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Shield effects reduce direct damage by a fixed amount, but that fixed reduction can be increased through characteristic bonuses. Most shield effects use the characteristics of the target, but Feca's shield spells use the caster's characteristics instead.

As of 1.27, the method for determining characteristic bonus to shield effects is:

Max( Stat, 50% Intel + 50% Stat )

Where Stat is the Characteristic associated with the element of damage received, and Intel is Intelligence. The Max(x,y) function returns the greatest value between x and y.

For example, a character with more Chance than Intelligence therefore protects against water damage using only his total Chance. A character who has less total Chance than half his Chance plus half his Intelligence, will protect against water damage based on half of his Chance plus half his Intelligence.

To further illustrate, a character with 200 Chance and 100 Intelligence would contribute 200% to his water-type shield.

Max (200, 50%(100) + 50%(200))
Max (200, 50 + 100)
Max (200, 150) = 200

Since 200 (the total Chance) is greater than 150 (half Chance plus half Intelligence), the total Chance is used to increase water-type shield effects.



  • Every time below a value is stored to "LinRed" it is truncated to a whole number so if you have a Stat of 55 and an Intel 100, half of each added together equals 77.5 but is only saved as 77.
LinRed = Base
LinRed = Max( Stat, 50% Inte + 50% Stat )
LinRed = Math.floor( LinRed * (1 + Stat/100) )

Base : Random value from base reduction range
Stat : Total value of relevant characteristic. Minimum 0.
Inte : Total value of Intelligence. Minimum 0.

Known Effects

Known shield effects include:

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