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Shanty Claws
Shanty Claws
Release date Unknown edit
Race Werewolf
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? No
Location Musa Point during Christmas event 2006
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender Male
Examine A sea shanty-singing werewolf wearing a Santa Claus robe.
Notable features A sailor werewolf.
Shanty Claws.

Shanty Claws was a non-player character from the 2006 Christmas Event. Shanty was a werewolf sailor on the west dock of Musa Point who asked the players to rescue the children from the gublinch. He was a werewolf dressed as Santa Claus. He gave players a Reindeer hat and a Wintumber tree for their player owned house.

Shanty Claws no longer appears in-game, but did make an appearance in Postbag from the Hedge 37, in which he explained what he has been doing since leaving Karamja. He claims that he has been sailing the unexplored seas south-west of mainland Gielinor in The Seahound, and has discovered a number of new islands, including one which he described as being full of "funny, fiery folk." This seems to be a hint at future area releases.

This is supported by A Call to ARMS, a lores and histories article released on the RuneScape website on 15 July 2009. In it, Lord Marshal Brogan of Mobilising Armies describes his ventures into the islands in the Year 112 of the Fifth Age. At least two were described; one volcanic island terrorized by a dragon (this may be Crandor) and a tropical one in which thousands of goblins, once led by the chieftain Shuddergob, lived.


  • Shanty Claws was one of the few werewolf NPC's (If not the only one) that was available to F2P players.
  • When spoken to with a Ring of Charos equipped, he would say that he did not expect to see another werewolf there.
  • The name Shanty Claws is very similar to Santa Claus and is a pun.
  • Players who have completed the third Myreque quest assume that he was one of the werewolves who got past the River Salve.
  • Many players who saw a rip in his hood assumed the hood was stolen but later Mod Mark confirmed it as a glitch.
  • The island full of funny fiery folk may have been the soul wars island, with its pyrefiends.

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