 37 39 Reward from Fist of Guthix, +3 Strength bonus
Rune kiteshield 40 97 -8 -2 44 48 46 -1 46 Most often seen as part of a "full Rune" set made only by the most accomplished smiths.
Rune berserker shield 45 -8 -2 45 49 47 -1 47 Reward from Fist of Guthix, +4 Strength bonus
Spirit shield 40 0 0 39 41 50 1 45 1 Reward from Summer's End , requires lvl 55 prayer to wield.
Granite shield 50* -12 -8 40 42 38 65 * Also requires 50 Strength. Possible drop from Troll generals.
Dragon square shield 60 60* -6 -2 50 52 48 50 Members only; smithing is used to join the two halves, one a rare monster drop, the other from the Legends' Guild.
Crystal shield 70 -10 -10 51 54 53 80 Reward choice from Roving Elves quest. Degrades and requires recharge, stats are for full charge (10/10)
Toktz-ket-xil (Obsidian Shield) 60 -12 -8 40 42 38 65 The TzHaar-Ket will drop it in an uncommon drop or you can buy it for 67,500 Tokkul.
Third age warrior shield 65 -10 -4 63 65 61 -3 63 Part of the Third age warrior armour set.
Dragonfire shield (fully charged) 75 90* -10 -5 70 75 72 10 72 *Made by combining a Draconic visage with an Anti-Dragon Shield. Players under 90 smithing can bring the items and 1,250,000 coins to Oziach to make it. Holds 50 charges, and is charged by absorbing dragonbreath attacks.
Blessed spirit shield 70 53 55 73 2 52 3 Made by using a Holy elixir on Spirit Shield, requiring 85 prayer or paying one million coins to Brother Jared
Arcane spirit shield 70 85 +20 0 53 55 73 2 52 3 Lvl.70 prayer and lvl.65 magic are required to wield it. Lvl.90 prayer is needed to attach the sigil aswel as lvl.85 smithing.
Spectral spirit shield 75 85 0 0 53 55 73 30 52 3 Lvl.70 prayer and lvl.65 magic are required to wield it. Lvl.90 prayer is needed to attach the sigil aswel as lvl.85 smithing.
Elysian spirit shield 75 85 0 0 63 65 75 2 57 3 Lvl.75 prayer is required to wield it. Lvl.90 prayer is needed to attach the sigil aswel as lvl.85 smithing.
Divine spirit shield 75 85 0 0 63 65 75 2 57 3 Lvl.75 prayer is required to wield it. Lvl.90 prayer is needed to attach the sigil aswel as lvl.85 smithing.
Book Attack Defence Strength Prayer
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Summoning
Holy book 0 0 0 0 0 8 8 8 8 8 8 0 5
Book of balance 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 0 5
Unholy book 8 8 8 8 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5
Mage's book 0 0 0 15 0 0 0 0 15 0 15 0 0

See also

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ST Expanded

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The term shield or shields refers to a type of defensive system or equipment, usually forcefields on starships or starbases. Shields may refer to:

A similar device is the Expanding Sphere Generator used by the Lyrans which projects a destructive energy field. This field destroys hostile projectiles before they can reach their target. The ESG can also be used to increase damage by ramming a target.

See also: Shield crackers (devices which break shields).

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A ray shield envelops a Naboo starfighter.
"Nothing can get through our shields."
Daultay Dofine, shortly before the destruction of the Trade Federation Droid Control Ship above Naboo

Deflector shields, also known as deflector screens, deflectors or simply shields, were translucent or transparent energy fields produced by deflector shield generators. These generators could be placed on planets, droids, starships, space stations and individual buildings. The primary purpose of the shield was to block or deflect projectiles and lasers from hitting the object under protection.


Shield types

"Their deflector shield is too strong. We'll never get through it."
Ric Olié

There were two distinct types of deflector shield: ray shields, also known as energy shields, and particle shields. The first type protected against energy-based attacks, such as blaster or laser cannon fire, while the latter was developed in response to physical attacks, ranging from projectile missiles and incoming vehicles to asteroids and meteors. Commonly, larger ships and structures were protected by both types of shield, though starfighters often only projected ray shields. Ray shields were also used as capture devices onboard capital ships; Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine were caught in a ray shield trap onboard Invisible Hand. Although designed to counter energy attacks, the energy given off by the ray shield would likely have disintegrated the Jedi duo had they attempted to pass through it.

Shields protect the Gungan Grand Army in the Battle of Naboo.

The Gungan shields used during the Battle of Naboo blocked lasers, but droids could pass through because of their relatively slow movement in comparison to the laser bolts. Some shields only held back anything with a high-energy output, allowing sentients to pass through unharmed. Others were deadly to anything upon contact. Some Trade Federation droids, notably the droideka, were equipped with shields making them almost invincible in infantry combat.

Deflector shields worked in a layered defense fashion: A volumetric field effect extended out from the surface of the shield projector, attempting to reduce the coherency of any beam attacks and deflect physical objects. The shield itself behaved in a manner similar to that of a thermally conductive material—energy applied was quickly diffused and re-radiated back into the environment, but the shield itself could also absorb some of the energy. The absorbed energy was shunted into heat sinks, and re-radiated at a lesser rate by the shield and neutrino radiators. The use of deflector shields on starfighters and other small craft, made them capable of hypersonic speeds in planetary atmospheres.[1]

The strength of a deflector shield was a factor depending on how close the shield was to the projector, the efficiency of the projector, the power applied, and the surface area of the shield. It was common for starship deflectors to be projected a few molecules underneath the hull plating, and then extended outwards to protect hull integrity. Starship shields could handle massive amounts of energy or punishment, although it was possible to disable a shield by concentrating fire on a specific location.

Aside from the standard defensive shields carried by most ships, there were other variants:

  • Shift shields: These shields protected any ship traveling in hyperspace from collisions with interstellar atoms, dust, or dark matter. An unprotected collision would destroy the ship. Failure of the shift shields in a meteor shower was how Darth Vader explained the loss of Tantive IV to the Imperial Senate prior to its dissolution.
  • Relativistic shields: Not shields in the classic sense, but relativistic shields still protected the user from outside forces, thus justifying their name. As time dilated so that the traveler would experience less time to the observer in normal relativistic movement, the opposite would occur when traveling at greater than c velocities. The traveler experienced time flowing at a greater rate, with this rate increasing the faster they went. As a result, anyone traveling at faster-than-lightspeeds would experience thousands of years in what would seem to the observer to be seconds. These devices retarded the flow of local time to prevent this from occurring. See also: stasis fields.
  • Ablative shields: These protected some starfighters. Not yet directly observed, its characteristics cannot yet be described. However, the name indicates it dissipates energy by melting or eroding.


Hologram showing the planetary shield for Death Star II.
"The shield must be deactivated if any attack is to be attempted."
Admiral Ackbar

Deflector shields were first developed during the early years of space exploration, designed to absorb heat and radiation encountered in space and within a planetary atmosphere. Before the introduction of deflector shields, pilots had to rely solely on thick, armored hulls for protection against meteors and laser attacks. More advanced versions of the energy shield were developed centuries later, until eventually modern shielding was able to combine ray and particle protection. Eventually, shield technology improved enough to allow some ground vehicles to have dedicated shield generators.

Some of the largest and most powerful deflector shields produced were those that protected the Death Star battlestations of the Galactic Empire. The second Death Star was protected by a planetary shield generator on the moon of Endor. This effectively forestalled any attack against the station, until Han Solo's strike team destroyed the generator.

Personal shields

Main article: Personal energy shield
"The Imperials think I'm somehow immortal, but I just have a good supply of power cells."
Kyle Katarn on the Military Mobility Shield

From the era of the Jedi Civil War, personal shielding for individual units was commonplace. There were melee shields, energy shields, and Verpine shields.

By the time of the Battle of Naboo, personal shields that covered an entire being existed, but produced radiation and magnetic fields that were dangerous for sustained use.

During the Galactic Civil War through the Yuuzhan Vong War, however, personal shield tech was all but lost. Very few armies equipped their soldiers with personal shielding, due to the craft being lost for many years. Notable exceptions include the Trade Federation droidekas, the mercenary Kyle Katarn and his student Jaden Korr, Durge, and possibly the bounty hunters Boba Fett and Jango Fett.


Shield and shield generator from Star Wars: Empire at War.

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Notes and references

  1. Revenge of the Sith: Incredible Cross-Sections

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From TibiaWiki

Shields are used by everyone in Tibia, except the ones that carry a crossbow, a bow or a two-handed weapon like a Naginata.

Carrying a shield allows you to block some attacks from creatures or other players, and that will improve your shielding skill.

The strongest shield is the Blessed Shield, and the strongest in Rookgaard, is the Copper Shield.


Name Def Weight Dropped By
Amazon Shield Image:Amazon Shield.gif 32 62.00 Orc Warlord during raid on Carlin
Ancient Shield Image:Ancient Shield.gif 27 61.00 Ghost, Nightmare
Battle Shield Image:Battle Shield.gif 23 62.00 Assassin, Cyclops, Cyclops Smith, Demon Skeleton, Dwarf Guard, Frost Giant, Frost Giantess, Gargoyle, General Murius, Hellspawn, Minotaur Archer, Minotaur Guard, Mutated Bat, Orc Rider, Stone Golem.
Beholder Shield Image:Beholder Shield.gif 28 47.00 Beholder, Braindeath, Elder Beholder, The Evil Eye.
Black Shield Image:Black Shield.gif 18 42.00 Mummy, Mutated Bat, Priestess.
Blessed Shield Image:Blessed Shield.gif 40 68.00 none
Bone Shield Image:Bone Shield.gif 20 55.00 Bonebeast, Chakoya Toolshaper, Chakoya Tribewarden, Chakoya Windcaller, Crypt Shambler, Dworc Fleshhunter.
Brass Shield Image:Brass Shield.gif 16 60.00 Bandit, Elf, Nomad, Skeleton, Stalker, Wild Warrior.
Castle Shield Image:Castle Shield.gif 28 49.00 Lich
Copper Shield Image:Copper Shield.gif 19 63.00 Carrion Worm, Dwarf, Orc Warrior, Rotworm.
Crown Shield Image:Crown Shield.gif 32 62.00 Hero
Dark Shield Image:Dark Shield.gif 25 52.00 Grim Reaper, Pirate Corsair.
Demon Shield Image:Demon Shield.gif 35 26.00 Demon, Ghazbaran, Latrivan, Madareth, Minishabaal, Morgaroth, Orshabaal, Zugurosh, Golgordan.
Dragon Shield Image:Dragon Shield.gif 31 60.00 Demodras, Dragon.
Dwarven Shield Image:Dwarven Shield.gif 26 55.00 Dwarf Soldier.
Eagle Shield Image:Eagle Shield.gif ? ? None.
Fiery Rainbow Shield Image:Fiery Rainbow Shield.gif 36 69.00 None.
Great Shield Image:Great Shield.gif 38 84.00 Ferumbras, Ghazbaran, Massacre, Morgaroth.
Griffin Shield Image:Griffin Shield.gif 29 50.00 None
Guardian Shield Image:Guardian Shield.gif 30 55.00 Demon Skeleton, Diabolic Imp, Energy Elemental, Fire Devil, Minishabaal, Mutated Tiger.
Icy Rainbow Shield Image:Icy Rainbow Shield.gif 39 69.00 None.
Mastermind Shield Image:Mastermind Shield.gif 37 57.00 Demon, Annihilon, Ferumbras, Ghazbaran, Juggernaut, Latrivan, Morgaroth, Orshabaal, Zugurosh, Zulazza the Corruptor.
Meat Shield Image:Meat Shield.gif 10 5.00 Doctor Perhaps
Medusa Shield Image:Medusa Shield.gif 33 58.00 Medusa, Hydra, The Many, The Noxious Spawn.
Necromancer Shield Image:Necromancer Shield.gif 37 32.00 None.
Nightmare Shield Image:Nightmare Shield.gif 37 32.00 None.
Norse Shield Image:Norse Shield.gif 28 41.00 Frost Giant.
Ornamented Shield Image:Ornamented Shield.gif 22 67.00 None.
Phoenix Shield Image:Phoenix Shield.gif 34 35.00 Ferumbras, Mahrdis.
Plate Shield Image:Plate Shield.gif 17 65.00 Elf, Assassin, Cyclops, Frost Giant, Frost Giantess, Gozzler, Minotaur, Mutated Rat, Orc Leader, Pirate Marauder, Tarantula, Tortoise, Werewolf.
Rainbow Shield Image:Rainbow Shield.gif 30 69.00 None.
Rose Shield Image:Rose Shield.gif 27 52.00 None
Salamander Shield Image:Salamander Shield.gif 26 59.00 Lizard Templar, High Templar Cobrass
Scarab Shield Image:Scarab Shield.gif 25 47.00 Ancient Scarab
Sentinel Shield Image:Sentinel Shield.gif 22 49.00 Lizard Sentinel.
Shield of Care Image:Shield of Care.gif 8 17.00 Monstor.
Shield of Honour Image:Shield of Honour.gif 33 54.00 None.
Shield of the White Knight Image:Shield of the White Knight.gif 8 5.00 Mephiles.
Sparking Rainbow Shield Image:Sparking Rainbow Shield.gif 36 69.00 None.
Steel Shield Image:Steel Shield.gif 21 69.00 Bandit, Beholder, Braindeath, Dragon, Elder Beholder, General Murius, Gladiator, Grorlam, Massive Water Elemental, Nomad, Pirate Cutthroat, Plaguesmith, Wild Warrior.
Studded Shield Image:Studded Shield.gif 15 59.00 Amazon, Orc, Primitive.
Tempest Shield Image:Tempest Shield.gif 36 51.00 Ferumbras, Minishabaal.
Terran Rainbow Shield Image:Terran Rainbow Shield.gif 37 69.00 None.
The Shield Nevermourn Image:The Shield Nevermourn.gif 25 52.00 Dirtbeard
Tortoise Shield Image:Tortoise Shield.gif 26 52.00 Tortoise
Tower Shield Image:Tower Shield.gif 32 82.00 Dragon Lord, Frost Dragon, Mutated Rat, Serpent Spawn, Esmeralda.
Tusk Shield Image:Tusk Shield.gif 27 69.00 Elephant, Mammoth, The Bloodtusk.
Vampire Shield Image:Vampire Shield.gif 34 38.00 Arachir The Ancient One, Diblis The Fair, Grynch Clan Goblin, Sir Valorcrest, The Weakened Count, Vampire, Zevelon Duskbringer.
Viking Shield Image:Viking Shield.gif 22 66.00 None.
Wooden Shield Image:Wooden Shield.gif 14 40.00 Beholder, Frost Troll, Island Troll, Orc Warrior, Troll.
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City of Heroes

Up to date as of January 31, 2010

From City of Heroes Wiki

This information is about features that were recently implemented in Issue 13, which was released on December 2, 2008, however this page may not be fully up-to-date.


Shields is an upcoming defensive powerset announced to be released in Issue 13. Shields will be usable with any unarmed or right-handed weapon powerset. [1]

They will be for Tankers, Scrappers, and Brutes. [2]

The original information release included Stalkers in the list to get Shields, but was corrected. [3]

This article uses material from the "Shields" article on the City of Heroes wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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