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Sprite(s) Shara's in-game portrait Shara's in-game sprite
Japanese Shaara
Romaji シャアラ
Age Unknown
Race Viera
Job class Archer - Sniper
Voice Actor
(Radio Drama)
Rie Kanda
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Character
"White hair is the most beautiful gift of the spirits."

Shara is a playable character in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. She is a Viera who specializes in archery and a member of Ritz Malheur's clan who she quickly befriends. Her past is a mystery, and not much is known about her. However, during the Mission: A Maiden's Cry, Marche Radiuju and Ritz Malheur discover that she is afraid of spiders. She has also been blessed with white hair, like Ritz.



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Shara follows Ritz wherever she goes, and is present in every battle where Ritz is a combatant, which means that Marche Radiuju must fight her near the end of the game, when Ritz tries to stop him from reverting the world back to normal. When the world finally does begin to revert(seeing as it is starting to snow), Shara comforts Ritz, who does not want to go back to a world where her hair is white, by telling her that white hair is considered a blessing among the Viera.

As a playable character

Shara can be recruited upon successful completion of the Mission: A Maiden's Cry. If she is dismissed from the clan, she can rejoin by completing Mission: A Maiden's Cry again. Her equipment is:

And she joins as a Sniper with the following abilities learned:



Skill Effect
Death Sickle Inflicts Doom.
Doom Archer Deals HP and MP damage equal to total HP lost. The damage dealt to each is randomly split.
Aim Armor Destroy any armor the target is wearing.
Aim Weapon Destroy the target's weapon.

Shara Glitch

It is possible, during one single battle, for two Sharas to appear at once. First, you must skip the battle where you help Ritz fight the Blade Biter. Then, you can complete the game and get Shara on your team. After that, wait for the mission that was skipped to show up. Enter it, and put Shara in your team. Ritz already comes with Shara on hers, thus making two Sharas appear on the field at once. They function perfectly together, and no known glitches have ever come out of doing this.


  • Shara's arm ring as shown in her artwork is called the Topaz Armring. It is a Mission Item and is described as a sign of Clan Ritz. It increases Earth damage.


Shara is a variant of Sarah (שָׂרָה in hebrew), which is a Hebrew name for "princess", or a woman of high rank.


  • Shara has many similarities to Fran from Final Fantasy XII, in that both of them are quiet and wise but also at times have some profound words to tell to others, also both excel at archery though thats something Vieras are good at.
  • Shara also has the pure white hair which is a blessing to the Viera, trait that is shared with Jote, Fran and Mjrn from Final Fantasy XII.


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File:Shara, X2 Yavin.jpg
Physical description




Hair color


Chronological and political information

Shara was a member of Grey Squadron.


Shara helped X2 in the battles of Yavin 4, Vjun, and Mustafar.


  • Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron

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