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Celes under the Shell status in Final Fantasy VI
The Shell symbol as seen in Final Fantasy IV (DS).

Shell (シェル, Sheru), also known as MBarrier, is a positive status effect that is usually granted through the use of the White Magic spell Shell, the Blue Magic spell Mighty Guard, the item Lunar Curtain, or the auto-ability Auto-Shell. It appears in various games in the Final Fantasy series and halves all magic damage dealt to the target, offensive spells as well as curative spells.




Final Fantasy II

Shell can only be achieved through the use of the spell Shell and the item Conch Shell. It increases the Magic Defense of a character.

Final Fantasy IV

Shell can only be achieved by casting the Shell spell, which Rosa can cast, as well as Fusoya.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Shell can be achieved through the spell Shell and by using the Elfin Bow as an item.

Final Fantasy V

Shell is only obtainable through the spell Shell, the Blue Magic spell Mighty Guard, and the ability Magic Shell.

Final Fantasy VI

The only way to achieve Shell status is by either having any party member cast the spell Shell, Strago use Mighty Guard, or equip Relics that bestow Shell status, such as Barrier Ring, Princess Ring, Miracle Shoes, or Guard Bracelet. The Force Shield also grants the Shell status. Shell reduces damage done from magical attacks by 170/256.

Final Fantasy VII

The spells MBarrier, Big Guard, and Wall grant MBarrier status to a party member, while the Protect Ring also grants MBarrier at the start of the battle.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Known as MBarrier in this game, the status can be acquired using the MBarrier Materia, Wall, and multiple accessories. can be also granted through the DMW Courage Boost!. It halves magic damage taken.

Final Fantasy VIII

Shell can only be acquired by either casting Shell, using Mighty Guard, or through the auto-ability Auto-Shell. It halves all magical damage and lasts for 32 seconds.

Final Fantasy IX

Again, Shell can only be achieved through the spell Shell, Mighty Guard, or through Auto-Shell.

Final Fantasy X

Once again, Shell, Mighty Guard, and Auto-Shell can bestow Shell upon a character. SOS Shell can bestow Shell as long as the character is in critical status. Some of Rikku's Mixes can inflict Shell to the entire party as well, including Mighty G, Super Mighty G, Hyper Mighty G, and Mighty Wall.

Final Fantasy X-2

Game Element Type Effect
Shell White Magic Reduces magical damage.
Mighty Guard Blue Bullet Inflicts Shell and Protect to party.
Assault Warrior Command Grants Berserk, Shell, Haste, and Protect to the party.
Flurry Shield Paine's Trainer Grants Shell and recovers a small amount of HP.
No Fear Bushido Grants Shell and Protect on user.
Moogle Wall Yuna's Mascot Grants Shell and Protect to one ally.
Moogle Wallja Yuna's Mascot Grants Shell and Protect to party.
Hard Leaves Floral Fallal Grants Shell to party.
Shelter Machina Maw Grants Shell to party.
Auto-Shell Ability Automatically start with Shell status.
Choco-Shell Enemy Ability Grants Shell.
Not-So-Mighty Guard Enemy Ability Grants Shell and Protect to party.
Defense Bracer Accessory Automatically start with Shell and Protect status.
Moon Bracer Accessory Automatically start with Shell status.
Wall Ring Accessory Automatically gain Shell and Protect when in Critical.
Lunar Curtain Item/Enemy Ability Grants Shell to party.

Final Fantasy XI

The White Magic Shell enhances a single person's magic resistance, while Shellra increases magic resistance for all party members within range of effect.

Final Fantasy XII

"The character is enveloped in a magick field, increasing magick resist and reducing magick damage taken. The effect is temporary."

Shell can be granted using the Shell spell, Shellga. Equipping the Shell Shield also grants it. an enemy exclusive ability, Greater Barrier Grants Shell along with Protect. Shell reduces magic damage taken by 33%, it also reduces the success chance of bad status aliments by half.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Basch is able to grant multiple allies the Shell effect by casting Shellga.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Shell can only be achieved through the accessories Sortilége and Tynar Rouge, the spells Shell and Shellja, the armor Onion Armor and Lordly Robe, and through the weapons Durandal and Ragnarok.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Shell can be granted by the abillites: Shell, Barrier, 100% Wool, and Yellow Spring. It reduces magical damage taken.


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