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Paulson's Outfit
Paulson's Outfit
DR: 5
item HP: 150
weight: 3
value: 35
effects: CH +1, Small Guns +10, Speech +5
repair: none
variants: Sheriff's Duster
base id: xx003306
Sheriff's Hat
DR: 1
item HP: 40
weight: 1
value: 35
effects: PE +1
repair: none
variants: Sheriff's Hat
base id: xx003305

Paulson's Outfit and the matching Sheriff's Hat are pieces of clothing added to Fallout 3 in the Mothership Zeta add-on. They are worn by Paulson.

The outfit provides a damage resistance of 5 as well as bonuses of 1 to Charisma, 10 to Small Guns and 5 to Speech. The hat has a DR of 1 and a bonus of 1 to Perception. Both cannot be repaired except by merchants.



Paulson's Outfit is worn by Paulson throughout Mothership Zeta. In order to obtain it, he either needs to die or you can reverse-pickpocket it with a better suit of armor. There is no karma loss for killing Paulson and the other abductees do not react if he is attacked.


Paulson's Outfit and his Sheriff's Hat appear in the Mothership Zeta add-on for Fallout 3.


  • Whenever Paulson's Outfit is equipped, when you draw any weapon, including your fists, in first person view, the Lone Wanderer's arms will disappear with only the right hand and the left hand plus the pip-boy visible. The reason for this may be that Bethesda had assumed players would only use the outfit while in third person. This bug is not present if a Female character wears the outfit.
  • If Paulson dies at any point during the add-on and you loot his body, it is possible that when you loot all of his items he sometimes is still wearing his unique outfit and sheriff's hat and still has his revolver equipped. This does not affect the game at all apart from the fact that he is still wearing his clothes even though you looted him.
  • When you first equip Paulson's Outfit, it may render you immune to radiation until you turn off the console. (Observed Xbox 360)

Behind the scenes

  • Paulson's Outfit appears to resemble the outfit worn by Josey Wales.
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