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Shelinda is a non-player character in Final Fantasy X. She is a devout but naive follower of Yevon.


Final Fantasy X

When the party first meets Shelinda on the Mi'ihen Highroad, she is trying to convince the Crusaders to stop their operation to defeat Sin, Operation Mi'ihen, but nobody listens to her. Yuna encourages her to continue what she is doing, for the benefit of the people of Yevon. You can have further dialogue with her in Rin's Travel Agency and on the New High Road. Later on, she appears on the Mushroom Rock Road feeling crestfallen for not stopping the operation but offers to heal the party and use what little White Magic skills she has to help the troops. After the devastating Operation Mi'ihen she is seen twice aiding soldiers and is relieved the party is safe.

She later appears in Guadosalam, where she informs the party that Maester Seymour Guado has left for the Macalania Temple. Just after Guadosalam on the Thunder Plains she says she has heard rumors that Yuna and Seymour are to be married, and depending on the player's actions, this rumor could be confirmed or reported as false. She herself makes it to the Macalania Temple and can respond to your earlier choices of whether the rumors of Yuna and Seymour are to be married but appears to have left by the time the party confronts Seymour.

After the party defeats Yunalesca, and Sin crashes down on Bevelle, Yevon is in turmoil. Shelinda has seemingly come from out of nowhere to be promoted to Captain of the guard. The party demands to see Grand Master Mika. After the meeting, where the unsent Mika leaves Spira in its time of need, she seems unaware that they have actually met him, and they tell her that he never showed up. They also tell her to spread the word to people to sing the Hymn of the Fayth and is seen in the ending credits.


Final Fantasy X-2

After the defeat of Sin and the coming of the Eternal Calm, Shelinda has become a reporter for a local Sphere broadcast station in Luca. She interviews Yuna and the Gullwings while announcing the upcoming Sphere Break tournament. Strangely, she has not changed her outfit since she decided to leave Yevon. She explains that she originally tried to help the temples once the Eternal Calm came, but everyone kept ordering her around and she got bored of it. She came to Luca, where she ended up in another job she was "asked to do." In Chapter 4, she can be seen on the CommSphere in Luca interviewing various citizens.

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