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Game: Halo Wars
Shield World
Date: February 23rd, 2531
Place: Unnamed Shield World

Rescue Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie teams


Various flood forms

Halopedia has a walkthrough guide to this level, Shield World (Level). See Shield World (Level)/Walkthrough.

Shield World is the tenth level of Halo Wars [1]. The level is set on the same planet as the previous mission, against the Flood.



The main mission is to rescue three different teams by killing all the Flood in the way between the Firebase and the units. Team Alpha will reward you with a Grizzly tank, Team Bravo rewards you with an Elephant, and Team Charlie will reward you with three Spartans. You can rescue them in any order, but when you try to rescue the last group, the Pelican takes damage, and is ordered to break off. The remaining units say they'll make their way to the base to be picked up there. The normal time limit is 18 minutes, but a side mission, which gives you access to the special Gremlin unit that involves placing Gremlins in different corners of the map will buy you more time (about 22 minutes for all four of them.)


Cutscene opens on the Apex, a Spirit dropship, drops off its passengers and departs. Anders is seen in some kind of stasis beam, Regret and the Arbiter approach her.

Regret: This is her?

Arbiter: Yes, Hierarch, this is the one I observed.

Regret: (with false concern) Such a frail thing. You would hardly think them a threat.

Anders: I demand to know why I'm being held!

Arbiter: (laughing) Demand?

Zealot: Arbiter, a Human ship has arrived and is closing in on the entrance portal-

The Arbiter strikes the Zealot, sending him flying across the platform

Arbiter: Get the Hierarch to High Charity! Intercept that human ship and destroy it at once!

The Arbiter walks off, Regret departs with his Honor Guards. Cutscene fades to the Spirit of Fire's location, over an ocean.

Forge: Nothing but ocean.

Cutter: Are you sure this is it, Serina?

Serina: Fairly sure, initiating a deep scan. Docking, Cleansing? That's not right. Captain, you are not going to like this.

The ocean below suddenly splits in two

Cutter: Serina...

Forge: Captain, we've got company!

Several Sentinels approach the Spirit of Fire, and fly around it for a moment, the Spirit of Fire is drawn into a docking and decontamination mechanism within the planet.

Cutter: All hands engage! Serina, I've got troops out there still! Get them back on board now!

Serina: Captain, I can only hold this position a few minutes at the most.

Cutter: Now Serina!

Serina: Recalling surface squads, so we can all die together, aye, sir!


Serina: Three platoons inbound, designating them: Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie.

Cutter: Red Team?

Serina: They're with Charlie sir, ahhh, that could be a problem.

Flying Flood forms are seen engaging the Marines

Cutter: We can't evac those trapped Marines, until the air is clear, let's be about it people.

Cutter: Serina, see if you can buy us more time, Sergeant, break through that line for our Pelicans.

Mission starts

Alpha: This is Alpha platoon, we've got hostile contacts, lots of hostile contacts.

Serina: Captain, those pylons down there, are generating the field we're in.

Cutter: Can we shut them down?

Serina: Way ahead of you sir, Forge, I'm sending you a new toy, a Gremlin, drive it over to that pylon.

Gremlin arrives

Forge: Gremlin in position, EMP in 3..2..1.

Gremlin fires EMP, the pylon is shut down.

Serina: Recalculating speed of descent, carry the four, and we just might make it!

Alpha: This is Alpha platoon, we're being overrun!

Forge destroys the first group of Flood buildings

Forge: All clear! Evac flight start your run.

Evac Flight: Platoon recovered, returning en route to the Spirit.

Alpha: Hey thanks for that Sergeant, need a Grizzly?

Alpha's Grizzly tank stays behind and becomes useable

Bravo: This is Bravo. Sarge, could you kindly get off your ass and save ours?

If Bravo's Elephant is destroyed

Bravo: I'm too pretty to die...

Forge destroys a second group of Flood builidings

Forge: All clear! Evac flight start your run.

Evac Flight: Platoon recovered, returning en route to the Spirit.

Bravo: About time, I won't forget this.

Bravo platoon's Elephant stays behind and becomes useable

Forge's troops come across another pylon

Serina: Pylon sighted, marking on your display.

Forge: Gremlin in position, EMP in 3..2..1

Second pylon is shut down

Forge and his troops destroy a third group of Flood buildings

Forge: All clear! Evac flight start your run.

If charlie is not the last platoon rescued

Spartan: This is Red team. We'll stay behind and give you guys a hand.

Cutscene begins, a flying Flood form approaches a Pelican

Serina: Aerial hostiles on an intercept course, Evac flight, abort, repeat Evac flight abort! Abort!

Evac Flight is engaged by flying Flood forms, and quickly flees off screen

If Bravo is the last platoon

Bravo platoon: We could try coming in.

If Charlie is the last platoon

Spartan: This is Charlie platoon, we'll come in on our own, keep those engines hot!

Serina: We're running out of time! (when countdown gets to 4 minutes)

Marine: Spirit, Evac Force is requesting a repair on the base.

Forge: Welcome back, all ground forces present and accounted for Captain.

Level ends

Cutter: Good work, Serina, final evac from surface from planet surface inbound, prep air locks.


  • Despite the fact the level takes place on the same location of the previous two levels, it shares it's name with the location itself, which might confuse players and make them think it is on a different location, as noticed by the blue-white color of the land.




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