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"Shiak is "stabbing". Jedi tradition holds that shiak is an honorable method of inflicting serious injury because it causes the least visible injury to the opponent's body."
Cin Drallig
Krayn is killed through Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker's use of shiak.

In lightsaber combat, shiak was the act of stabbing an opponent and was considered relatively honorable by the Jedi. Jedi usually stabbed in the leg or arm, however Sith preferred stabbing opponents through the chest, often guaranteeing certain death to the unfortunate victim.


Notable uses

Jedi Consular Raana Tey received a shiak strike from Shel Jelavan, though it did not immediately end her life.[1]

An unidentified Jedi was defeated by an unidentified Sith's shiak during the Sacking of Coruscant killing him.[2]

Darth Zannah applied shiak against the Echani Jedi Master Raskta Lsu from behind, ending the Jedi's life.[3]

Johun Othone also died in this manner, after Darth Zannah drove her lightsaber through the Jedi Knight's chest as he lay on the floor.[3]

Obi-Wan Kenobi utilizing shiak against a B1 battle droid.

Shiak was used by Darth Maul when he stabbed Jedi Master Siolo Ur Manka.[4] He used it again on Qui-Gon Jinn during their duel on Naboo.[5]

Anakin Skywalker killed a T'surr slave trader named Krayn by stabbing him through the chest.[6]

Obi-Wan Kenobi attempted shiak on Durge in the Battle of Muunilinst and he used the technique against B1 battle droids on Christophsis.[7]

The Jedi Master Fay was killed when Asajj Ventress impaled her from behind.[8]

General Grievous "rewarded" Gha Nachkt's finding R2-D2 and cracking his never-been-erased memory by impaling him through the back.[9]

Asajj Ventress used shiak on Senate Commando Faro Argyus, after he gloated about his success.[9]

Bariss Offee used this on Clone trooper Trap when Trap tried to infect her with a brain worm.

Darth Sidious utilized this maneuver to kill Jedi Master Agen Kolar, when a team of Jedi Masters went to arrest him.[10]

Darth Vader assailed a secret meeting of surviving Jedi. The first to die by his blade was the Jedi Knight Sia-Lan Wezz, having been impaled by the Dark Lord. He then proceeded to slice off her hand.[11]

Jedi Padawan Drake Lo'gaan was stabbed through the chest by Darth Vader, although it didn't end his life.

The simulacrum of Darth Phobos was defeated by Galen Marek stabbing her in the back.[12]

Galen Marek was impaled by Darth Vader on the bridge of the Executor when Palpatine discovered him and was then flung into space. He would survive the betrayal, though he spent six months on the Empirical recovering.[12]

Vader also employed the technique in a battle against hyenax on the planet of Vaal, in 0 ABY, when he stabbed one of the attacking animals through it's skull.[13]

Jacen Solo used shiak to kill his former student Nelani Dinn after applying cho mok as well at The Home near Bimmiel.[14]

Starkiller is impaled by his Master, Darth Vader.

This technique was also used by Luke Skywalker against Darth Caedus in their duel on the Anakin Solo.[15]

Darth Caedus skewered the Jedi Master Kyle Katarn with this technique, though Katarn would survive the encounter.[16]

Jaina Solo stabbed Darth Caedus in the stomach when she ambushed him during their final duel, though it did not kill him.[17]

Darth Nihl used this technique against Zabrak Jedi Master Wolf Sazen during the Massacre at Ossus although it did not kill him

Darth Krayt executed this maneuver during his raid on the Imperial Palace when he impaled the Imperial Knight Mohrgan Fel.[18][19]

Imperial Knight Elke Vetter received a shiak strike to her right leg from Darth Talon.

Imperial Knight Azlyn Rae stabbed Darth Krayt through the back when she and her allies attempted to assassinate him.[20]

In the game Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, if a player chooses to turn to the dark side, Jaden Korr kills Rosh Penin by Shiak. After Jaden leaves, Kyle enters and finds Rosh who is severely injured, who says he was sorry that both of Kyle's students had failed him. Before Rosh dies, Kyle assures him that he had become a Jedi.

Behind the scenes

Originally, Shaak Ti was going to be killed by General Grievous when he held a lightsaber behind her heart and igniting it, killing her. However, this scene was deleted from the film and Shaak Ti was later killed by Galen Marek on Felucia, making it non-canon.


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