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Sherman’s Planet
Alternate name: FGC-24187 V
Classification: Class M
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire
Location: Beta Quadrent
Dominant Species: Human, Klingon
Population: 98 Human, 116.2 Million Klingon
Capital: Port Emily, Ka’Hat

Sherman's Planet was an M Class world near the Federation-Klingon border. In Klingonese, it was known as SermanyuQ. (ST reference: Klingon for the Galactic Traveler; TLE novel: Excelsior: Forged in Fire)

In 2267, both powers attempted to demonstrate, per the requirement of the Organian Peace Treaty, that they were best able to develop the planet. The introduction of quadrotriticale to the planet helped to tip the balance in the Federation's favor (as the Klingon's covert attempt to poison the grain helped tip the decision against them). (TOS episode: "The Trouble with Tribbles"; DS9 episode & novelization: Trials and Tribble-ations)

Nilz Baris lived on Sherman's Planet in the 2370s. In 2374, he invited Dorian Collins to visit him there. (DS9 short story: "Dorian's Diary")

By 2376, Sherman's Planet was relatively prosperous with a population of approximately three million, noted for its unique varieties of grapes and wines. That year, a mysterious epidemic was unleashed across the planet, causing Administrator Orosz to declare marital law and impose a planetary quarantine. The disease, dubbed "Sherman's Plague," was cured by a radical, gene-altering treatment devised by Doctor Elizabeth Lense. (SCE eBook: Oaths) The president of Sherman's Planet later presented Lense with a plaque to thank her for her help. (SCE eBook: Wildfire)

Sherman's Planet was one of the worlds devastated during the Borg Invasion of 2381. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

According to Star Trek: Star Charts Sherman's Planet had a population of 98 million Humans, and 116.2 million Klingons circa 2380. Besides having a split Human/Klingon population, the planet also had two capitals, Port Emily and Ka'Hat.

In an alternate timeline, Sherman’s Planet was attacked by the Klingons circa 2243. It is not clear whether the planet was, at that time, a colony of United Earth or a colony of the Interstellar Coalition. Nevertheless, the attack prompted Phillip Boyce to join Starfleet. (Star Trek: Myriad Universes novel: A Less Perfect Union)

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Sherman's Planet
Star system: Unknown
Class: M
Surface: Habitable

Sherman's Planet is an agricultural world near the Klingon Neutral Zone that is contested between the Klingons and the Federation. (TOS: "The Trouble With Tribbles")


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Following the First Federation-Klingon War in 2267, and per terms of the Organian Peace Treaty, ownership of Sherman's Planet could be assumed by the side that could most effectively develop it. Obviously this led to some major conflicts between the two groups of settlers. The Federation's intentions for Sherman's Planet were to use it to cultivate quadrotriticale, a grain well adapted to the planet's climate.

The Federation succeeded in developing their settlements on Sherman's Planet. However, by 2269, the planet had been struck by famine. On Stardate 5392.4, the USS Enterprise, under Captain James T. Kirk, was assigned to escort two robot ships hauling an improved grain, quintotriticale, to the planet to alleviate the plight. (TOS: "The Trouble with Tribbles")

By the 2370s quintotriticale grain was the planet's main export, which it trades with the surrounding Klingon colonies, including Forcas III. However in 2371 a trade dispute developed between the planet and the Klingons over the rise in price of the grain due to a shortage and the Federation Council dispatched a mediator aboard the USS Constitution-B. (Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus: "Messages From Home")

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This article uses material from the "Sherman's Planet" article on the ST Expanded wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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