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The most recent "Shatnerverse" novel Academy: Collision Course.

The Shatnerverse is an unofficial, fan-created nickname for the Star Trek novels written by William Shatner and Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens.

The novels primarily feature the further adventures of a resurrected Captain James T. Kirk in the 24th century, post-Star Trek Generations. They are often epic in scale, and filled with franchise-wide crossovers. Because there was concern as to confusion to the casual viewer/reader, references to Kirk still being alive in other Star Trek novels and series are not often made outside of the Shatnerverse - leading many fans to think of it as an alternate timeline from other novel & series continuity.

The most recent novel moved the setting to that of a prequel, in the era of Kirk's days at Starfleet Academy. Because this might contradict some of what may be established in the forthcoming prequel movie the book included the following disclaimer:

The plot, story lines, and historical narrative presented in Star Trek Academy: Collision Course constitute an imaginative work deriving solely from the author's unique personal vision.

Series editor Margaret Clark has gone on record as not liking the nickname.




Odyssey trilogy

Mirror Universe trilogy

Totality trilogy

Academy series

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"Shatnerverse" is an unofficial fan term for the continuity in which novels credited as written by William Shatner take place. These novels include:

In this continuity, James T. Kirk was restored to life following his "death" in 2371, and went on to adventures involving former crewmates from the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) as well as prominent 24th century figures.


Shatnerverse in fandom

Star Trek: Prometheus

In Star Trek: Prometheus all of the "Shatnerverse" novels are accepted as canon. Minor inconsistencies including, but not limited to, a Vulcan resistance which is separate from the Terran rebellion/resistance, are viewed as "typos". In Defenders of the Federation it is assumed that the Vulcan resistance is actually the Terran rebellion, which was named for the species who originated it (from the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance's view) and in honor of the Terran Empire (the rebellion's view).

Star Trek: Pendragon

The fan fiction series Star Trek: Pendragon accepts the first four Shatner/Reeves-Stevens novels as part of its continuity. The Pendragon staff have gone on record as feeling that Dark Victory's substandard writing and the untenable changes to the nature of the Trek universe shown in Preserver place them outside of continuity. In Pendragon continuity, the resolution of the conflict begun in Spectre remains unknown (as yet). The Captain's trilogy is simply ignored.

Star Trek: Phoenix-X

In the episode "Life 2", Nelkast (of Section 31) mentions that the "Shatnerverse" was one of the other things Ensign Dan was to preach.

In "Displacement Syndrome", Cell and Seifer visit this universe and meet James T. Kirk. According to this alternate universe Kirk, he decides to name the universe after an Ensign Shatnerve, who brings him coffee every morning.

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