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File:Shantay HD.PNG
Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? No
Location Shantay Pass
Sells items? Yes
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender Male
Examine He's in control of the Shantay pass
Notable features Controls the Shantay Pass
The Shantay Pass Shop sells basic items and desert clothing.

Shantay is a non-player character who runs the Shantay Pass. He owns the Shantay Pass shop, and sells Shantay passes. Shantay addresses players as effendi, which was a common form of address, equivalent to "Sir", in the Ottoman empire.

Shantay also provides some information about desert survival, as the effects of the desert heat starts taking its toll south of Shantay Pass, which can be useful for new players going into the desert.

If a player declares being an outlaw, Shantay will call upon his guards to have the player arrested and demands the player pay a fine of 5 coins. If the player pays, he or she will be released. If the player refuses twice, Shantay will then transport the player to be locked in Port Sarim "High-security" jail.

The player can escape by picking the lock of the cell, regardless of their Thieving Level or their f2p or p2p status, but it is easier at higher levels. It should be noted that picking the lock of the cell door, like the cell used in Monkey Madness, does not give the player Thieving experience upon success. The player is also able to teleport out if they have the runes, or can use Lumbridge Home Teleport. There was a period of time this appeared to be impossible as Shantay only has an Examine option, but this has since been rectified through a hidden update.

Shantay can also drop a scrumpled paper which holds a recipe for Ugthanki kebabs.

Item Price Item Price Item Price Item Price
Waterskin (4) 30 Waterskin (0) 15 Jug of water 1 Bowl of water 4
Bucket of water 6 Knife 6 Desert shirt 40 Desert robe 40
Desert boots 20 Feather 6 Hammer 1 Bucket 2
Bowl 4 Jug 1 Shantay pass 5 Rope 18
Note that the shop does not buy back Shantay passes but does buy bronze bars.

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