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This article is about the location. For the item, see Shantay pass.
Location on World map
Al Kharid
Kalphite Lair Shantay Pass Uzer Hunter area
Desert Mining Camp
A map of Shantay Pass
The Entrance

The Shantay Pass is a small area that separates Al Kharid from the Kharidian Desert to the south. It is inhabited by Shantay and some Shantay guards. The southern gate leads into the Kharidian Desert (a members-only area), though players will need a Shantay pass or to bribe the guards with 100 coins to go through it.

The Shantay Pass has a chest near the southern gate, which members can use to access their bank account before entering the desert. They cannot use it to collect items from Grand Exchange transactions; the nearest bank for this (and for non-members to use) is in western Al Kharid. This bank can be easily reached through the use of a Broomstick, which is useful in conjunction with other teleports.

The Tourist Trap is a quest that members can start by talking to the crying lady after going through the gate.


Shantay's Store

Main article: Shantay
Shantay Pass Shop sells basic items and desert clothing.

Shantay Pass also has a store which is owned by Shantay. Many of things are similar to Ali Morrisane's bazaar.

Shantay will sell Shantay passes to players, each of which permits them to exit the southern gate into the Kharidian Desert once. Alternatively, players can bribe the guard for 100 coins to let them through without a pass. Due to being twenty times more expensive than quickly buying a pass and walking through, it is not recommended unless you are strapped for space. Players who have a pass and do not want to go through the conversation can use the quick pass option to enter the desert.

Transport to Port Sarim

A Shantay pass guard.
Stuck in Jail!

Players can be arrested and placed in a cell at Port Sarim. This can be a useful way of effectively teleporting for free, but the delay caused by failed attempts at escaping makes this less attractive than it used to be. To be arrested by the guards, players can do the following:

  • Talk to Shantay and say: "What is this place?" - if this is not the first time being arrested, or the player had already been arrested but had not talked to Shantay before, complete the dialogue and then repeat this
  • Say: "I am definitely an outlaw, prepare to die!"
  • Refuse to pay the gold twice

The player will then be sent to the jail at Port Sarim. To escape, players can right-click on the door and select the option to pick the lock. When you successfully do so, they are out. Then, all that is left is to walk out the door past the sleeping guard.

Note that this will give the player Thieving experience, but only on a members server. Also, no equipment is required and can be done by free players. It also seems that the more times it is done, the faster it is to get out the next time it is attempted.

The jail door can be opened manually, and is used to train Magic or Ranged on Shantay guards.

Free players can access the bank chest if they do not have the money with them this can be useful to get items. Though due to an update by jagex free users can no longer do this.

Ways to Get There


  • Postbag from the Hedge 20 reveals that the Shantay Pass was known as something else back in Early Fifth Age, although the other name is was not mentioned.

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