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"Sherlotta lives in the village with the hero. She seems a little different from the other villagers, and knows the forest more than anybody. She gives a crystal to the hero after the coming-of-age ceremony."
—Instruction manual

Sherlotta (シェルロッタ, Sherurotta) is a young Clavat in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. She is a girl who has some connection with a mysterious crystal, and takes the form of a black cat. She is Voiced by Marina Inoue in the Japanese version.



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Before the events of Echoes of Time, Sherlotta was a normal girl living in the Village. When the Crystal Core appeared in the Forest, Larkeicus arrived to take it. He and his monsters attacked the people of her Village and killed all but her. She ran into the forest until she arrived to the Crystal Core. Larkeicus reached her but before he could harm her, the Crystal Core began to harm him and give Sherlotta the same immortality power. After this she was captured by Larkeicus, but escaped by placing her conscience in a black cat. She would wander the forest alone for 2000 years until coming upon a baby in the forest, the young Hero of the story. After taking the baby back to the Village, she would find that the villagers have reappeared due to the power of the Crystal Core. Together with the villagers, she raises the Hero. The Hero would eventually catch the crystal sickness. Sherlotta leaves the Village after this and obtains a cure for the hero. On the Hero's 16th Birthday, Sherlotta begins to prepare in the Forest the heroes coming-of-age ceremony.

As Echoes of Times begins, the hero finds Sherlotta in the forest, after having defeated the first boss for his/her coming-of-age ceremony. Sherlotta gives the Hero a crystal, which the Hero 'Will treasure forever' according to the Hero's chronicles. After the Hero cures Eryll and does the requested favors for Larkeicus, the Crystal Core shatters. On the following morning, the Hero walks out of his/her house, to find a little black cat that resembles Sherlotta, who is found missing, along with all of the other villagers.

Sherlotta in-game.

Eryll is in the forest, and instructs the Hero to find all the Crystal Core fragments. After finding the first fragment, the Hero is shown an image of when he/she was little and had the crystal sickness. The second shows Sherlotta setting up the boss that is defeated for the coming-of-age ceremony. Upon the third he/she is shown an image of the Hero as a baby, being named by Sherlotta. The fourth shows Sherlotta rescuing the Hero in the forest. Upon finding the last one, the Crystal Core goes inside the Hero, and a new path in the forest is shown.

The Hero fights the coming-of-age boss again, and finds a Ruined Village. Sherlotta then tells the Hero that 2000 years ago, Larkeicus came upon the Ruined Village and killed everyone in it, except herself. Sherlotta explains how the Crystal Core made her immortal, and she was bestowed with the power to create crystals. Everyone in the Village is a ghost except Norschtalen, Sherlotta, and the Hero. Norschtalen and the Hero are only able to see them because the Crystal Core lets them.

Then Sherlotta agrees to join the Hero in search of parts to add to a crystal transforming machine that the Hero obtained when he/she was in search of Crystal Core fragments. Upon going to the town, nearly everyone you talk to has some sort of connection or is terrified by Sherlotta. When you talk to one pair, you learn the location to the graveyard.

At the end of the graveyard, Sherlotta finds the part, but awakes an unnamed ghost woman of an unknown race, which tells Sherlotta to leave the part. Sherlotta, of course, doesn't listen and the Hero and his/her party go into battle with her. When you defeat the ghost lady, she is absorbed into the part, and the ghost effectively joins the party as a nonplayable character. The Hero and Sherlotta go to the library, to find a clue about where the next part is. They found a book in the library that described how to get to a mine.

Once in the mine, they find the part, but due to Sherlotta's carelessness, she throws the staff at the lizard, and it becomes lodged in its back.

Afterward, they have to release crystal power into the ruins at the top of Fire Mountain and Ice mountain, as they have to unblock the bridge that leads to the tower. At the top of the Fire Mountain, Sherlotta slams the Crystal Staff onto a pedestal and the energy flowed into the blocked gateway. At the top of Ice Mountain, Sherlotta whacked the pedestal with the Crystal Staff again, and the energy flew into the next space in the blocked gateway.

The Hero, the Hero's party, and Sherlotta went to the gateway. Sherlotta then creates thousands of crystal and uses them to build a bridge to the Tower. When the Hero gets to the end of the bridge, they face the tower that Larkeicus built.

Once they've climbed the tower and get to the top, there is another Sherlotta as a child. Sherlotta then explains how that is her, but it is a puppet that is controlled by Larkeicus, used for crystal making only. She then faces the Hero and tells he/she to kill her, because if she is not around to make crystals, Larkeicus can't revive himself after he is defeated. Just then, Larkeicus comes out and tells the Hero and Sherlotta that it won't be neccesary, because once he's done with his actions up on the top of the tower, he won't even need Sherlotta anymore. He tells them that he would even kill Sherlotta himself. He absorbs crystal energy from the second Sherlotta, and the Hero and his/her party goes into battle with him. Upon defeating him, he absorbs crystals from the actual Sherlotta and throws her to the side. Sherlotta then lay there, her power drained. The Hero goes into a second battle with Larkeicus. Once defeated, he says to the Hero that he/she was taught well, but the efforts are in vain. Sherlotta then comes up behind him and holds him in place. He is stunned, and Sherlotta explains how she loves the Hero, and that she would do anything for he/she. She then explains that she knows why the Crystal Core came to her on that day, 2000 years ago. That it was for the Hero. Then, a Crystal Core appears in front of Sherlotta and Larkeicus, and starts to burn him and kill him. Sherlotta says that it's time to come back to their own age, and Larkeicus slowly desiengrates into dust. Sherlotta then tells the hero Goodbye, and that she has lived a long life, and wouldn't give any of it up.

There is a flash, and then the Hero is at home. The Hero visits Forest again and comes upon the pond where the Crystal Core once was. The Hero, remembering Sherlotta, pulls the crystal that Sherlotta gave him/her out and throws it into the pond where the Crystal Core was. If the hero returns after the credits have rolled, a new crystal is found growing where the Crystal Core one stood.


Sherlotta has a tune that plays during certain scenes titled "Sherlotta". Part of the tune also plays during the final boss tune titled "Last Battle".



Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord

In My Life as a Darklord, an outfit can be downloaded as extra content for 200 Wii Points that make Mira appear as Sherlotta.

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